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The question often arises on the subject of, "How did it all start?" in reference to our magazine and it's history.  In response to this popular question, here is a quick history lesson of Blacklisted! 411 magazine, including names, dates and little known facts which have, thus far, been hidden away for years...

Blacklisted! 411 magazine dates back to October 1983 with a group of friends from a Southern California high school that shared a common interest.  We were all into our Atari computers, Commodore computers, electronics, sciences, arcade games, etc.  We built projects, hacked into this n' that, came up with grand ideas and tried to make them into some sort of reality.  The group started a monthly hackers "disk magazine" (an early form of what is now known as an e-zine) called "Blacklisted! 411 - The Hacker's Monthly."  This may sound strange today, but circulating information on disk was the best way to get it out without all the cool toys of today.  We didn't have the Internet to send it out, and no one had printers that could print anything other than plain text (and didn't even do that well).  With a disk based system we could send text files, primitive graphics/pictures, and utilities more easily and it could be copied by anyone who had a compatible computer.  At our peak we distributed 150 disk copies <per month> of the disk magazine, though there is no way to know how many were copied by others.

Eventually modems caught on and we began to distribute the monthly via crude BBS systems.  Using the power of a Commodore 64, we put up a Blacklisted! 411 info site, which anyone could log into without handle or password.  It was a completely open message center.  Using X-modem or Punter file transfer protocols, you could download the latest Blacklisted! 411 files or read/leave "messages" which later became known as a "message base" and has evolved into what are now commonly known as "newsgroup postings" or "forum postings."  We had only one message center, no email capability & only 1 phone line.  Primitive, indeed.  Effective, however.

Around 1984, we purchased a 9-pin dot matrix printer that could <gasp> print basic graphics.  We experimented with printing out copies of the Blacklisted! 411 monthly and copying them at the media center at the high school.  The media center staff graciously allowed us to make these copies free of charge which was very cool at the time.  We'd pass these out at the local "copy meets" (an interesting phenomenon of past times - hordes of computer users would meet at a predetermined location and setup their computers with the sole purpose of copying software and exchanging this software with each other).  We'd leave a pile of our magazine copies anywhere we were allowed to do so.  One popular location was next to the Atari Gauntlet and Gauntlet II arcade games strategically located at 7-11's all over the place.  We're only guessing here, but we think people photocopied our copies and then those were photocopied, etc.  There's no telling just how many generations of early printouts of Blacklisted! 411 monthly made it out there.

Years went by and Blacklisted! 411 evolved.  The short life-span of the printouts was both a great success and a miserable failure.  No matter where we left them, they were taken - and taken quickly!  The feedback was awesome in that people wanted more.  The interest was very high, but our inability to meet this growing demand was completely overlooked.  We had to officially pull the plug on the printout experiment and we stuck with electronic files.  It was really the easiest way to go.  The Blacklisted! 411 info site grew into a 2-line system.  This was a big deal in 1985.  By that time, information was almost exclusively passed around by modem (unofficially on paper) and we were still releasing disks at this time.

June of 1987 marked the end of Blacklisted! 411 - The Hacker's Monthly.  Our last disk-based magazine was distributed that month.  Now that all of us were out of high school and onto college, work and the bigger/better things in life, nobody had the time or inclination to put any effort into the disk-based magazine anymore.  The once thriving Blacklisted! 411 group broke up and people went their separate ways.  Naturally, we all assumed this was the end and Blacklisted! 411 would never come back in any form.

In the summer of 1993, one member (and the original editor-in-chief), Zachary Blackstone, felt it was time to revive the Blacklisted! 411 concept, but this time do it as a print magazine.  It was extremely difficult to get started because the group was no more.  He was the only one of the original group members remaining that had an interest in bringing the hacker group and magazine alive again.  With some money, will to make it happen, and with the help of some top of the line (at the time) computer gear and page layout software, Blacklisted! 411 was reborn.  Blacklisted! 411 Volume 1, Issue 1 was released in January 1994.  Blacklisted! 411 was finally BACK.  The Issues were released monthly and distribution was small.  After a year passed, it was decided to try a quarterly format in an effort to increase distribution.  During that year, Zachary managed to get in contact with many of the old group members and they are now active staff members once again.

In 1999, we published what was to be our last issue of Blacklisted! 411 (Volume 5, Issue 4) for many years to come.  We didn't know it at the time, but many pitfalls would ultimately cause the demise of the magazine.  After 4 years of regrouping and planning, Blacklisted! 411 magazine is back in print form again.  We are one of the oldest group of hackers still remaining and releasing gathered and compiled information within the hacker community and the mainstream community as well.  We still have the same hacker mentality and code of ethics from the 80's.  Hackers are not thieves - they're curious people.  We are not elitist hackers by no means and no question is a stupid question.  We're not going to knock you down, call you a "lamer," "lamah," or give you crap for being a newbie!  Every hacker started somewhere.  We remember this most fundamental fact and we will never forget it.

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Update 8/22/2000

A lot of people have been asking us a lot of similar questions about Blacklisted! 411 Magazine, relating to why they have not seen the latest issue of the magazine in the stores for some time.  This also includes subscribers and people who have asked for ads to be placed in the magazine.  We decided to put up this letter to answer most of these questions.

Brief History

Blacklisted 411! Magazine was started in early 1994 with 12 monthly installments.  These were small issues distributed locally.  In the spring of 1995, the decision was made to go to a quarterly format and distribute nationally.  Since that time, the magazine has grown tremendously, crossing over the boundary of a zine to a full fledged magazine.

In 1997, a major magazine distributor went out of business, owing the magazine (and many others, including 2600) a large sum of money.  While it was not serious enough to put Blacklisted! 411 out of business, it did put quite a strain on the business, and took some time to recover from it.

In late 1998, issue 5.2 of Blacklisted! 411 came out, and was an extreme success.  More copies were sold than any previous issue.  However, the next issue, 5.3 kept being pushed back further and further.  This was due to many reasons.

Issue 5.3 - Version 1:  In early 2000, a concerted effort was made to publish the next issue, 5.3.  The issue was completed, and sent to the printer in February.  The issue was due back from the printer about 3 weeks later, with an expected street date of mid to late March.  The issue was printed and sent to the bindery where the issues are cut, folded, and stapled together.  During this process, there were mistakes made by the bindery, and the issues were not put together correctly.  Unfortunately, the only way to resolve the problem was to reprint the issue, and bind them again.

Issue 5.3 - Version 2:  The printer agreed to reprint the magazine and send it to the bindery again.  This was started about the beginning of April.  The issue was printed, sent to the bindery, and the process was completed.  Unfortunately, things went awry again.  The printer picked up the issues from the bindery and preceded to ship the issues to us even though the contract said "will-call," meaning we were supposed to be contacted and we would come and pick them up ourselves.  The printer contracted some fly-by-night shipping company to ship the order to us, and somewhere along the way the issues disappeared.  The shipping company kept telling us that all was OK, and they would find the issues.  This dragged on for weeks, and actually several months.  At the same time, the printing company, even though they admitted that they were supposed to "will call" the order, refused to reprint the order one more time.  We went round-and-round with both of them, and nothing was ever resolved.  It appears we will have to pursue this matter in court.

Issue 5.3 - Version 3:  Since the first printer would not reprint the order, we contacted another printing company to print Vol. 5, Issue #3 for the third time.  The new printer was very eager to work with us, and finished the issue on time.  Unfortunately, since the order was not placed until late June, it was not completed until early July.  We arranged for the printer to send the issue to the distributors with the agreement that the issues could only be sent by a major national carrier whose initials are like TOR but one letter up.  All was thought to be well, considering past experience with this carrier.  Based on the time-line we had experienced before, the issues should have hit the street the first week of August.  We heard nothing, and no one had seen the issues on any newsstands.  We just figured there were some unforeseen delays at the distributors.  On August 18th, we had a conversation with our three largest distributors, and they all said that they never received the issues.  Our printer assured us that the shipment was insured, and that they will reprint the order if necessary, but even in best case scenarios, it will take about another 4-6 weeks for the issues to hit the streets, 8 months after we first ordered the issue to be printed.

So in a nutshell, we have tried since February to get another issue out, and due to problems outside our control we have not been able to.  We will get a new issue out soon ,even if I have to drive it to the distributors myself.  All subscriptions will be fulfilled with the correct number of remaining issues.  The subscription orders will be sent as soon as we get them from the printer (we will pick them up ourselves).  Anyone who has requested advertising in the magazine will get their ads, and considering that 5.3 will have a considerably larger distribution that 5.2, you will be getting a good deal.

I hope this answers most of the related questions.  Alex Tolstoy - Syntel Vista

(Adapted From Famicoman)

Blacklisted! 411 was a quarterly printed (ISSN: 1082-2216) hacking magazine by editors Zachary Blackstone and Alexander Tolstoy, and was similar in (print) format to 2600 Magazine.  It was sold on store shelves and available via subscription.

Blacklisted! 411 first appeared on store shelves in 1994.  It lasted a few years and disappeared.  There are many theories and explanations of this disappearance.

Blacklisted! 411 re-appeared in 2003/2004.  As of July 2007, they have not released an issue in over a year.  They claimed in their own forums that they had lost their distributor, but the web site has also disappeared, leaving many people questioning what the true story really is.

In the first generation issues of the magazine, there were accusations that the magazine was copying articles from 2600 Magazine, including entire pages of ads that still included the email addresses and references to 2600 Magazine.

"The subject of the marketplace ads.  It was stated that we placed advertisements taken out of 2600 magazine for people/companies without their permission  When we first added the marketplace section in the Volume 1, Issue 7 copy of Blacklisted! 411, we wanted to have a HUGE marketplace for people to browse through.  Since we could not generate a large enough base of marketplace advertisements, we DID search through other magazines of similar format (including 2600 and Nuts & Volts and a few others) picked out ads we felt were appropriate and commenced to contact each one of these advertisers, explaining to them that they were going to be getting FREE advertising.  Nearly every single one of them agreed to it.  Hell, why not?  It's FREE!!  Anyhow, there were a few who did not want to commit to free advertising, so we left them out of our magazine..."


The first allegation was that we were plagiarizing material, 'taking it from 2600 and printing it without proper credit given.'  We deny this statement entirely.  We never took material out of ANY magazine and reprinted it.  Here's the example.  It was stated that our April 1995 issue's 5ESS article was a clear act of this crime.  Why?  Apparently this same article was printed in an issue of 2600, Phrack, and Hack-Tic, which we completely unaware of, as we find it very difficult to check the origin of every single article submitted to our office.  Anyhow , the claim goes on to state that we gave no credit to the author nor the magazine it was is, etc.  First of all, we did NOT steal any material.  Someone submitted this article to us, claiming to be the author of said article.  The fact is, the person who submitted the article asked to remain anonymous, which we honored and did not include his name with the article.  We will state at this time that "WE" did not write this article.  Yes , it was submitted...and printed.  As for it being in an issue of 2600, Phrack, and Hack-Tic as said previously, we were not aware of this, it was not our intent to steal or plagiarize any material."

Many allegations were made against the magazine over the years about non-payments to the authors.  The most recent came from a staff writer named Israel Torres who created a site called showing the first evidence of foul play on the part of the Blacklisted! 411 magazine staff.

(Adapted from Velocity Reviews, by Ray)

Blacklisted! 411 Magazine Ripoff Artist

I have been trying to get a response from Zachary Blackstone, or whatever he calls himself today, about getting a refund he promised me for equipmet that was never delivered.  I wired him the money over 6 months ago and he says he got it.  He recently appologized for the non-delivery and offered a full refund.  But I just keep getting one excuse after another as to why he hasn't delivered.  Now he doesn't even respond to my emails!

While I like the magazine, I recommend against it because of the questionable people who sell and profit from it.

(Adapted from Collecting Your Freelance Money, by Gary Drobson)

The editor, Zachary Blackstone, emailed me about an essay that I had on my website.  We chatted back and forth and I told him about some content I had written for a book that wasn't going to happen.  Two of the chapters from that book would make fine feature articles for his magazine: The Origins of Phreaking and Hacker-Phreaker BBS Stings.  After a bit of negotiation, I told him he could run the essay free if he paid for the other two.  All was well.

I sent him the two articles, and after he checked the word count, he told me that he'd pay $1,125 for them.  The essay ran first, then Origins of Phreaking.  I expected a check within 30 days, but it didn't come.  A string of emails with Blackstone followed, during which payment was processed and didn't happen.  While this was going on, the next issue came out, with my BBS Stings article in it.

Promises continued (I wrote a lengthy description of the dispute including email excerpts on Writer's Weekly's "Whispers & Warnings") and I grew more and more concerned about getting paid.  Blackstone stopped responding to me, and all of my research failed to come up with a physical address.  Everything was P.O. boxes.

Clearly, it was time to step up the game.  First, I placed the articles on my personal website and added this paragraph to the beginning of each:

WRITERS BEWARE!!!  Blacklisted! 411 claims to be a paying market, but they have not paid me for the articles I wrote for them.  The Editor-in-Chief, Zachary Blackstone, told me on March 8, 2004 that payment of my $1,125 had been authorized and a check would be on its way shortly.  All I have received from him since then is excuses.  If you have a telephone number or physical address for Zach Blackstone or Blacklisted! 411 Magazine, please email me as soon as possible!  Thank you.

I went through the magazine and collected contact information for all of the other authors and sent them emails asking if they had been paid for their work.  Most didn't respond.  A few said that yes, they were having trouble getting paid.  Several said they had donated their articles without expecting to be paid.  Nobody said that they were paid promptly.

Then I hit paydirt.  I found out that they had reserved an exhibit table at a huge hacker conference called DEFCON.  I went to the appropriate newsgroup online and posted this:

Anyone going to DEFCON?  I can't make it this year, but I understand Blacklisted! 411 Magazine is going to have a booth.  I'm a professional writer who wrote some articles for them, and they owe me over $1,000.  The Editor-in-Chief, Zachary Blackstone ( promised payment on March 8, but has delivered nothing, despite using my articles as cover stories in the past two issues.

If anyone has a physical address or telephone number for Blacklisted! 411 or Mr. Blackstone, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

If you're going to DEFCON, please stop by their booth and ask them why they don't pay their writers.

If you're a writer, STAY AWAY from these folks.


Apparently, that was the straw that broke Blackstone's camel's back.  I received an angry phone call asking, "If I send you a cashier's check by FedEx, will you shut the f*ck up?"


"Will you take all that crap down?"

"You know perfectly well I can't take down posts to USENET newsgroups.  I will, however, take down the other notices and make it public that you've paid me.

I had my money the next day.

Postscript: A few years later, I happened to come across a website created by one of Blackstone's former staff members, Israel Torres.  He dedicated this entire website,, to describing the issues he had with Blackstone.

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	Published by:
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        Blacklisted! 411 BBS (1983-1995)
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        Zachary Blackstone

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  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Feedback
  4. Simple Voice Mail Hacking  - by Lunatic Logic & D-CRyPT
  5. Letters
  6. Power Meters  - Slowly, it turns...  Slowly, your wallet empties
  7. Technical Support BBS List (D-Q)
  8. Police Radio Codes  - 10-xx/11-xx/900-series/other police/fire dept. radio codes
  9. Deadlines
  10. Thank You's
  11. New Jersey BBS Listing
  12. To Clipper or Not to Clipper  - by Sssinner
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  19. U.K. Brevity Codes  - List of codes used by official bodies located within the U.K., by Jones Peter
  20. Useful 1-800 ANIs  - 1-800-692-6447 and 1-800-775-8883
  21. The High Seas of the Arcade  - Piracy over the eons, by Sir Harry Wozniak
  22. Cellular Hacking - Part 2  - What exactly is it, anyway?, by Digital Thunder
  23. You and Uniform Commercial Code  - by Robert Cohen
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  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 2, Issue #4  October 1995

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters
  4. Question the Information!!!  - by D-CRyPT
  5. New Jersey BBS Listing
  6. Technical Support BBS List (R-Z)
  7. How to Get a Bank Account Without a Social Security Number  - by KRC
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  25. Software Review - AOHELL 3.0  - by Doctor J.
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  33. Warning! Don't Eat This 'Zine
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  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 3, Issue #1  January 1996

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  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters
  4. The Emperor has No Clothes...  - Who is obligated to pay the national debt?, by Kedar R. Cohen
  5. Press Release - Justin Petersen
  6. Sixth Column Notes  - by Non'Serviam
  7. 10-XXX Carrier Codes (001-550)
  8. Book Review - Throbbing Modems  - by Damien Thorn
  9. Who's Afraid of Cyberporn?  - by Adam Selene
  10. The Govt. Wants to Hack Your Wallet  - And the bad guys want to look in it, too, by Bill Hayes
  11. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
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Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 4, Issue #3  October 1997

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  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 4, Issue #4  January 1998

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters
  4. Fears, Fixes and Some Ideas About 2000  - by Bill Hayes
  5. Taipan Enigma's BBS Review - Part 5
  6. Wal-Mart Phones  - by Pirho
  7. Unabomber's Manifesto - Part 3  - Industrial Society and its Future  (Additional Info)
  8. Pirate Radio Survival Guide - Part 1  - by Group 42
  9. Public Information  - by Phactorial! and Sergeant CMOS
  10. Mail Order Electronic Stores - Part 2
  11. Restore Our Common Law  - by Robert Cohen
  12. Deadlines
  13. The Black Market
  14. CitiBank Voice Mail  - Overview of CitiVoice for CitiCorp/CitiBank, by the circuitbreaker
  15. Tony's Workshop
  16. Car Insurance?
  17. Observations in Today's Society  - by Levi
  18. News & Updates
  19. A Red Boxer's Dream  - by Sinister 8
  20. Factual Information About Jury Service
  21. Los Angeles Frequencies
  22. Electronics and Science Magazines - Part 2
  23. My Millennium Eve Plans Have Changed  - Films to end the age, by Bill Hayes
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  34. Back Issues
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  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 5, Issue #1  April 1998

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters
  4. The LAPD's Radio System  - by Phone Scum
  5. Our Trip to ECSC  - Electronics and Computers Surplus City in Gardena, CA
  6. Caught in the Blacklisted! Web  - by Ender Wiggin
  7. Deadlines
  8. News & Updates
  9. Unabomber's Manifesto - Part 4  - Industrial Society and its Future  (Additional Info)
  10. Pirate Radio Survival Guide - Part 2  - by Group 42
  11. Mall Order Electronic Stores - Part 3
  12. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  13. Reno Casino Freqs
  14. What is the Difference Between Laws of the United States..  - and laws of the United States of America?, by Robert Cohen
  15. Incendiaries
  16. Stopping Power Meters - Review  - by Shiva
  17. Fast Food Drive-Thru Freqs - Part 3
  18. Big Bro & National ID Card From Hell  - by Ray Arachelian
  19. k00l Pictures
  20. Enhanced 911  - by krypt0 c1pher
  21. Chicago Area Frequencies
  22. Greetings from THUD Magazine
  23. CATV Bullet Buster  - by Telecode
  24. Driver Bits
  25. Monthly Meetings
  26. Subscription Info
  27. Back Issues
  28. Raw Text

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 5, Issue #2  Fall 1998

  1. Intro
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters
  4. 4x and G-Man's Guide to Hacking Cable  - by Group 42
  5. Avoid the Kinkoid  - Hacking Kinko's public terminals, by MrEUser
  6. Beige Boxing for Free  - by ^cronus^
  7. How to be a Detective - Part 1  - by EYER8
  8. Central Office Operations: AT&T 5ESS - The End Office Network  - by LineTech
  9. Check Us Out on IRC
  10. Federal Govt. Frequency List
  11. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  12. Unabomber's Manifesto - Part 5  - Industrial Society and its Future  (Additional Info)
  13. Mac Spoofing  - WinGate, telnet, and the IRCle, by oleBuzzard
  14. News & Updates
  15. WinGating the Net  - by ^cronus^
  16. CDROM Review: Choonz & Warez  - by Short Fuze
  17. Caught in the Blacklisted! Web  - by Ender Wiggin
  18. Tony's Workshop
  19. Blacklisted! 411 Photo Gallery
  20. Hacking the Trail  - by ^cronus^
  21. Eyeballing U  - by The Goldfinger
  22. Deadlines
  23. Greetings from THUD Magazine
  24. Monthly Meetings
  25. Subscription Info
  26. Back Issues
  27. Raw Text

Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 5, Issue #3  Winter 1998

  1. (Unavailable)

Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 5, Issue #4  Spring 1999

  1. (Unavailable)

Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 6, Issue #1  Winter 2003/2004

  1. (Unavailable)
  2. Wardriving Ethics and the Media  - by blackwave
  3. How to Become a Hacker  - by Gary D. Robson

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 6, Issue #2  Spring 2004

  1. (Unavailable)
  2. The Origins of Phreaking  - by Gary D. Robson

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 6, Issue #3  Summer 2004

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters and Comments
  4. Cloak & Dagger  - by The Goldfinger
  5. The Ear  - For the beginning scanner enthusiast, by M. L. Shannon
  6. Profiling  - by The Goldfinger
  7. Hackers and the Media  - Hackers getting a bad rap from the media, by Double-O-Jake
  8. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  9. The Social Engineer  - Thoughts, stories, and a perspective from someone experienced in the relatively unknown art of social engineering
  10. The World of Vintage Computers
  11. Amiga Resources  - Finding parts and support for these aging computers, by Wild E. Coyote
  12. Hacker/Phreaker BBS Stings  - by Gary D. Robson
  13. Dumpster Diving  - The talent of digging up valuable items from a heap of garbage, by Trash-00X
  14. Serious Salvage - Part 3  - The art of locating quality salvage items, by TechnoHeap
  15. The Timeline of the Mac Underground  - by Ender (Reid Huyssen)
  16. Caught in the Blacklisted! Web  - Cool and strange websites to checkout
  17. Surplus Sources - Part 3  - Your electronics hobby/repair source list
  18. Mind Manipulation & Mind Control: Black Majik - Part 2  - by The Goldfinger
  19. Monthly Meetings
  20. Subscription Information
  21. Back Issue Ordering
  22. Raw Text

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 6, Issue #4  Fall 2004

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters and Comments
  4. DEFCON 2004 Recap  - by Alex Tolstoy
  5. Authentication Devices for Your Mac  - by Barfbag
  6. PDA Security  - by Sam Nitzberg
  7. Electronic Surveillance: Introduction by Example  - by M. L. Shannon
  8. Hacking a Wireless Router  - by Robert Peloschek (a.k.a., MacOS X)
  9. 0wning Universal Studios Florida  - by StankDawg
  10. Review Corner  - Voice changer, Terror Cell, HackTV - Episode 01, 4-channel DTMF to RS-232 decoder, 8255 PC interface card, BinRev Magazine, Phone Manager Plus, by Zachary Blackstone
  11. Dumpster Diving  - by The Goldfinger
  12. My Amiga is Still Ticking, How About Yours?  - by MobbyG
  13. The Hacker Chronicles  - An accounting of the life and events of a real honest to goodness old school hacker, by Cactus Jack
  14. Serious Salvage - Part 4  - The art of locating quality salvage items, by TechnoHeap
  15. Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be... Hackers?  - by Mother Goose
  16. Hacking with Proxy Servers  - by Grandpa Hackman
  17. DTMF Tone Decoder Project  - by Bob Blick
  18. Thief or Thrill Seeker?  - by Erik Giles
  19. Caller ID Spoofing Primer  - by The Crypt Phreaker
  20. LCD Serial Terminal Project  - by Bob Blick
  21. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  22. Monthly Meetings
  23. Raw Text

Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 7, Issue #1  Winter 2004/2005

  1. (Unavailable)

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 7, Issue #2  Spring 2005

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters and Comments
  4. DoS Attacks: Instigation and Mitigation
  5. Caller ID Spoofing  - by The Goldfinger
  6. Using Limited Resources  - Hacking without a real computer, my introduction into the hacker/phreaker community, by BrainPhreak
  7. Electronic Surveillance: Introduction by Example - Part 3  - Intermediate wireless networking, by M. L. Shannon
  8. Review Corner  - CIDPad, Touch-Tone Decoder Model 930, 8-Minute Digital Audio Board #DAB8, Doug TV, Whitesword TV, B&K Model #104 3GHz Freq. Counter,
  9. Vigilante Social Engineering: Is it Black, Gray, or White Hat?  - Erik Giles
  10. Hacking the XMDirect Cable  - How you can build it yourself cheaply, by Hevnsnt
  11. The Hacker Chronicles - Part 3  - An accounting of the life and events of a real honest to goodness old school hacker, by Cactus Jack
  12. What the Hell is a Baud Anyways?  - A look at BBSes and how it's a resource for your Amiga, by MobbyG
  13. Cyber Extortion and Blackmail: The New Frontier  - by The Goldfinger
  14. A New Style for Windows XP  - by Robert Peloschek (a.k.a., Mac OS X)
  15. Securing Grub  - by Ustler
  16. Interview with a Hacker: Luck225  - by The Goldfinger
  17. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  18. Monthly Meetings
  19. Raw Text

"This issue was first released in early Spring 2005.  Distribution was strong, however a long time distributor of ours, Desert Moon Periodicals, finally went under which caused this issue to temporarily disappear off of the shelves of several bookstore chains.  We knew the end was near with Desert Moon, but the end happened somewhat abruptly which caught the magazine off guard."

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 7, Issue #3  Summer 2005

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters and Comments
  4. Operation Firewall: The Secret Service Strikes Back
  5. Virus & Worms  - by Jeremy Martin
  6. Everywhere... All Around You...  - by Melody Heller
  7. An Insight Into the Motorola Phone Modding Community  - by leethacker (a.k.a., Unic0der & MacOSX
  8. RFID: Chip on my Shoulder  - by The Goldfinger
  9. A Hacker Knocked Me Up and Now I'm Stuck With Him  - by Zer0 Hack
  10. Driver Bits
  11. Review Corner
  12. WRT54G/S: Expanding Your Linksys Device  - by Ustler
  13. The Hacker Chronicles - Part 4  An accounting of the life and events of a real honest to goodness old school hacker, by Cactus Jack
  14. I Know What You Did Last Session  - by Jeremy Martin (a.k.a., n3cr0psy)
  15. War Driving Meets Social Engineering  - by Doobie Won
  16. Social Engineering: Resistance is Futile  - by Double-O-Jake
  17. Telecom Hot Drops: Is Your Landline Conversation Really Safe?  - by
  18. Things to Remember When Dealing with the Police  - by Ustler
  19. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  20. Monthly Meetings
  21. Raw Text

"This issue was first released in the late Summer 2005 at DEFCON 13.  Alex, Dark Paladin, and the booth babes (Rochelle, Elka, Kieu) attended the convention and gave away approximately 1700 free copies of this issue along with SWAG (shirts, hats, stickers) and 20GB IPODs.  Attending DEFCON 13 was a great success for Blacklisted! 411 Magazine."

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 7, Issue #4  Fall 2005

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters and Comments
  4. The Art of Casual Wi-Fi Hacking  - by Jeremy Martin
  5. Cheating on Browser-based Games  - by Unic0der
  6. Free Broadband  - by Dr. Fibes
  7. How Would I Hack Thee?  - by Social engineering and the basic hack, by M. L. Shannon
  8. The Hacker Chronicles - Part 5  - by An accounting of the life and events of a real honest to goodness old school hacker, by Cactus Jack
  9. Review Corner  - by Cannon XL H1, Smugmug, I-Hacked, Make Magazine, by Zachary Blackstone
  10. Humanoid Companions  - by The Goldfinger
  11. Auditor: Debian Wi-Fi Hacking  - An article for those interested in wireless networking, but new to Linux, by M. L. Shannon
  12. Internet Insecurity  - by Dr. Fibes
  13. Remote Encrypted Data Access  - by dual_parallel
  14. Aminet: The Makeover  - by MobbyG
  15. Hacking the Mirra M-250  - by Ustler
  16. Cloaking and You  - by Grandpa Hackman
  17. Hardcore War Driving...  - by Israel Torres
  18. DEFCON 13 Recap  - A recap of the finest hacker party on the planet, by Electra-Solve
  19. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  20. Monthly Meetings
  21. Raw Text

"This issue is scheduled for on-sale date of 11/18/05.  This issue marks a sizable increase in our circulation numbers, distribution into additional nationwide chain stores and an increase in page count.  Readers will be able to find this issue in nearly every major bookstore in the U.S."

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 8, Issue #1  Winter 2005/2006

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Letters and Comments
  4. OpenWRT
  5. Security: A State of Mind + Less + Ness
  6. The Art of Electronic Deduction  - by StankDawg  (Slides from his Interz0ne 5 presentation)
  7. Listen: Introduction to Scanner and SW
  8. Swinging for Fun and Profit
  9. Proxies Declassified
  10. Inexpensive Ethernet for 8-bit PCs
  11. Port Knocking Simplified
  12. DRM
  13. Hacking Before PC's: A Personal Recollection  - by Grandpa Hackman
  14. Subterfuge: How Attackers Cover Tracks
  15. WinUAE: Your Amiga on x86
  16. Spying a Spy
  17. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  18. Monthly Meetings
  19. Raw Text

"This issue is scheduled for on-sale date of 02/10/06.  This issue marks a sizable increase in our circulation numbers, distribution into additional nationwide chain stores and an increase in page count.  Readers will be able to find this issue in nearly every major bookstore in the U.S."

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 8, Issue #2  Summer 2006

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. Scanning in the U.K.  - by radio_phreak
  4. Urban Legends, Fictitious News, & Wikipedia  - by Erik Giles
  5. Identity Theft: Plugging the Keyhole  - by Dusk_Knight
  6. Feasibility of an Exhaustive Search Attack on the RCS Encryption Algorithm  - by Rick Davis
  7. Number Systems  - by Jewstah
  8. DIY Keylogger
  9. Listen! - Part 2  - by M. L. Shannon
  10. Image Manipulation Identification  - by primate
  11. The Care and Feeding of Your Amiga 3000  - A well-balanced diet for your Amiga will keep it strong, by MobbyG
  12. Source for New England Tech Enthusiasts  - by Tom from New England
  13. Top 10 Tweaks for Windows Mobile Smartphone  - by Unic0der
  14. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  15. Monthly Meetings
  16. Raw Text

  Blacklisted! 411 - Volume 8, Issue #3  Fall 2006

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from the Editor
  3. The Art of DSL  - by TheInstallGuy
  4. Fixing Scratched CDs - MacGyver-Style  - by Unic0der
  5. The Rise of Skynet?  - by Rick Davis
  6. How to Secure Your Email  - by Maxy
  7. Modding the Motorola Razr V3  - by M@
  8. I-Hacked Staff Hacks 2006 DEFCON Hacker Convention  - by Hevnsnt
  9. DEFCON Physical Security Hole  - by Matrix
  10. Smart Cards 101  - Back to hardware hacking basics, by Zachary Blackstone
  11. Surplus Sources  - You electronic hobby/repair source list
  12. Dumpster Diving  - The talent of digging-up valuable items from a heap of garbage, by Trash-00X
  13. Salvage Hound  - The art of locating quality salvage items, by TechnoHeap
  14. The Beginner's Guide to Scanning  - by radio_phreak
  15. Logitech Harmony Remote Review  - by TheInstallGuy
  16. The Black Market  - Marketplace classifieds
  17. Raw Text

Download Online Issues

That's right!  Long awaited, we are proud to announce the release of Blacklisted! 411 .NET, the official online counterpart to the print version of Blacklisted! 411 magazine.  The premiere edition of our online release is available in PDF format right now!

The content of the online edition contains entirely original material not available in the print version of our magazine, so be sure to take a look at it, download it, copy it, P2P it, pass it around to friends and mirror copies of it anywhere you'd like.  You're welcome to repost our online edition anywhere, as long as you give us proper credit.  You wanted FREE information, well here it is, people.  We're doing what no other in-print hacker magazine does!  Don't forget who made it possible.

  1. Blacklisted! 411 .NET Magazine - Issue #1  October 14, 2005
  2. [1] Introduction to Online Magazine Format
    [2] Edition Quote
    [3] Tools
    [4] Links
    [5] Articles
    	   [a] Wireless Network Security - by Dr. Fibes
    	   [b] The Real Problem with Real ID - by Ustler
    	   [c] Spy Stations, Letter Substitution and Crypto-Quotes - by M. L. Shannon
    	   [d] RIAA Anti-P2P Strategies Revealed - by Ustler
    [6] In the News
    [7] Product and Services reviews
               [a] Truecrypt
               [b] PeerGuardian 2
    [8] Cryptogram
    [9] Credits

  3. Blacklisted! 411 .NET Magazine - Issue #2  November 14, 2005
  4. [1] Introduction: Online Edition Updates
    [2] Edition Quote
    [3] Tools
    [4] Links
    [5] Articles
    	   [a] Fun with EXIF - by Unicoder
    	   [b] Hacking Cryptograms 101: Rotating Letters is Not Secure, Just Annoying - by Israel Torres
    	   [c] Hacking, Privacy, and the Eternal Need for Remaining Vigilant - by Erik Giles
    [6] In the News
    	   [a] Sony's Emulation of Big Brother - by Dr. Fibes
    [7] Product and Services Reviews
               [a] Updates
                        [1] DD-WRT Update
                        [2] Truecrypt Revisited (An update on recent developments)
    [8] Cryptogram
    [9] Favorite Photo
    [10] Credits

  5. Blacklisted! 411 .NET Magazine - Issue #3  December 14, 2005
  6. [1] Introduction: General Updates
    [2] Edition Quote
    [3] Tools
    [4] Links
    [5] Articles
    	   [a] Penetrating You Ever So Deeply - by Israel Torres
    	   [b] Spotting a eBay FRAUD - by Ustler
    	   [c] Hacking .NET Edition Cryptogram 2 - by Israel Torres
    [6] In the News
               [a] Overpeer Goes Under!
               [b] When "Terminal Security Administration" Becomes "Terrible Security Administration"
    [7] Product and Services Reviews
               [a] CCleaner
               [b] Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)
               [c] SpywareBlaster
    [8] Cryptogram
    [9] Favorite Photo
    [10] Credits

  7. Blacklisted! 411 .NET Magazine - Issue #4  January 16, 2006
  8. [1] Introduction: 2006 Updates
    [2] Edition Quote
    [3] Articles
    	   [a] Hacking Cryptograms 101 - by Israel Torres
    	   [b] Team ICE & The Elusive XBox 360 Mod Chip - by Ustler
    	   [c] Communication: Coded Conversation - by Israel Torres
    [4] Cryptogram
    [5] Favorite Photo
    [6] Credits

  9. Blacklisted! 411 .NET Magazine - Issue #5  February 15, 2006
  10. [1] Edition Quote
    [2] Articles
           [a] Hacking the Web: Automatic Obfuscated Submission - by Israel Torres
           [b] Suduko - by Cynric
           [c] Hacking Cryptograms 101: In Digestion - by Israel Torres
    [3] Cryptogram
    [4] Favorite Photo
    [5] Credits

  11. Blacklisted! 411 .NET Magazine - Issue #6  March 19, 2006
  12. [1] .NET Update
    [2] Edition Quote
    [3] News
            [a] XBox 360 Copy Protection Broken
            [b] Government Receives D+ for Computer Security
    [4] Articles
    	[a] Hacking Cryptograms 101: Double Your Pleasure - by Israel Torres
    	[b] Hacking a CD Check Function - by Israel Torres
    [5] Cryptogram
    [6] Favorite Photo
    [7] Links
    [8] Credits

THUD Magazine

Welcome, ladiez, gentz, hackerz, phreakerz, wormz, and whachamacallitz.  You're staring at the premier issue of THUD, The Hacker's Underground Digest.  First, let me tell you what we're all about.  Basically, we're a bunch of twits who figured we could make our own hacking magazine, and guess what!  We did!!  Cuz you're looking at it!  But seriously though, we're not a bunch of people who think we can be better than anyone else.  I, for one, hate people like that.  I've been reading magz like 2600 and Blacklisted! 411 forever, and they're both really good.  Each has it's strong points, as well as weaknesses.  No publication is perfect, and I'm sure there's gonna be people out there who have their problems with THUD.  Frankly, I'd be upset if people didn't write in spouting off shit about what's wrong with this, what's f*cked up there, and what not.  That's called feedback.

But anyway, what I am hoping to do with THUD is to provide yet another source of information for those of you out there that are into this shit.  I am a firm believer in the phrase 'knowledge is power' and when I seek knowledge, I do not seek it from only one source.  I try to corroborate by searching in many places.  I would like to provide yet one more source for you.  I would also like to provide more technically detailed information on the subjects we talk about.  Oh, of course we're gonna have the usual shit like lists of freqencies, or what chemicals you 'shouldn't' be playing with and other general stuph like that.  But beyond that, we're going to present to you articles written so that the beginner can understand, yet provide such a vast amount of information that even more advanced techno-philes should still learn a thing or two; or maybe to remind them of what they may have forgotten.  We're gonna show you pictures, we're gonna give you schematics, we 're gonna give you part sources, we 're gonna give you assembly instructions, we're gonna give you operating instructions, we're gonna give you what you need to succeed.  All you have to do is pay attention and understand and learn.

THUD Magazine
P.O. Box 2521
Cypress, CA 90630

Download Print Issues

  THUD - Volume 1, Issue #1  Spring 1998

  1. Brain Dump  - Editorial
  2. Just What is a Hacker?  - by Bill Hayes
  3. Building Your Own Pirate Radio Stations  - by Mycal
  4. Deadline
  5. The United States Senate
  6. Amusement Park Frequencies  - by Dr. Whip
  7. Hack Exchange  - Marketplace classifieds
  8. Police Codes
  9. Cool Edit '96 - Review  - by Solar Prophet
  10. Pager Frequencies  -
  11. Stopping Power Meters - Review  - by Shiva
  12. Pyrotechnic Chemicals
  13. Cable Test Chip FAQ  - by Telecode
  14. Data Depot  - News
  15. Questions & Answers  - Letters
  16. The 555 Timer IC for Dummies  - by Orion
  17. Wireless Cable Television FAQ  - by Brian J. Catlin
  18. Acronyms: A-B
  19. Pirate Radio Resources Web Listings  - by Oxygen
  20. Neato Stuph  - Pictures
  21. Cool Book List
  22. Driver Bits
  23. Subscription Info
  24. Raw Text
  25. Internet Archive Entry

  THUD - Volume 1, Issue #2  Fall 1998

  1. Brain Dump  - Editorial
  2. Questions & Answers  - Letters
  3. Nowhere to Run... Nowhere to Hide...  - The vulnerability of CRTs, CPUs, and peripherals to TEMPEST monitoring in the real world
  4. Trojan Horses for Dummies!  - by Ray Dios Haque
  5. Low-Power Transmitter Kit Sources  - by Rick Harrison
  6. Is It Illegal to be a Hacker and to Hack?  - by Telecode
  7. The Ins-and-Outs of LIDAR  -
  8. THUD Artwork And Graphics Submission Info  -
  9. The History of ESS  - by Lex Luthor
  10. Electronic Workbench 5.0 - Review  - by Solar Prophet
  11. CD-ROM Reviews - Iron Feather Journal & Group 42  -
  12. A Parable - Does Technology Inhibit Our Rights?  - by Perry E. Metzger
  13. Project T.H.U.D. 8-Digit DTMF Decoder/Display  - by Orion
  14. Radio Shack PRO-2004 Mods  -
  15. The Art of War Dialing  - by Bachrach
  16. THUD Area Meetings Information
  17. Useful Hardware
  18. Massive Frequency List - <40 MHz
  19. Hack Exchange  - Marketplace classifieds
  20. FAQ: How to Find People's E-mail Addresses  - by Charlie Chan
  21. Acronyms in the Letter "C"
  22. Deadlines for Submissions to THUD
  23. Game Reviews  - by Cyber Punk
  24. THUD Article Submissions Information
  25. Hacking the Internet  - by Bonnie Burton
  26. The Other Side of the Street  - by Algernon
  27. Cool Pics  -
  28. Back Issue Order Form
  29. Subscription Information
  30. Raw Text
  31. Internet Archive Entry

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