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by Bax Atos Xore, FREN-Z Editor-in-Chief

Anyone can speak of necessity.

It is easy for me to say things like "We must create alternative art, and alternative culture, to defeat the dystopian nightmare we're living through."  I believe this statement to be true and I voice it to any sympathetic ear that I find.  All the same, advocating for a cultural movement is not the same thing as participating in a cultural movement.  Even though I was making content for various websites, I felt like I wasn't living my own advice.  Shitposting alone isn't going to win the culture war.  You might change a few minds, or even redpill a few normies, but in the end your posts 404 and you've done little to help your society.

I thought long and hard about my hypocrisy on these matters.  How could I sit around and let the world crumble?  I considered many courses of action, but there were some that needed to be ruled out right away.  I am willing to make sacrifices, but I have a family to provide for.  If I was to do anything extreme, the end result would be pain for my loved ones, with little to show for it.  If anything, acts of violence will only be used to justify further dystopian policies.  For this very reason, many frens suspect government involvement in the convenient tragedies for which our broad political faction is often blamed.  I refer to them as "convenient tragedies" because they always seem to happen shortly before election season, with plots packaged perfectly for normie media consumption.

So what is there to do for those of us who have something to lose?  Are we to cower and hope that the next thing taken from us won't be missed?  Are we resigned to offering our bellies to the enemy, in hopes that they won't cut too deep if we're holding still?  I can't abide such a pathetic existence, and neither should you.

Enter FREN-Z.  A magazine by frens, for frens.  The content here will not be perfectly uniform, nor do we have an official ideology we're endorsing at this time.  Two different articles in the same issue may contradict one another, either in whole or in part.  Opposing authors may be featured side-by-side.  We're not here to tell you some singular secret, or to promise that every word printed will hold up eternally in the face of time.  Instead, we're offering a desperately needed alternative to the garbage published by the ruling class.  Frens can make submissions to our magazine and have their voices heard without fear.  Frens can submit content under their real name, under a pseudonym, or anonymously.

FREN-Z seeks to allow for the discussion of ideas without censorship.  That is not to say that we're an "anything goes" publication, as we will not publish content we find morally objectionable, nor will we publish anything that we feel is against the best interests of frens in general.

Our name was chosen for several reasons.  First, it is pronounced "frenzy," which was no accident.  You should be in a frenzy.  Our society is run by a group of rich criminals.  The revelations of Jeffery Epstein's child rape island should be all the proof a person needs.  Look at his guest list: full of royalty, presidents, chart topping musicians, and movie stars.  Imagine what those people were doing there, on an island full of underage sex slaves.

Why aren't any of those people under investigation?  Why do normies continue to buy their latest albums?  Why do normies pay money to go see their films?  At a certain point, complacency of this nature is a soft endorsement of their sick, vile deeds.  It's especially confusing after the "Me Too" movement, and the normie obsession with preventing sex crimes.  Do these multimillionaires, billionaires, and trillionaires, all of whom seem to be involved in sex crimes, not posses more privilege than any other group alive?  How is it that the average, impoverished White person is more responsible for the sins of the world than these absolute monsters, many of whom are non-White?

Next, FREN-Z is short for "Fren-Zine," which, in and of itself, is short for "Fren Magazine."

The idea of a zine goes back to old-school punk culture, which, without the benefit of the Internet, often spread itself through low-budget magazines.  Punks would print and staple each issue by hand, often creating new content out of a pastiche of third-party content - an early example of what we now call "transformative use."  Many of us may have a disdain for contemporary "punks" and their "alternative culture," at least as it's presented by the media complex.  Perhaps certain elements of their movement have always been degenerated.  All the same, their methods worked wonders.  Without any budget, and with no central organization, they were able to permanently influence the cultural landscape.  Thus, we resurrect the mostly-dead zine format.  We have no budget.  We have no central distributor.  All we have are skills and goals, and that is surely enough.

Lastly, FREN-Z could be read as "frenz," or "frens" - a simple plural of "fren."  Or you could, perhaps, read it as "FREN Z," the last in an alphabetical sequence of frens.  We'd like to think that frens, in general, are the last true friends that our society has.  Frens are the last group of intellectually honest people.  By this reasoning, we don't mind these interpretations of our name.  Signs and symbols often carry many meanings, and ours are no different!

You don't have to throw your life away to make a difference in the war.  A big part of the action is ideological in the first place.  We've long lamented the total takeover of Globohomo and the cultural rot that has followed.  We've faced nearly a century of non-stop demoralization and degradation.  Our holy books have been defiled and twisted into new "interpretations."  Our cinema vilifies anyone who stands up against the madness.  If this is a war of impressions, then we have a message that we have to send, and it's a simple one: We're the good guys.


FREN-Z is reader supported.  We currently release each issue for free.  By donating, you help us create a higher quality magazine.  Your contribution can extend our reach and allow us to pay our staff/contributors in the future.  Together, we can defeat Globohomo.

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