August showed a striking image of a kid looking a lot like Dennis the Menace being confronted with a gun waving delivery man.

This was based on a true story involving someone who had been raided by Secret Service agents posing as UPS men.  The absurdity of the situation is underlined by the many innocent items in this typical kid's room (roller skates, a dog, a softball, a clown lamp, and a Star Wars poster).

But some commentary seeps in, with the letters on the truck outside rearranged to say PUS, some blocks on the floor that spell ASS, and a poster of Oliver North with his fingers crossed, a clear reference to the ongoing Iran-Contra hearings at which he was testifying.

In the mini-cover, we see a UPS package wrapped up with the caption "Hurry up, we're falling asleep!"

This was likely an expression of our impatience at cases like this dragging on without any real evidence ever being presented.