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Yo, Yo, Yo, This is the Nigh-offical Ph0n-E Home page (cause, I did not write it). That Shipley guy did...

I like radios, yea they are K001, you can do all kinds of rad-like things with them. At Defcon IV we had awsome fun with Yaesu FT-50's. I don't think hotel security likes me anymore..
Check out this Beginners Guide to RF hacking that I wrote for phrack Fourty-Nine, it is styling.

This is not really his girlfriend!
I sorta-like kinda also have a girlfriend, she a way kool also.... She is also lots of fun hang around with. She kicks ass.... My friends think she be k00l to. She can put them in their place.

I like video games too, Road Rash is a rad-ass favorite of mine. As everyone knows, motorcycles are cool, especially red Ducati 900s.
Sometimes I hang around other lamers like Wyatt, Pete, Cyber, Stryder, Frank and Dave.

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