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In this magazine you will find lots of information.

The main audience for this magazine should be software protectionists and reverse-engineers, but we even try to include some "off-topic" articles which could be with some interest for the audience.

This is the second release, so for sure not everything is like it should be.  If you have any positive or negative critics feel free to contact as at  If you have any ideas how we can get better or if you want to contribute an article contact us too.

So this issue seems to be a little big?

Well, we try to include as much informations we can, but we tried to make a hard selection on what we publish.  Anyway, we produced many pages.  This magazine should not be a "collection" of four or five tutorials.  It should be like a real magazine you can buy.  The main part will be (sure) the reverse-engineering part.  Additionally, we included some interesting freestyle articles which are of interest.  As well we'll have a look at the VX scene which always deals with interesting coding-techniques and anti-tricks.

Let me say thanks to all the contributors which helped to realize this magazine.  The issues will be released irregulary - this means the next release will be published during the next 2 or 3 months.  If everything starts running as we want and we get more feedback, we are (maybe) able to publish every month.  But first see how this issue gives feedback.

Zero - Main Author (21.July 2003)

Editorial Team

                   Chief Editor: Zero Zero
Reverse Code Engineering Editor: PE Pegasus
    Software Engineering Editor: PE Pegasus
            Tool Reviews Editor: PE Pegasus
            VX Knowledge Editor: PE Pegasus
             Book/Media Reviews: PE Pegasus
               Articles Editors:  PE Pegasus


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