COMINT/SIGINT: Government/military/Diplomatic Covert interception of Telecommunications (public and private). An article covering the many different techniques that covert government agencies and organisations use to intercept data from the Public Switched Telephone Network, aswell as microwave satelite link interception techniques. Project ECHELON operations etc. Written for f41th magazine, October 1999. comint.txt
A guide to British Telcom (BT) DACS. Digital Access Carrier System, line multiplexing units. Written for b4b0, October 1999. bt_dacs.txt
Meridian Mail Switches, DMS emulation and interception. mer-hack.txt
Defeating the CallerID system with simple but effective stealth. A guide to routing your call through the international PSTN the simple, but effective way. Describes some methods used to effectivly block the origin of your placed call, aswell as technical information on CLID transmission bursts. clid-cid.txt
Hacking meridian mail, ninja style. An introduction to some of the effective methods used to hack a meridian mail system, written from both an attack and defense perspective. mer-ninj.txt
a brief guide to the evolution of switching systems, from electromechanical switches to present day digital switches. - very brief. swtchhst.txt
brief article explaining different commands etc on the U.S Robotics NetServers which are becomming incresingly popular. These servers are an extreame sercutity risk to any network that uses them for network managment, they essentialy give whoever has administrator access _total_ control over its surrounding network netserve.txt
Government/Military Defense Telecommunications Systems. - a guide to some of the latest government and military communication systems such as the DSN and previous networks such as autodin. DoD Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN) autodin.txt
an introduction to 5ESS-2000 CDX/VCDX units (compact digital exchange units) - one of my articles on the 5ESS2ooo systems. 5esscomp.txt
a guide to the BT WB900 unit. - WB9OO is a system designed by BT to split a line into two carriers. This way two seperate BT customers can use the same line with privacy, in other words two seperate incoming/outgoing calls can be made on 1 subscriber loop similtaniously. wb900.txt
AT&T/Lucent 5ESS-2000 systems. - The 5ESS Switch is a most flexible digital exchange for use in the global switching network. Digital switches replaced earlier electromechanical and analog switching systems. The 5ESS equipment switches ISDN voice and data, local voice calls, long distance calls, Internet access, wireless PCS, Advanced Intelligent Network services, interactive video and multimedia services. 5ess2000.txt
CTI (Computer-Telephony-Integration) - CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration, the term covers a vast range of different technologys, from single user modem integration pacages to vast three-tier architectures for call-centres. 9x_cit.txt
guide to new digital telcoms - Switching Hierarchys, North American Digital Hierarchies, The Local Subscriber Loop and various other digitaly derived telcom info. 9x_dcom.txt
US Military and Government Telecommunication Networks. Since the begining of telecommunications, goverments around the world have always had their own secure voice and data networks. These secret networks have always served many purposes for government and military organistaions. A government phone network would be installed to serve as a *priority* phone system in order to give people with the appropriate authority to place SECURE PRIORITY voice and data calls accross the phone network.9x_gets.txt
guide to latitude meetingplace teleconferencing. - Meeting Place is a powerful teleconferencing system designed to accommodate up to 120 ports in any combination of simultaneous conference calls. 9x_lmpt.txt
guide to uk prefix assignments, including uk toll-free prefixes. - usefull for scanning, spunged from oftel. 9x_scntp.txt
guide to the switched route of an 8oo number via the means of SS7 network protocols. also information on DSAC (dial service admin center). 9x_swr8.txt
introduction to the digital phone network. - Analogue systems and techniques, Basic network structures, Basic exchange structures, centrex, FDM hierarchy, PCS services, signalling, SPC, trunking, ACD, ADSL, ATM, digital centrex, CCITT parts. 9x_tel.txt
ESS faith 'advisory' - 5ESS y2k complancy. heh. adbis1.txt
very brief guide to using audix voicemail systems (old) audix.txt
basic guide to CCS (Common Channel Signalling) and the SS7 network. bcss.txt
old file on a vulnerabilty in BT easyreach pagers. dc_btpag.txt
guide to ionica class services such as *43#. (old) dc_ionic.txt
introduction to line attenuation. - A transmission line can be considered as a conductor, or a group of conductors, with suitable insulating materials, whose function is to carry electronic information signals. dc_line.txt
lol - a very old file i wrote for darkcyde when it first started in 97 - brief guide to some administration box in a voicemail system. dc_sysad.txt
advanced guide to meridian mail administration, call routing etc via meridian adminstation tool (MAT) aswell as ESN analysis, and MIRAD built in conference loops. mm1admin.txt
a guide to different RBOCs - The US phone network is split into different areas that are controled by RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Comapnies). For example, if you live in Texas, your RBOC will be SouthWestern Bell. These LECs (Local Excahnge Carriers) and IXCs (Inter eXchange Carriers divide America into different call handeling sections. rboc-ixc.txt
brief introduction to sateleite communications and the intergration of the PSTN (public switched telephone network) - addition to a file written for faith magazine. satpstn.txt
a guide to the ShivaLanRover networking platform, ppp connections, dialout modems etc, system configuration. shiva.txt
a guide to the SS7 telephony protocol - Signaling System 7 is a means by which elements of the telephone network exchange information. Information is conveyed in the form of messages. ss7.txt
an introductory guide to phreaking in the uk, one of my earlier files, for darkcyde and 9x, specifically aimed at uk dudes. ukphreak.txt
Initial version of random/sequential carrier scanner in bash, requires pppd/chat. Implements SRegister 11 (DTMF Speed Control) with a random pattern between 50 - 255 milliseconds + Generates random pauses between dialing a different number. The robust version (final) will be in the next issue of f41th magazine, this is simply the initial idea, I do not recommend it for use
UK PSTN/Trunking Primer. The Local Distribution Network, UK PSTN Node Hierarchy, The UK Trunk Network, PCM. April 2001. f41th/
systemx test access connection. added feb2000. an article about the systemx remote test access sub-system network used to remotely test subscribers lines, including exchange type definition and recognition, monitoring trunks. MML language exchange access, systemx test network overview.tacs.txt