About the Phone Punx Network
- About the PPN

The Phone Punx Network is a group of websites, people, and zines that are joined
together by similar ideas. We feel that the H/P scene of today is pretty
screwed up and too many people have lost direction. We're not here to tell you what
to do or how to act. We don't care what ISP you use. We don't substitute numbers
for letters and talk like we sit in Warez chatrooms all day. Our goal is
to offer the people NEW ideas and a new perspective. We don't rip people off and
we won't sacrifice quality for quantity. I guess you can call us the
founders of the Radical Perspective in the H/P scene. Much like the Radicals in
other aspects of life, we aren't the most popular and we're fine with that. This
isn't a popularity contest. We do this because we feel it needs to be done and we
don't really concern ourselves with what your opinion is of us; our main concern
is what you think of our work. There are way too many people in the H/P scene
that constantly try to be Mr. Popularity by kissing everyone's ass and flaunting
what they know. We don't care what you know or don't know. If you don't even
know what a phone is but you are willing to learn things on your own and have good
ideas that you want to share then you kick ass in my book. So what if you can memorize
10 billion hacking textfiles and recite them backwards in Latin? By bragging about
all the things you can do and putting others down you are accomplishing nothing.
But that's why we exist, to show people that the H/P scene isn't talking weird,
hanging out in chatrooms all day and bragging/fighting with others over things
that normal people could care less about. While not everyone involved in the PPN
may have the same views on certain issues, we all strive to bring you quality.

The main zine is Phone Punx Magazine and we also maintain the alt.phreaking FAQ.
There are other websites and zines that make up the network and we will continue
to add to the network.

If you would like to join the Phone Punx Network please email us at:

History of the PPN
The Phone Punx Network had it's beginnings in 1996. Back then we were known
as the OCPP. We were just a group of like minded people from NJ that hung out
and shared ideas. The self titled OCPP zine first came out in April of 1997.
The zine was started because we felt that there needed to be a zine that focused
on just phreaking. Our viewpoint was too different for our ideas to be
expressed in other zines. It was just suppose to be a little underground thing
but it soon got pretty big and we had a worldwide readership. In the summer
of 1998 I decided that there needed to be a change in the direction of the
zine and everyone involved. The old zine was too loose and wasn't very professional.
That's was OK in 97 but now that people actually took us seriously we needed
to act more professional. On April 26th, 1999, exactly two years since the
release of OCPP issue 1, the first issue of Phone Punx Magazine was released.


Mohawk - Webmaster of the Phone Punx Network main site. Editor in Chief of Phone
Punx Magazine. Creator of the alt.phreaking FAQ. Editor in Chief of the
OCPP zine which is no longer in publication.

Seuss - Editor of Phone Punx Magazine. Webmaster of the alt.phreaking FAQ website.
Webmaster of the Clandestine Files.

Black Axe - PPM Staff Writer. Resident expert on everything RF.

Lineside - PPM Staff Writer. Webmaster of Lineside's Telecom Site.

Maniac - Editor of Security Breach.

Bit Error - PPM Staff Writer.

MMX - PPM Staff Writer.

Phone Tap - PPM Staff Writer. Felons.org criminal.

The Plague - Formerly Known as Phear. Webmaster & Editor of Blizzard of Oz.

Hatred on a Log - PPM staff writer. Former editor of DPP and DM.

X-Logic - You'll see what he does sooner or later


The Phone Punx Network Main Site

The Alt.Phreaking FAQ

Blizzard of Oz

Lineside's Telecom Site

The Clandestine Files

Felons Online


Phone Punx Magazine

This is the main zine. Most of the members of the network write for it.
It is available from the main site.


This is the old zine. In all 9 issues were released. Available from
the main site.

Security Breach

This zine was written by Maniac. Back issues are available in the H/P zine
archive. Instead of new issues, it will become a collum in future

Blizzard of Oz

Written by the Plague, his unique brand of Hacking, Phreaking, and Destruction can
be viewed at the Blizzard of Oz homepage.

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Phone Tap's Lab
Issues of PPN
Blizzard of Oz Archives
Issues of OCPP and PPN

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