Phone Punx in other Media

This page lists other forms of media that the staff or their work have appeared in. This includes print
zines, radio, and books.



- More on the DSN
2600 Magazine
Volume 15, Number Two
Summer 1998
2600 Magazine

- Paperchase
Root Zine
Winter 1999
Root Zine was a good NJ H/P print zine that died in 1999. However, the
article can still be read on the PPN site.

- Letters
Subject: DSN Directory Info
2600 Magazine
Volume 14, Number Four
Winter 97-98
2600 Magazine

- Books
he Bug Book by M.L. Shannon
Stuff Seuss wrote for the FAQ appeared in this book
M.L. Shannon's Website


Off the Hook September 14th, 1999
MMX calls up Off the Hook, offers some good info, and is then blown off like only
2600 can do. However, this is the first time PPN was ever mentioned on the
radio and the staff can't thank him enough.

MP3 of just him
MMX in MP3 format

Or listen to the whole show in real audio format, he's on at 55:38 to 57:28
Off the Hook


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