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- Disclaimer

All information in one this site is protected by the 1st amendment.
However, this information should not be used in any other way except
education. Our purpose is to provoke thought and we might even entertain
you, if you're good. Nothing in this issue has been tested and we do not
guarantee that it will work. We cannot assure your safety both
legally and physically and what the hell, mentally if you try anything
in this issue.


- Release Dates

Phone Punx Magazine is released about every 4 months, however there is
no set release date. Issues can come out a day or a year after the last
one but we will try to stick to around 3 to 4 months.


- Writers Wanted

We are always looking for more writers. If you want an article published
or if you would like to become a regular writer, send us an email. We would
really like to concentrate on phreaking and large phreaking projects. That is
why the release date for new issues is about 3 to 4 months, instead of 2 months
like the OCPP. However, not all articles have to be related to phreaking.
We are experimenting with some new sections that will cater to our audience
with different topics. If you feel that you have an article
that would be of interest to phreaks but it is about hacking, cyberpunkculture,
etc, let us know and we will evaluate each article on an individual basis.
We are also looking for ways to compensate our writers for their time and
effort in writing articles. We will add a link to your webpage but
we may also start a page where we will post a banner or two of your choice.
Any other suggestions are also welcome.


- Distribution Sites

Help us spread the magazine to a wider audience by becoming a
distro site. All you have to do is keep the issues on your website
with a link to them somewhere. Not only will this help us reach more
people, but our readers will have another place to get the zine if
something happens to the site. Email us before you set it up because we
need people to distribute the zine, past issues of the OCPP, and the
FAQ too. If you would like to distribute all 3, you will receive a special
link on our page because you're just such a nice person.


- Network Links

The Phone Punx Network is more than just one webpage. We hope to span
several webpages that will encompass member websites and distro sites.
To get a network link you must be a staff writer or be involved with the
PPN in another way and have a website that is related to phreaking in some
way or another. If you can't do that, become a distro site and provide
a link back to us through a Phone Punx Network graphic. If that's a problem,
at least add a link to us somewhere on your site.


- Issue Updates

Issue updates will occur when it is needed. To be sure you always have
the freshest issue of PPM, check the "last updated" date on the top of the issue.
It is important that you always have the latest issue because we do screw up
often and we are always fixing our mistakes. To be notified of issue updates,
subscribe to the newsletter.


- Newsletter

To stay up to date with the latest in the Phone Punx Network sign up for the
newsletter. You will be notified of the release of new issues, updates to past
issues and other PPN news. All email addresses are kept confidential. Just send
an email to ocpp@hotmail.com letting us know you'd like to subscribe.


- Links

Please update your OCPP links. Change the name to Phone Punx Network and the
URL to http://fly.to/ppn, if you have a link to us on your page, let us know and we'll
link you back.


- Letters

We will print your letters. If you would like to make a comment, ask a question, or
whatever, send them in and we will publish them. If you don't want your letter
published, just let us know. Email address will not be published unless you tell
us too.


- Contact

Our email address is phonepunx@yahoo.com
To subscribe to the mailing list send an email to ocpp@hotmail.com


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