The first three covers of the year were drawn by Affra Gibbs and the last one was drawn by Holly Kaufman Spruch.

The mini-covers in the upper-right would also continue throughout the year.  The covers, as always, focused on things that were happening in the hacker world - and there was no shortage of them.

Winter 1993-94 was a bit more ominous in nature.

There had been a flurry of cases recently involving hackers being sent to prison.

That, combined with the explosion of new cable networks, led to the image of "The Prison Network" on a 500-channel capable television set.

Sitting on top of the television next to a basket of eggs was a little Voodoo doll with a knife through his heart and the name "R Berman" on his shirt.  This was widely believed to be a reference to Rick Berman, the executive producer of the Star Trek franchise, who many at the time felt was destroying the original Gene Rodenberry vision.  (Hackers took this sort of thing seriously, after all.)

We see "JVST" over an old building with pillars, symbolizing outdated justice.

Next to that is another series of letters: SAPPO

This was a reference to three of our hacker friends who had been sent to prison: Scorpion, Acid Phreak, and Phiber Optik.

Three candles are lit below those letters in their honor.

The 56 symbolized the new future of data transmission, where the maximum speed of analog data transmission over a POTS line was believed to be 56 kilobits per second.

The image is completed with a newspaper headline on the floor announcing the upcoming 2600 meeting on IRC.

The mini-cover is a stretched out section of Edvard Munch's The Scream, which had just been stolen from a gallery in Oslo.