Confusing ANI and Other Phone Tricks

by Lucky225

In this article, I will explain how to bypass CLASS services, spoof ANI to AT&T 800 numbers, and make free untraceable calls.

TSPS "0" Operator

Your TSPS operator can be a very useful tool when making calls from your home.  First of all, she can bypass all CLASS services.  That is, if you dial through your local operator to make a local call, the called party will not be able to *69 (call return) your call, they will not be able to *57 (call trace) your cal l , and your Caller ID will show up as "Out of Area" or "Unknown."  If the party you're trying to call has *77 (anonymous call reject) on (a service that doesn't allow calls from people who dial *67 or have complete Caller ID blocking on their line), you can simply place a call through your local operator and she will be glad to connect you to the party with your Caller ID unknown.  When calling through the local operator, it is always a good idea to tell her you're visually impaired or having trouble dialing, otherwise you may be charged extra for the call.

Op-Diverting, Spoofing ANI, and Making Free Calls

Your local TSPS operator probably doesn't forward ANI unless they have ANI Identification Indicator (II) equipment.  To find out if your operator can pass ANI to 800 numbers, have her dial 800-346-0152.  If it says your phone number, you're out of luck.  If it says a three digit number (this is the area code where the operator building is located) followed by 000-0000, your operator can't pass ANI.  If your local operator can't pass ANI , this is good because you can have her dial any 800 number and they won't know where you're calling from.


The number 1-800-673-7286 will connect you to an AT&T operator.  They can place collect, calling card, third-number, person-to-person, and credit card calls.  On to the fun part.  If your local TSPS operator doesn't pass ANI on to 800 numbers, have her dial 800-673-7286.

You will get, "AT&T, may I have the number you're calling from please?"

You can give her any phone number you want and they'll put that down as the number you're calling from.  The possibilities here are endless.  Spoofing ANI is a good one though.  Tell the AT&T operator you're visually impaired and need assistance in dialing an 800 number.  You can't call any old 800 number, only 800 numbers owned by AT&T or on the AT&T network, otherwise you'll get an error message.  However, some 800 numbers you can call through 800-673-7286 are TTY relay operators, and since your ANI shows up as whatever you gave the AT&T operator, any calls you make through the TTY relay service get billed to that number.

Another 800 number you can have AT&T dial is 1-800-BELLSOUTH (1-800-235-5768).  Once you're connected, press 0.  When you get the Bellsouth operator, say you want to place a call to any number you wish.  When they ask how you want to bill your call say, "To the number I'm speaking from."  Bellsouth will bill the call to the number you gave the AT&T operator.

More fun with AT&T is the "710 trick."  Op-divert to 800-673-7286 and tell her you're calling from any number in the 710 area code and want to bill the call collect.  The party you're calling won't be billed for the call because 710 is a government area code and is not listed in AT&T's database so there are no rates for the collect call.  It won't show up on the called party's bill or anything.

A few problems with these tricks - sometimes local operators don't want to dial 800 numbers and sometimes AT&T s 1-800-OPERATOR operator won't want to dial 800 numbers.  Just tell them you're visually impaired and they shouldn't give you any trouble.  If they do, just ask to speak to their supervisor.

If you are unable to reach an operator dialing 0 in your area, or if you live in PacBell land where they won't dial an 800 number if your life depended on it, try dialing 10-15-483-0 if you live on the west coast, and 10-16-963-0 if you live on the east coast.  This will get you a Verizon Long Distance operator, she will be glad to dial any 800 number for you.

Call Forwarding Services offers a service that allows you to set up a call forwarding number in England.  You simply dial the number in England and it forwards to almost any number in the world you want.  This is good for not getting caught.  If you have been exploiting Bellsouth, the people you're calling will probably get a lot of calls from Bellsouth or customers wanting to know why the caller's number is on the bill.  If you take advantage of, you can op-divert and spoof your ANI over to 1-800-BELLSOUTH, then call the number in England that forwards back to the person you're calling.  So then when the customer gets his bill, he will not be willing to call England to find out who it is, and if he is, you can just shut off the forwarding number at any time.

Pranking and Conferences

Remember, every time you're invited to an AT&T teleconference, feel free to spoof your ANI; as the conference is probably fraudulent.  And it's always fun to spoof your ANI when making prank calls to 800-SOS-TACO or 800-TACO-BELL.

I'm not promoting phone fraud, this is all for learning and educational purposes, and you take responsibility for your actions and how you use this information.  Maybe Bell will finally get their act together because this problem is not new, and it can be fixed.

Even TSPS operator buildings that can pass ANI II sometimes have backdoor numbers that will get you a local operator with an ANI-F (ANI Fail) and the local operator will have to ask you for your phone number and any number you give her will show up as the ANI when they place a call to an 800 number.

I hope this article will make the phone companies more aware of their problems.

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