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The P/HUN Newsletter was started in 1988 by Red Knight of the "Phreakers/Hackers Underground Network" and SysOp of the the "Hackers Den" BBS. (718-358-9209)

Red Knight's original email address was pdave@dasys1.UUCP and then phunmag@dasys1.UUCP on the Big Electric Cat public-access UNIX system.

It was, as they claim, 'dedicated to inform on subjects as defeating computer security / various aspects of telecommunication/cable/radio, and offcourse pyromania.'

Only five issues are known to have existed, but it included many infamous articles written by hackers who would become legendary in the "computer underground."


P/HUN Newsletter - Issue #1  September 30, 1988

  1. Introduction & Index  by Red Knight
  2. Fundimentals of UNIX Passwords  by Mr. Slippery
  3. Electronic Funds Transfer Systems  by The Line Breaker & Code Cracker
  4. Misc 950 and 800 Extenders & Dial-Ups  by Cyfer
  5. Telenet Network Access Numbers  by DareDevil
  6. The Hacker Menace and Electronic Bulletin Boards  by {ode {racker
  7. Federal Black Pages  by The Line Breaker
  8. Red & Green Boxes Revived  by Pink Panther
  9. A Notice to All Phreakers  by The Jedi
  10. An Introduction to Diverters  by Larry Phreaker
  11. MF2 U.K. Signalling System  by The Key
  12. Dutch & Belgium BBS List  by The Key
  13. The Paper Clip Method  by Master Mind
  14. The SL-1ST PABX  by Red Knight

P/HUN Newsletter - Issue #2  December 14, 1988

  1. Introduction & Index  by Red Knight
  2. A Report on the Internet Worm  by Bob Page
  3. Defeating the Security on Apple's UBBS  by Evil Mind of Computer Terrorists Guild (CTG)
  4. Hacking in Holland & The Numbering Plan  by Rop and The Key
  5. Third Party Payphones  by The Jedi
  6. An Indepth Guide in Hacking UNIX and the Concept of Basic Networking Utility  by Red Knight
  7. Guide to The PICK Operating System  by Mr. Slippery
  8. A Novice's Guide to Hacking - 1989 Edition  by The Mentor
  9. Telephone-Controlled Tape Starter  by NY Hacker

P/HUN Newsletter - Issue #3  February 11, 1989

  1. Introduction & Index  by Red Knight & DareDevil
  2. Viruses: Assembly, Pascal, Basic & Batch  by Tesla Coil ][
  3. VAX/VMS System Security  by Lawrence Xavier
  4. The Automatic Voice Network (AUTOVON) Outline - Part 1  by DareDevil
  5. The Pan Am Airline Computer - Part A  by Red Knight
  6. The Pan Am Airline Computer - Part B  by Red Knight
  7. Common Channel (InterOffice) Signalling: An Overview  by Tubular Phreak
  8. Who's Listening  by Capt. Zap (Ian Murphy)
  9. An Introduction to BITNET  by Aristotle
  10. Plastic Card Encoding Practices and Standards  by Hasan Ali
  11. Lockpicking: An In-Depth Guide  by The LockSmith

P/HUN Newsletter - Issue #4  June 27, 1989

  1. Introduction & Index  by Red Knight
  2. The Banishment of Phrack Inc.  by Knight Lightning
  3. A Boot Sector Virus  by Southern Cross
  4. Vital Credit Card Information and Usage  by The Sparrow
  5. Introduction to Home Explosive Manufacture  by Franz Liszt
  6. Traffic Service Position System(TSPS) No. 1B - Call Processing and Explanation  by Phelix the Hack
  7. Free Computer Magazines  by Southern Cross
  8. A Guide to Hacking AMOS  by NightCrawler
  9. USDN Versus ISDN  by Lord Micro
  10. P/HUN Telecom News/Advancements - Part 1  by DareDevil
  11. P/HUN Telecom News/Advancements - Part 2  by DareDevil

P/HUN Newsletter - Issue #5  May 7, 1990

  1. Introduction & Index  by Red Knight
  2. Peering into the Soul of ESS - The Master Control Center  by Jack The Ripper
  3. Born to Kill - The Art of Assassination  by Jack The Ripper
  4. SSWC - Bell Research Report - Vol. 1  by Chance, The Technician, Cellular Phantom
  5. SSWC - Bell Research Report - Vol. 2  by Chance, The Technician, Cellular Phantom
  6. Baliord's Stupid VMS Tricks - Vol 1: PHONE  by Baliord
  7. Baliord's Stupid VMS Tricks - Vol 2: DOOR  by Baliord
  8. (O)perator (S)ervices (P)osition (S)ystem - 5ESS  by Bandito
  9. The Crossbar Switching Guide [Xbar No. 5]  by Lord Micro and Seeker
  10. SSWC - Bell Research Report - Vol. 3  by Chance, The Technician, Cellular Phantom
  11. Carrier 900/700 Services  by Tone Tec
  12. Legion of Doom Indictments [Chicago Members]  by TELECOM Digest
  13. Card Reader Access System (Card Key)  by The Ring Master
  14. Special Service Test Center LMOS Guidelines  by The Trasher 005

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