.o Dissident Magazine, Issue 1; The Walter Levy Commemorative Edition:

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Hrm.. for the next 3/4 monthes DPP will be defunct. This is not because we hate you, it's because 1) we don't have the time 2) we have nothing to publish. Don't worry, we'll be back with a new look, a new name and new style; And we will still be your p1mp.

digital phreak p1mps issue 1 - Harrassment, Scan of (800) 369 12xx, Poling, Bypass Box, other stuff. Read it, and then give it to your teachers at school@!

digital phreak p1mps issue 2 - It's here! Finally! Innovative Vending Machine rip-off, Novell Netware Exploits, Exchanging a Broken ToneDialer, Logs, RCMAC shit, and other stuff.

digital phreak p1mps issue 3- prerelease - due to a crash on Sphinx's Linux box, he lost all the articles and thus there are only 2 in it. If you had one in it, re-send it and it will be released in the real issue soon to come.

digital phreak p1mps issue 4 - YaY! Another crappy issue! Learn about: ShopKo, Blaster thinggies, Area 51 and meet Weapon Dealer! Then feed it to your dog!

digital phreak p1mps issue 5 - Wewp, another issue is pressed out of the hotdog machine... read about 5ESS, A new hobby for bored people, op diverting. Then use it to hold up one side of your trailer!

digital phreak p1mps issue 6 - Aaaaw SHeeet, it's number sIx! DMS100 Config File, how to hack AOL (satire), cool BellSouth Test #s, Late-night hacking... read it...wear it...eat it...DPP is all things to all people! suffer our wrath!

digital phreak p1mps issue 7 - Hell yeah.. we got to issue 7... learn how to annoy drivers, how to clone animals/people, the dpp theme song and other neato burrito things!

digital phreak p1mps issue 8 - Wewp, we made it to issue 8, amazing eh?.. read all about phreak decor, carding, scamming six flags, and the pheer nation!@

digital phreak p1mps issue 9 - grrr.. this is the last issue for a long time. Read about BO, CallerID, Carding and why your p1mp is in ICU!

.o The really odd stuff i can't organize