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UNIX(r) System V Release 4.0 (well)

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login: dono
Password: fucknmc
Last login: Sat Feb  4 22:26:33 from
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**such as Eudora or Sweeper to login, then type   extract news 1706 100 

**Type   !extract news 867 18

You have mail.
well% neg
neg: Command not found
well% newgrp -hack root
# ./zap2 dono
# ./zap2 dono
# ls
(biod)              foo.gz              mbox.Z              solsniff.c
(nfsd)              foosh               mconnect.c          ss.c
0108.gz             fooshtool           netshit             sss
1022csn.tar.Z       hc11                newoki.tar.Z        sum
4004                ho.lck              neword.out.Z        sunsniffer.c
News                ifj.c.gz.crypt      nfs.tar.gz          syscheck
a68hx.tar.Z         in.telnetd          ns.c                tapelog.out.Z
aa                  inetd               nw.tar.Z            tcpd.tar.Z
aliases.pag         inmet               o.tar.Z             tcpd.tar.gz.crypt
athole.txt          inn                 okitsu.tar.Z        time
btraq.tar.gz        inn.resu            oldctek.tar.Z       unxor.c              inter.arc           oldnw.tar.Z         vsr.gz.crypt
c.c                 itool               out.gz              wietse
c68ha.tar.Z         kermit              passwd              z
c68hs.tar.Z            passwdrace          zap
c68hx.tar.Z         kocher.tar.Z        portd.c             zap.c
c68ka.tar.Z         lile                pres                zap2
cards.gz            log1                pw-backup.23.tar.Z  zap2.c
cloak               log2                satan.tar.Z
cloak.c             mail.tar            sendmail.tar.Z
cust.out.Z          marty.tar.gz.crypt  sgstuff.gz          zipstuff.tar.Z
eye.tar.gz          master.passwd       sniffer.c.gz
f.c                 mbox                solsniff
# cd itool
# ls
c68hv.tar.Z    hc11f.tar.Z    mikem.tar.Z
cosmic.tar.Z   hc11new.tar.Z  wsl.tar.Z
# ls^C
#  ..
cd..: cannot execute
# *.out*
*.out*: does not exist
# ls *.out.Z
*.out.Z: No such file or directory
# pwd
# cd ..
# cd
# ls *.out*
cust.out.Z     neword.out.Z   tapelog.out.Z
# cd
# cd /home/j/l/jlittman
# ls
ldead.letter  mbox
# ls -tla
total 1658
-rw-------   1 jlittman well      391829 Feb  3 08:11 .inbox
-rw-------   1 jlittman well      431576 Feb  3 08:11 mbox
drwxr-xr-x   2 jlittman well         512 Feb  2 14:05 .
-rw-r--r--   1 jlittman well           0 Jan 26 18:02 .news_time
-rw-------   1 jlittman well          26 Jan  4 21:46 .sh_history
-rw-------   1 jlittman well         755 Dec 20 10:48 dead.letter
drwxr-sr-x  32 root     sys          512 Nov 30 11:34 ..
-rw-------   1 jlittman well         191 Oct 31 12:23 .bash_history
# ^D
well% ^D