The first two covers were done by cover artist Ken Copel and the last two were photographs.

We continued to use our little box in the upper right-hand corner as a mini-cover for various messages and bits of art.

Winter 1988-89 was our final cover of the year and, again, it was from an external source.

It was an ancient photo of a payphone booth from 1884 touched up in blue.

A caption underneath identified it as part of the "National Telephone Company" (England) and revealed the rates of the time.

An excerpt of their original literature was reprinted on the next page.

The mini-cover somehow managed not to stay in the box and was a simple curved meter with a word printed underneath.

The word?  "Bushitera."

This was apparently a reference to the recent election that voted in George H.W. Bush.

So instead of a bullshit era, we were about to launch into a Bushit era.  It seemed so much more clever at the time.

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