What is "root zine"?

root zine is a small newsletter-type publication dedicated to providing interesting information concerning computer/communication security and a forum for computer hackers (computer penetraters/explorers), phreakers (phone enthusiasts), and people interested in pushing technology beyond its typical bounds to share their knowledge and experiences.

Who writes for root zine?

root zine has very few regular writers. Instead, root allows for a wide vareity of writers by accepting article submissions from readers (not only will these great few be able to help others by spreading their information about technology and how to manipulate it but in the process they will also score a free issue for every article of their's that we print).

How often does root come out?

root is produced (fairly) quarterly. The sixth issue (volume-2, issue-2; Spring '98) has just come out! Find out how you too can subscribe to root zine!!

What are some highights from the current issue?

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