January represented a bit of a reflection of new beginnings as well as the allure of New York City.

A payphone is seen with its receiver dangling in a subway station, with signs for the A, D, R, J, and 2600 train.

On the wall next to the payphone is a replica of one of our publicity stickers we used to leave everywhere that helped to spread word of the magazine to the masses.

Under the "2600" on each cover of the year was the volume and issue number, along with the month, year, and a price of $2.

Much of the style of this information was inconsistent throughout the year, sometimes in all caps, abbreviated, or with punctuation.

Next to the "2600" (which was done in a completely different typeface than in previous years) was our familiar upper right-hand corner box, sort of a mini-cover tradition that we carried over from our previous years.

This one had our usual beginning-of-year exclamation point along with an asterisk on one corner of the box.  That asterisk carried special significance, as it was the official logo of Stony Brook University's public relations office when memos were posted campus-wide.

Some years earlier, a few mischief makers had caused quite a stir when fake announcements on those same letterheads were widely distributed.

But that's another story...