Spring - A paper shredder with a mountain of shredded documents.

The shredder has a U.S. Department of Justice - United States Attorneys' Office logo on the front.

There is a bullet hole in the window of the machine, as well as several on the cement wall behind it.  The November 1986 issue of 2600 is being shredded.  This was to commemorate the month that hacker/activist Aaron Swartz was born.  Swartz committed suicide in January after being relentlessly tormented by that same government agency.

There is Arabic graffiti on the wall that translates to "justice" - or "revenge."  Because of a Photoshop left-to-right language rendering error, this word is backwards.  However, we decided it was applicable to the backwards thinking of the DOJ.  (We also put some other backwards text in the other covers from this year to make it seem like we planned this all along.)

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