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News! 17May2004: The hping Wiki, a collaborative site for hping2 and 3 is on-line at wiki.hping.org.


The latest version of hping is 2.0.0-rc3 (release candidate 3).

rc3 changes:
  • Fixed a problem with the checksum code. Some packet was generated with the wrong checksum! Please upgrade to rc3 ASAP.
  • Scan mode. You can use hping as a low-level automated TCP port scanner. An example of output follows
hping2 rc3 --scan mode output example:
# hping2 --scan known

Scanning (, port known
245 ports to scan, use -V to see all the replies
|port| serv name |  flags  |ttl| id  | win | len |
    9 discard    : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
   13 daytime    : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
   21 ftp        : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
   22 ssh        : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
   25 smtp       : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
   37 time       : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
   80 www        : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
  111 sunrpc     : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
  113 auth       : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
  631 ipp        : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
 3306 mysql      : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
 6000 x11        : .S..A...  64     0 32767    44
 6667 ircd       : .S..A...  64     0  3072    44
All replies received. Done.
Not responding ports:
It's possible to use most of the hping usual options for the scan mode, so the packets you use to scan can be tuned to uncover different aspects of the firewalling layer.

rc2 changes:
  • Major code rewrite (me)
  • Fix for a problem about port number printing in TCP mode (thanks to Yann Berthier)
  • MTU value sanity check in option parsing (Nicolas Jombart)
  • Fix the use of -W option (Nicolas Jombart)
  • strlcpy() when needed (Brieuc Jeunhomme)
  • source routing and random bugfixes (Brieuc Jeunhomme)
  • Fix a bug when using BSD and a PPP link as a default route, and more (Nicolas Jombart)
  • --rand-source for random source addresses (me)
  • --rand-dest for random destination addresses + manpage update (me)
  • all the atoi() call was replaced with strto[u]l() (me)
  • seq/ack setting using strtoul() instead of atoi() (Shachar Shemesh)
  • DF added to the icmp and udp output (me)
  • --port ++ fixed with UDP and enanched for TCP/UDP. Now the packets matches only with a sport that is in the range base_dest_port - current_dest_port (me) (Thanks to David Bar <dbar (at) Checkpoint (dot) com> for the original report).

rc1 changes
  • Ported to Solaris.
  • A new output format, simplest to parse.
  • The data is now taken aligned, so you should not experiment problems on not i386 based archs, like sparc.
  • Improved traceroute support (rtt information and more)
  • Improved BSD support (better interface handling, fix for 32bit pids, more)
  • Improved interface managment under Linux and BSD, now the right interface is auto selected if not forced with the -I option.
  • ICMP timestamp and address types implemented.
  • TCP timestamp support, HZ and remote uptime guessing.
  • Some option now implies some other, to make hping more comfortable, also some short alias for boring to type but often used options.
  • Fixed some minor compilation problem under Linux and BSD.
  • Fixed sequence numbers handling, now hping should run for days without problems.
  • --seqnum endianess fixed.
  • French translation of all the hping documentation.
  • A number of minor bugs fixed and documentation updated.
DOWNLOAD the hping 2.0.0 release candidate 3 source code.
DOWNLOAD the hping 2.0.0 release candidate 2 source code.
DOWNLOAD the hping 2.0.0 release candidate 1 source code.
DOWNLAOD the hping2-beta54.tar.gz source code.

DOWNLOAD the hping3-20051105 source code. (hping3.html)

DOWNLOAD the hping2.win32.tar.gz source code and executable inside.


You can obtain the development version of the hping source code using the sourceforge anonymous CVS, following this instruction:
  • $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.hping2.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/hping2 login
  • cvs will ask for the password, just press enter, no password is required
  • than type this to download the full source code:
  • cvs -z8 -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.hping2.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/hping2 checkout hping2
  • The next time you want the latest version enter the directory where you put the source code obtained using cvs and type:
  • $ cvs update

Hans-Joachim Knobloch (knobloch at secorvo.de) kindly provided binaries for MacOS X users:
hping2-rc2 macosx binary
hping2-cvs (22 Jul 2003) macosx binary
The source code will be macosx-ready in the next CVS commit (few days I hope).

The hping CVS is kindly hosted at...

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