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Including: Hacking, Phreaking, Anarchy, Carding, Pirate radio, drugs, Cults, Secret technology, UFO's and the search to find the truth behind government cover-ups, plus just about anything else that is in the same class as any of the above.

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A-S Magazine, set-up in April 1998 and released it's first issue on the 26th of that same month. Bringing a revolution to the "Ezine" community : A magazine that covered ALL underground topics, not just specialising in any one field. Within a month we had our first 40 subscribers and to our initial amazement signed on HNC as a major distributor site.......they went on to become our sponsor site and Armageddon later become staff with the group.

As the name sugests, our objective is to cover topics that the general public see as largely "Anti-Social." Such topics include, but are not limited to : System Security, Phreaking, demo coding, rave music, hacking, games/music piracy, News from all arenas of the underground, Pirate radio and lots more!

We aim to be a magazine, instead of a technical journal, though we do cover many technical articles in each issue. For it is our belief that it's not just the hardcore-members of the underground scenes that want to keep up to speed with news in their scenes and what other groups are up to, but also many others around the world who are interested to whatever level in learning about things which relate to the underground. Again it's worth noting that we are NOT a magazine that bases it's efforts on showing its readers how to break the law, but more aimed at explaining the technology that relates to scenes in the underground - if individuals wish to exploit that knowledge, that is their own responsibility, we simply show them how it works and how to make things work differently.

Unlike with commercial Magazines, A-S offers its readers the chance to get their name/handle in the lime light by publishing any articles sent in (assuming they live up to our quality and subject matter standards). As a magazine, we are also willing to publish articles that seem more to do with someones opinion, then fact. We do this because it is this sort of article that allows other scene members to keep in touch with what the rest of the scene is thinking about certain things.

Today Anti-Social is read by approx. 35,000 readers every month. Via a network of over 30 web sites, plus a number of BBS around the world. From Harvard University, to the tax office(s) in Austraila. Anti-Social is enjoyed by a vast community.....


As we continue to grow, more and more organisations have been requesting press packs so that they can quickly get access to all the information about A-S that media organisations require, to name just one reason. So in order to make life easier, we now offer this online press pack, which you can download and read using any web browser, offline, if you want a more perminant copy.

The Introduction :
Anti-Social have been in existance for over a 1.5 years and in that time have taken the magazine from its birth, back in April 1998. To it's current existance as one of the most read underground magazines in the world.

Distributed from over 30 Web sites/BBS/FTP around the globe and carrying several thousand subscribers. Anti-Social estimates that the magazine is read by 35,000 people per month (allowing for a month delay for each new issue due to the time it actually takes to get uploaded to the distributor sites etc.). From just two of its major distribution sites alone, it's logged to recieve over 700 downloads a day.

As the magazine moves on to ever larger things, we've found ourselves getting offers from organisations with vast financial backing, to take the magazine hard copy and sell it around the world. Not to mention selected as the official magazine of Data-Con 2000. Quite clearly, we've made a big impact on the underground community.

The Anti-Social Philosophy :
Our objective is to present the underground community at large with a magazine that covers ALL the scenes of the underground - and if we don't already cover it, to support anything sent in or requested for the scene in question. From system security/hacking --> Aliens, we cover it all!

It is because of our diversaty that we can not go into any scene in immense detail, so those who are looking for a "Technical Journal" simply won't find one here. We're happy to publish anything, as technical as it can get, but this is not our main objective with the magazine. Our mission statement is to produce a magazine that those who are already involved in an underground scene will enjoy and those who want to get into a scene or are just interested in a scene will fall in love with, while at the same time maximising our distribution/number of readers.

The number of sites and BBS that already host A-S Mag and the number of downloads those sites record, seems to suggest that we're doing our job correctly. As we're a completly free magazine, we depend on articles from our readers to continue production, if we weren't doing our job - there wouldn't be a magazine to release.

The Interface :
Anti-Social is almost unique in that, instead of using the very common "Text files grouped by compression". Each issue we release comes in the format of a zipped .DAT file, readable by using the A-S viewing files.

This approach to the magazine's interface allows readers to have a very functional menu system to access articles that interest them, but also means that the "lost file" effect never occurs on your hard drive. No longer will you be left with Issue No. X Articles 1-10, 12-20 but no idea where article 11 is or whether it's been deleted. Such a method also offers authors, limited copyright potection. As the .DAT is not as simple to tamper with as a standard .TXT file. However, although it is possible for the magazine to have it's files tampered with to some degree. What does make it tedious to someone wanting to change credits or similar, is the ability to change the text and then extract the entire article from the magazine to distribute seperatily (claiming they wrote it or other things to similar effect). Thus writers have better assurance that they won't see their work ripped of in other publications or on web sites with no changes to the file other than the auther's handle.

The Future of A-S :
A-S Magazine staff made their first group apperance in public at DNS-CON #2 (August 1999), where Armageddon was staff. We plan to be at Catastraphy later this year and then we should be back again in the summer of 2000 at DNS-CON #3. However, we have A LOT planned between now and then.

For starters as soon as the person responsible for recording the lectures at DNS-CON #2 can be tracked down, we plan to release our first CD, "A-S Mag LIVE @ DNS-CON". Which will include interviews, lectures and numerous other things that will give a real feel as to what the convention was like and hopefully convince more people to show up for number 3. With any luck, this CD should be released around December and is already in such demand that we've had to start a "Reserve yours" mailing list so we can inform everyone who wants it as soon as it's released.

So keep your eyes peeled for this release around December/Early New Year.

We have numerous readers who use Linux as their main OS. However, it is some what tedious for them to keep using an emulator every time they want to read A-S Mag. For this reason, we'll soon be releaseing a whole new viewer, just for them!

As well as all this, Anti-Social are the official UK promoters for the system security confrence DATA-CON. Which will be held mid-summer next year.

So it's been a pretty packed out year for us so far, and it doesn't look like the espansion will ever stop with Anti-Social as we're still in talks with other convention/confrence organisers about becoming an official promoter for their event. As we can offer such large scale distribution, it is almost certain that we'll be promoteing at least two more confrences next year.

Position Contact E-mail ICQ
Editor Armaggedon 11729112
Assitant Editor Neurosplicer 8278709
Assistant Editor Loki 7704875
Programmer Crashd 7538027
If you wish to contact any of the staff at any time, for any reason, then please feel free to using the details given below.

In the event that you aren't familar with Anti-Social Magazine, please read the information about each staff member to assure your emailing the correct person for what you have to ask/request. Most staff will get a reply to you within 24 hours of it being sent, but obviously we can't garentee this to always be the case.

                       Editor : Armageddon
     Assistant Editor : NeuroSplicer
     Assistant Editor : Loki
      Windows Coder : Crashd
            Linux Coder : [Phil]
     Promo Designer : Tefx
Graphics Designer : The Croc

ARMAGEDDON :Founder of A-S Magazine, developing the idea for such a magazine in a very basic study facility with Neurosplicer.
Geddon got into the world of computing at a very young age, starting with the oh-so-unpowerful, Spectrum ZX. He got into the world of system security in late 1993 and is now baseing his efforts towards moving deeper into this field.
As you can tell from the picture, Armageddon is also an up and coming happy hardcore DJ, though has no real ambition to take it pro. Currently working on numerous projects, from the role of co-organiser of Data-Con to producing 2 internet radio shows that will be launching soon.
Email :
(+44) 0797-033-2378
Pager :
(+44) 01523-787-007

NEUROSPLICER :Co-Founder of A-S Magazine, Neuro is the magazines resident specialist in all things Alien, UFO and Physics based.
If you have any theories that involve Physics, especially FTL related, then Neuro is the person you want to talk to. Currently studying Physics at Manchester University, the man is quite simply obsessed with the subject! In the early days of A-S he was also responsible for makeing sure subscribers all arrived on our mailing lists, a task that might seem simple but when you consider we were getting around 20+ subscribers every week, you can imagine what it was like trying to keep it all organised.
Email : NeuroSplicer

LOKI :Our assistant editor that seems to be on a bit of a holiday at the moment. If you see him though, make sure you say hello.
Loki joined the team around issue 10, shortly after the magazine had declared itself "Established". Taken on after sending in several good articles and showing that he had dedication towards what Anti-Social were trying to create. He proved that although A-S almost exclusivly works on an "invite only" system, anyone could get in if they put in the time and dedication. we were getting around 20+ subscribers every week, you can imagine what it was like trying to keep it all organised.
Email :

CRASHD :Joined the team just before issue 14 released. Since then has contributed several intro programs, a Anti-Social text editoe which we have yet to release (but probablly will do one day, you never know) and is currently working on the Windows version of the new Anti-Social Magazine viewer, though we have several beta's for it. The final version is not yet fully complete and is still haveing bugs ironed out of it.....why do you think he uses the handle "Crashd". If your interested in helping out on the development of the Windows viewer for A-S Magazine, then this is the man you want to get in contact with.
Email :

[Phil] :Our resident Linux obsessed humanoid. Currently working on the Anti-Social Magazine, Linux Viewer which should be finished very soon. The only A-S staff member to not bother with the tradition of a handle, he instead goes by the oh-so-dareing use of his real name instead. He's been with A-S just as long as Tefx and almost as long as Crashd and like the rest of the staff is a regular on the groups IRC channel, #as-mag on Undernet. So if you have anything Linux based that you want to ask about or discuss, you can either email him or come on IRC and see if he's around.
Email :

TEFX :took apart his first phone age 3 , and has been dismantiling things ever since. Apart from the problems a twisted and corrupt mind has, he has no
problems being a socially retarded person, wasting his life away on IRC, watching 4Later and obscure animations. You will probably find him idling away on IRC saying heh or bah. Don't expect inteligeble typing or answers from him.
Email :

The Croc :The latest edition to the A-S Magazine staff, The Croc is a graphics designer for A-S Magazine who's work you'll see from A-S19 onwards
He joined the team after sending us a vast amount of top quality samples of his work and is now involved in createing many of the graphics that our readers will spend a lot of their time looking at while reading through the pages of Anti-Social. In the near future we'll have some samples of Croc's work up on the site, but until then you'll have to just wait until issue 19 of A-S Magazine is released!
Email :

Anti-Social Magazine Viewer

DOS executables which are required to view the magazine's DAT files to enjoy the magazine.  Use DOSBox on a Linux system.

You need to download the correct viewer for the issue you've downloaded, Issues 1-18 use the DOS viewer, found on our web site as  Issues 19+ will use the new Win32 viewer which is available from our web site as [X = the number of the version for the Win32, starting with  Later versions might be released in the months to come.]

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