The Tcl IRCd

The Tcl IRCd is an IRC server written in the Tcl language. The current version is not a complete implementation of the IRC protocol but should interoperate well with most IRC clients, and allows to register, change nick, create channels, talk on a public channel or in query and so on. The program is small, less than 500 lines of code, and was written in order to be very simple to modify/extend.

The goal of the Tcl IRCd is to provide a simple implementation of an IRC server available in Tcl (that's also the language used to script the eggdrop), immune to buffer overflows or other security problems not affecting dynamic languages like Tcl.
The Tcl IRCd is a fun project, but if I found some time I'll try to release new versions with more features.

Test it online
If you want to test it, please connect to using your IRC client and join #ircd.

Download and Install
The current version is 0.1a, download tclircd-0.1a.tar.gz.

This new version fixes many stability problems.
upgrade to 0.1a if you want to run it as a real server!.

To run it is trivial, you need Tcl 8.4 and the tclircd source tarball, where you will find the ircd.tcl file. Run it with just:
  $ tclsh ircd.tcl
For default it will run on port 6667. Edit the source and jump at the end of it to change the configuration.
The source code is under the BSD license

Looking for a Free Tcl Book? I'm writing a book about Tcl, currently there are nine chapters online for free and may be what you need to start with this great language. You can find it here.

The Tcl IRCd was developed for fun by antirez (also known as Salvatore Sanfilippo). More free software from the same author:
hping visitors phpinteractive (more free software in my home page).

Copyright (C) 2004 Salvatore Sanfilippo