Hacking a Mercedes-Benz with a Universal Remote

by TOneZ2600

This article is intended as an educational reference.  In no way should it be used to gain unlawful access.  This includes breaking and entering as well as grand theft.

As we all see and know, Mercedes-Benz makes the most common luxury vehicles.  Prices for these cars go from (new) $24,000 to approximately $250,000.  After 1991, Mercedes-Benz changed locking systems throughout their cars.  From a steel key that had to be "laser" cut, to a steel key with an infrared sensor attached to it.  And recently, to just an IR remote.  (No more steel key.)  The infrared sensor controller is attached to the key and aids in the keyless entry system.

Older Mercedes-Benz vehicles (1991-1999) have actual IR sensors for door locks and trunk release mechanisms.

Currently Saab, Volkswagen, and other (semi) luxury vehicles have incorporated this new IR system for their vehicles.

When buying new IR keys for your vehicle, the key has to be "trained" to your car.  This process takes anywhere from five minutes to five hours, depending on the IR coding complexity.  Once the key is trained, that's it.

So what does that do for me?  Well, let's just say you left something in your car and you lost your key.  How do you make an archive key from a Universal Remote?  Simple.

First, you are going to have to obtain a remote that has a "learning" function.  There are several remotes on the market with this feature.  If you have a PDA that is IR equipped, I think the program TV Remote Controller 5.5 (Serial No. KEY0744113695) will be suitable.

Now grab your original IR key.  The only thing that is left to do is to train the Unlock, Lock, and Trunk Release on your remote.  This is done by selecting the button that you want to train and emitting an IR source from the original key.

It's that easy and that stupid to own an $80,000 car.

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