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Ever since I moved to this new machine, the cgi spoob has been having lots of issues. It was some silly mod_perl oddity, and hopefully everything should be working now, sorry for all of the problems. If you have any more problems, please email me.

spoob (spoonm's orange box)

On request of Lucky225 and TraySmee, I whipped up a little perl script. This runs with a couple options, prints out the CID bit information, and writes a wav file. I will hopefully continue updating it, and I want to break its dependancy of Audio::Wav.

This software spoofs call waiting caller id. You should be able to just play the wave file onto a phone line (headphones up to receiver works fine) during a conversation. It works by tricking (since call waiting callerid is inband) any callerid equipment into thinking there is another call, and displaying the spoofed calling information.

Online Version:

You will need Audio::Wav to make this work.

Tested and working on windows:
Install activeperl
To install the Audio::Wav module:
run ppm from the cmd line
type: install Audio-Wav

Spoob #!#

spoonm [at] hotmail.com

Last Updated: Tue May 20 02:04:34 2003