British exchang hacking - the system X switch and it's control proccesess. 019.txt
Terminating Circuit Records for UXD5B 031.txt
The Design and Implementation of the BOXER Network 040.txt
Guide to system X 050.txt
Cableless Local Area Networks 064.txt
Analogue Signalling Systems ansig.txt
Hacking answerphones - by force answerph.txt
OFTEL - the UK prefix assignments[MISSING]
An Overview of the AXE 10 System Architecture and functional Structure axe10arc.txt[MISSING]
An in depth gyuide to the AXE switching system axe10sss.txt
Block Diagram to accompany The LOD AXE10 file axediag.txt
Blueboxing in the UK blueboxu.txt
the-MeD. Location of British exchanges bt-loc.txt
BT security guide
BT Fonecards btcard.txt
BT Caller ID btclid.txt
the-MeD. BT Computing Hardware and Software List btelist.txt
Call Logging - Frequently Asked Questions btlgde.txt
BT Meridian-1 security warning btm1scwn.txt
Guide to BTNET to corperate voice network btnet.txt
BT testing equipment
Guide to call-forwarding callfwd.txt
Blueboxing via Nicaragua Home Country Direct destruct.txt
Digital Switches from around the World A Short Technical Specification rundown incl. The AXE 10, UXD5, TXE2/4 and DMS 100. digispec.txt
Local Digital Switching Systems digxchn.txt
Finding out what kind of exchange you are on exbtex.txt
Setting your home line up for Free calls freeukfo.txt
The Bob the Fish guaranteed method for getting BT phone cards. getphone.txt
Home Country Directs from UK homedir.txt
Information gathering over the phone - by force informat.txt
Guide to Ionica ionica.txt
UK Phone Definitions and Abbreviations jf.txt
BT Lineboxes lineboxe.txt
mercury 121 mobile SIM cards merc_kgb.txt
The U.K Guide To Meridian Mail merid.txt
The Merlin PABX System merlin.txt
Mini Box v1.3 Construction Plans minibox.txt
British Telecom Monarch switchboards monarch.txt
Monolog setup guidelines
OFTEL - the UK regulator oftel.txt
Guide to BT pagers pager1.txt
A Guide To British Telecom's Caller ID Service ph47-19.txt
HoW To HaCK PHoNeS iN PuBS aND CaFeS - lame phone.txt
Payphones - cash and free calls phonebox.txt
Basic Phreaking Skills phreakin.txt
Red Boxing in the UK redboxuk.txt
System X testing sysxtest.txt
the - MeD. guide to UK Telephonics.1 telefon1.txt
the - MeD. UK Telephonics 2. Switching and routing in the UK network. telefon2.txt
British Telecom Testing Equipment tester.txt
BT Basics uk.txt
Beginers guide to phreaking in the UK - DC publication ukbegin.txt
Can BlueBoxing Be Achieved In The UK ukblue4.txt
UK COCOT Tricks ukcocots.txt
Payphone Tricks ukphone.txt
Intermediate guide to UK phreaking - darkcyde publication
Another guide to UK phreaking ukphrk4.txt
More UK red-boxing ukred6.txt
UK control tones, DTMF etc in wav format[MISSING]
Unit eXchange Digital 5B uxd5b600.txt
A Guide to Administration on VMan Systems vmanadmn.txt
Wardialing in the UK wardialu.txt
Blueboxing what.txt
The Arcane art of Finding UXD5b Switches xchange.txt
MeD - Cable pair identification med-cpi.txt
MeD - VRS II 4tel trainig guide med-4tel.txt
MeD - Abbreviations med-abbr.txt
MeD - Bomb freat policy med-bomb.txt
MeD - CCS and The 30 Channel PCM System med-ccs.txt
MeD - BT Theft/Break-Ins Reporting med-crim.txt
MeD - BT chargcard guide med-cspu.txt
MeD - infomation on the TXEx exchange based processors. med-ebp.txt
Emergency and Code Only Document for TXE4 Exchanges Concerning Call Routing for 999 and 112 med-eco.txt
Some info on Local Area Networks and Ethernet use in the TXEE med-elan.txt
MeD - How to find you MDF position from your Equipment Number med-eqno.txt
MeD - BRiTiSH TELECOM guidelines to the Electronic Access Control and Intruder Detection Systems at BSUP1 exchanges med-idsc.txt
MeD - LONDON `iNTESTING' nOS med-lndi.txt
MeD - The Meridian Norstar Range Advanced Digital Phone Systems med-mnor.txt
MeD - Advanced call setup on networks med-mobe.txt
MeD - Organisational Unit Codes within B.T med-ouc.txt
MeD - The M.E.D's intermediate guide to British Telecommunications med-swgi.txt
MeD - Trashed Print-out Interpretation med-trsh.txt
MeD - The Analogue T.X.E Switch - a Debriefing med-ttxe.txt
MeD - Security Of BT Vech Overnight med-vsec.txt
MeD - British Telecom Work Manager System med-wms.txt
MeD - BT WorldWide Networks Security med-wnsp.txt
The third party phone call 002.txt
Guide to beige boxing 005.txt
The great British Payphone 006.txt
Error and repair codes for linesmen 008.txt
The decoy dialer 009.txt
BT field engineer profile 014.txt
Line tests and anomalies 017.txt
Connection and termination points 018.txt
Another phone card therory 026.txt
Data file for noise generator 027.txt
The status box 032.txt
DTMF phonetics 035.txt
Omnicom FS1515 telephone exchange details (SWbell documentation for the PBX) 056.txt
An introduction to B-ISDN 057.txt
BT maintanance docsuments 072.txt
The interception of communications act 1985 076.txt
French PBX toll-fraud 080.txt
How to use SMDR records to detect PBX fraud 082.txt
more answerphone hacking in the UK aphuk.txt
A complete guide to hacking the ASPEN voicemail system aspen.txt
An ASPEN voicemail tutorial and documentation aspenvms.txt
Emergency and code only document for TXE4 exchanges in London 999txe4.lon

" Fraudsters attempt to break these access and
  authorisation codes by dialling in and trying
  digit combinations. Highly sophisticated automated
  methods can be used in this search. Once the
  codes have been cracked, the information is often
  circulated within the fraudster community, using
  computer bulletin boards. "

        - BT (it's good to talk, if you know
              what you're talking about)