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ATTN: Webmasters! Get FREE code to secure your web page from thieves, and...

Discover the little webmaster's mistake that could suddenly cost you $1000's of dollars if it's not fixed!

Breakthrough technology finally puts an end to web site theft, enabling you to...

  • Protect your web site's source code from thieves
  • Secure your affiliate profits
  • Hide the internals of your web site form hackers
  • Stop spammers, not search engines
  • Protect your web design work
  • Eliminate PayPal theft
  • Force would-be thieves to buy from you instead
  • Encrypt your web site with a single click!

Fantastic, I'm absolutely astounded.

I don't know how I ever got by before I purchased WebLock. This software is a "must have" for every webmaster! It so easy to use, and the cost is miniscule compared to the thousands of dollars in losses that could be incurred without it.

Just as I wouldn't dare be without homeowner's insurance, I wouldn't dare be without WebLock! Fantastic, I'm absolutely astounded.

Best Regards,

Benjamin Hanania

Date: Monday, 10:58 PM
From: Mike Chen

Dear Webmaster,

It's finally possible to encrypt your web site's source code and protect it from thieves.

But before I explain to you how it's done, let me tell you a little story...

We find ourselves looking in on the world of Maryanne Myers, owner of Ad Universe, a happy Internet Marketer who's making a decent amount of money with her web site.

All of a sudden, one morning she wakes up shocked to find a pirated copy of her "Ad Universe" site circulating the net. The thief is selling contraband copies of everything on her site at insanely low prices illegally .

Recently, she'd noticed a direct decline in sales, but she hadn't been able to pinpoint the cause until now. According to her projections, she'd lost $1000's of dollars.

To make things worse, she discovers that she's lost a fair amount of her affilaites to the thief because they found the cheaper version of her product more appealing to promote.

She realizes that she could attempt to contact the thief with legal threats, but that that's certainly not going to undo the past and it might not even get him or her to stop.

What can she do? Unfortunately, for Maryanne it's too late. All she can do is protect herself from future attacks.

If this hasn't happened to you yet, you're in luck. There's still time to secure your web site.

Your product is the best...

Hi Mike,

I run a few sites and this is exactly what I have been looking for. I would not operate a website without weblockpro. Your product is the best.

Stew Webb

If a thief strikes you, it could end up costing you $1000's of dollars and your reputation!

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say you depend on your web site as an integral part of your business. All it takes is one pirate to strike your site and you're done for. While you must sell your products at a certain price, a thief who rips off of your site can afford to sell your products for prices as low as they want, guaranteed to undercut you!

This means that once there's a pirate site out there, the chances that a customer will buy from your identical but more expensive site are slim to none.

Some thieves will take your content and place their own name on it. Others will keep your name on it, but use illegitimate methods of advertising like SPAM.

If this ever happens to you, not only will your servers get blacklisted and shut down permenantly, you could even face legal trouble. And worst of all, while your name is being mutilated by the thief, the thief is getting all of the profits that came from his efforts.

These little tactics and plenty of other nasty ones that I don't even want to mention here would take a semi-experienced thief a matter of minutes to perform.

The good news is, there is something you can do about it...

It's not too late! I can give you FREE code to secure your web site RIGHT NOW!

I currently operate a security e-course that reveals some powerful little tips and tricks you can use to secure your web site today.

They take no programming experience to implement and only about 5 seconds to install. There's really no reason anyone shouldn't use them.

For now, I'm offering my e-course for FREE, but I can't guarantee th hours. The tips inside are just too valuable to give away for free.

If you care at all about your web site, this e-course is a must. Sign up for FREE (for now) below...

Your Name:
Your Email:

Bonus: Subscribe today and I'll throw in a bonus e-book, "Player's Only Email Marketing Secrets" absolutely FREE! And remember, I respect your privacy. I will NEVER release your personal information to ANYONE, and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

Gain an UNFAIR advantage over your competition by having the only site that thieves can't rip off!

If you own a web site, you're probably already aware of the fact that anything you upload to the Internet can be stolen with a few clicks. You're probably especially aware of this if you're a web designer. How do you show your clients your work without letting them steal it?

In case you don't already know how easy it is to steal a web site, take a few seconds to try this simple experiment. If you're running Internet Explorer, go to your browser's "View" menu and click "Source." The code is right there for the taking!

Using my revolutionary new web site encryption software, you can now "locK" your web site's source code so that nobody can steal anything at all from your web page!

I've also thrown in a slew of extra security features, just because I wanted to use them myself on my own pages. The best way I can show you what WebLock Pro can do for you is to give you a real, live demo...

Try to hack my web page!

This page is locked with WebLock Pro. To take a look at what its features look like in action, go ahead and try the following things right now...
  • Try to view the source of this page
  • Try to right click on this page
  • Try to select text on this page
  • Try to print this page to your printer
  • Try to save this page to your hard drive and view it
My simple, one-click software program can add this level of security to your web site INSTANTLY... Click Here to try it today 100% Risk Free!

Finally, it's possible to completely and securely encrypt your web site, without changing your visitors' browsing experiences. Thieves all over the net are being stopped in their tracks every day by WebLock Pro, and stealing content from unlocked sites.

Don't you think it's time you protected yourself? CLICK HERE!

Why you should try WebLock Pro TODAY!

  • Protects your web site's source code from thieves with industrial strength security! - Web site theft could strike you next if you don't take the time to protect yourself. WebLock Pro can lock any web page with a single click. This includes ASP, PHP, SSI, and of course HTML, JavaScript, and VBScript .

  • Encrypts your entire web site in a flash! - WebLock Pro's user interface is designed for people with no technical expertise whatsoever (although it is also considered one of the most powerful tools by some of the net's best programmers). You can run WebLock Pro right from your desktop, and with the click of one button encrypt your entire web page!

  • Groundbreaking additional security features - By checking a few checkboxes, you'll be able to disable right clicks, text selection, printing, caching, and much more! We don't want to make it easy for thieves to steal content off your site!

  • Restricts access to your web site - You'll also be able to restrict access to your site so that your page only runs on a domain you specify, or is only accessable from a certain referring page. You'll even be able to password protect any web page. This is perfect for membership sites and download pages.

  • Hides the internals of your web site - Your HTML code exposes a lot of vulnerable data about your web site (locations of CGI scripts, post variables, etc.). Some hackers can even find your password, read your email, and even delete your site with simple access to this information. Luckily, WebLock Pro hides them from view completely.

  • Lightning fast, efficient operation - WebLock Pro won't add much size to your web page once it's locked, and your web page will only take fractions of a second longer to load! You can't afford to slow your visitors' browsing experience down! In addition, the locking process takes only a few seconds for even the largest web pages.

    It's a necessity for any serious web professional!

    As a creative audio-visual designer, I use a wide variety of digital tools to assist in the creative process and design of web sites for clientele. Mike Chen's WebLock Pro has become one of the most important software tools in my arsenal. WebLock Pro is a must-have for all web designers and web developers who want to secure and protect their work from would-be thieves, site hackers and code plagiarizers who have nothing better to do all day long, but to rip off unprotected web sites right from under their unsuspecting creators.

    It feels good knowing that I'm offering my clients that extra care and added security. As sad as it may sound, thousands of web sites are lifted and stolen everyday and many web professionals become many of the countless victims to have had their site code and hard work ripped off. I should know...it happened to me before I purchased Mike Chen's WebLock Pro. WebLock Pro is not a convenient option. It's a necessity for any serious web professional!

    Joshua Hardin
    Hardin Creative Productions

  • Stops spammers, not search engines - My unique locking technology is capable of stopping spammers from harvesting the email address you post on your site, but it won't impair search engines from being able to read your web site? This is because you'll be able to selectively choose which parts of your web site you want to block access to, and which you want to leave open to the engines.

  • Protects web design work - If you're a web designer, you know how easy it would be for a client to steal your work when you show it to them, and run off without paying. Now, with WebLock Pro, you can lock your pages and they won't be able to get the source until they pay! Furthermore, you can even lock the code to your specific domain, and password protect it!

  • Eliminates PayPal Theft - If you sell anything through PayPal, you probably know that the "return" page, the one with the information that's only supposed to be seen after a purchase, can be found quite simply by viewing your page's source. WebLock Pro will automatically encrypt this as well, forcing people to buy from you instead of stealing!

  • Automatically increases your traffic - Most schools, businesses, and organizations use content-filtering software to block certain types of sites. Usually this software goes way overboard, however, and blocks millions of non-harmful sites to be on the safe side. Pages encrypted with WebLock Pro slip right through their protection, resulting in a lot more traffic! Do you really want to ignore customers from schools, businesses, and organizations?

  • 100% compatible with all web pages and browsers - You'll never have to worry about compatibility with WebLock Pro. Not only can it lock any web page, including HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, SSI, and much more, but it will also work on any JavaScript browser (over 99% of web browsers are now JavaScript enabled). And if the user doesn't have JavaScript or turns it off, they still won't be able to steal your code!

  • It's 100% Risk Free - It's so critical nowadays to secure your web site that I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't be happy with WebLock Pro. But nonetheless, if you try out WebLock Pro today and you discover that you aren't absolutely thrilled by it at any time within 30 days, I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked! You'll even be able to keep the bonuses as a way of me thanking you for your time!
Web site theft is one thing that can kill your internet business in seconds, or worse, prevent it from ever taking off. I've seen it happen way too many times and I know it's something that's not going to stop until people stop being lazy and actually take the time to protect their sites.

Capable of locking all of your site's source code so that thieves can't steal it, disabling right clicks, text selection, printing, caching and local viewing are just a few of WebLock Pro's features webmasters around the world are raving about!

WebLock Pro protects your source code so you don't have to trust every single visitor that comes to your web site!

If your web site doesn't get thousands of hits per day already, I'm sure you're eventually planning for something in that ballpark.

Thats thousands of strangers visitng your web site every day. Can you really trust every single one of them? All it takes is one thief and you're done for.

How safe would you feel if you gave thousands of strangers the keys to your house or your car? Leaving your site unlocked is like giving thousands of strangers the keys to your business. The code is right out there in the open.

Not only can a thief steal your source code, but he or she can also steal your affiliate commissions, hack your CGI scripts, and download your products without paying.

Now that WebLock Pro is available, however, you won't have to worry about that. You can finally protect yourself from web site theft on the Internet.

Net thieves are prowling the web and could be looking at your site next! You shouldn't have to ask yourself whether or not you should secure your web site. Make the decision to be safe TODAY and click here to try WebLock Pro 100% risk free! ! You'll never make a better decision!

It is awesome and thanks SO MUCH for sharing it with me. You have my stamp of approval...

Wow, Mike!

That has got the be the quickest and easiest one I have seen so far! ANYONE can do this one. I have a couple of others that work WELL but were rather confusing to use. That may be the drawback for a lot of people. Yours is so simple and I tested it on my software site and set it up for the whole deal, I could not print, save or anything once I uploaded that copy of my page! It is awesome and thanks SO MUCH for sharing it with me. You have my stamp of approval and I wish you TONS of sales!

Jan Tallent-Dandridge

WebLock Pro is shockingly simple and quick to use yet its power is mind-boggling!

WebLock Pro is a Microsoft Windows application that sits right on your desktop. You don't even have to install it. You just click the icon and select the files you want to lock. It's really very simple.

1. First, open the software.
2. Next, check the checkboxes you want for the additional security features available (disable right click, text selection, etc.)
3. Click "Lock File" and choose a file to lock.
4. WebLock Pro locks your file automatically in a matter of seconds!
5. Done! Your page is locked! Upload it to your server. (To see an example of a file locked in this manner, take a look at the source of this page right now)

WARNING! Don't trust any web site security system that doesn't meet the following criteria...

1. It must not claim or imply that your web site can be 100% safe - Anyone who tells you that your web site can be 100% safe from thieves is flat out lying. I could tell you this to get you to buy my product but I won't stoop that low. Although I am more than confident that WebLock Pro will exceed your expectations with its level of security (and I stand by my word with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee), there has never been a security system in the history of mankind that couldn't be broken. A burglar could still get into your house even if you lock it. But locking it sure helps prevent them!

2. The creator of the system must use it - I actually created WebLock Pro for my own use, so that I could stop people from stealing my own web sites. Only a few months later did I realize that other people might benefit from it as well. I'm using WebLock Pro on this page right now because I understand the value of web site security and I know how important a good solution is. That's why WebLock Pro is so much better than any of the other solutions out there: I trust it myself, and I care about it.

3. All of its features must work in all Java-Script enabled browsers - I know you don't have the time to test your encrypted page in every single possible browser to make sure it works. I've taken the time to do that for you so you can lock your page without worries after you purchase WebLock Pro! WebLock Pro even works with Netscape 4.7, notorious for being incompatible with web site encryption.

4. It must be compatible with all web pages - After you lock your page, it will look identical to your unlocked one in all ways except the source code will be hidden from view and encrypted! WebLock Pro even works with ASP, PHP, SSI, and other scripting languages. You will never have to sacrafice an element of your web site to make it work with WebLock Pro!

5. It must really work - It really depresses me to see people out there locking their pages with inadequate protection. Literally all of the other schemes out there that I've seen can be easily broken. In fact, to be 100% honest with you, I've never seen a solution out there that was anywhere near as secure as WebLock Pro. That's because I specifically found all th