N e w s

November 07

Issue 3 has been released. The HTML version will be available in a few
days. Both issues of Dissident Magazine have been added to the H/P zine archive.
More zines will be added in a few days.

November 03

The page will be moving in a few weeks due to the extra pop-up that appears everytime
you click on an Angelfire page. As long as you use the fly.to address, you shouldn't
be effected by the change. I'm gonna wait until after the release of the next issue
to move things around. The new issue should be out on November 7th.

October 08

A new site has been added to the network. The Clandestine Files is a new site by Seuss chock
full of great content, especially for all you paranoid people wondering if your
phone's been tapped. The RF Resources is a new subpage of the main site that is done by
Black Axe. It's still under construction but there's some good content already on there.
The new Media page documents the other places that the staff & their work have showed up on.

September 15

Not much going on right now, recovering from the end of not having a routine. Now the site
should get updated more often. Added issue 2 and 3 of Blizzard of Oz to the Archive. Make
sure you read the interview in issue 3. Mad thanks to MMX for mentioning the PPN on off the
hook last night. The Zine Archive was also redone. For the first time someone copied our HTML
right off the page and used it for thier page. It was really lame and I don't even remember
URL. If you're gonna copy something like that, make it look a little better. They still
kept the page half the way it was and they use the PLA's links page as thiers. A new site
will be added to the network soon, watch the newsletter for updates.

August 25

Issue 2 has been released in HTML. Supplemental Issue 2.5 has been added to the Files page.

August 10

New site design has been released,navigation should be easier.

August 06
So much to cover. Phone Punx Magazine Issue 2 has been released. The alt.phreaking
FAQ has been updated. Blizzard of Oz 2 has been released. Several pages have been
added: Magazine Information, About the PPN, and Phone Punx Files. The Phone Punx
Files page is where we'll be keeping issue supplements and other files that done go
in the issues Felons.org has been added to the network. It's a kick ass site and I
recommend you check it out. The HTML versions of PPM should be up soon. We've got some
big things coming up soon. Sign up for the Phone Punx Newsletter to be informed of any

May 17
The Blizzard of Oz has been added to the Network. Also, the First issue of their
zine has been added to the H/P archive.

May 08
New Graphics have been added. Issue 3 of security breach and issues
9 to 16 of System Failure have been uploaded.

May 05
Issue 1 of PPM has been released. The H/P zine archive is up. Go there
to get issues of THTJ, DPP, System Failure, and other zines. This site
is still under construction. More graphics will be added soon.