$2600 Vol. 10, No. 4 - Staff
Editor-in-Chief:Emmanuel Goldstein
Office Manager:Tampruf
Artwork:Holly Kaufman Spruch
WritersBillSF, Blue Whale, Eric Corley, Count Zero, John Drake, Paul Estev, Mr. French, Bob Hardy, Inhuman, Knight Lightning, Kevin Mitnick, The Plague, Marshall Plann, Peter Rabbit, David Ruderman, Bernie S., Silent Switchman, Scott Skinner, Mr. Upsetter, Dr. Williams, and one who waits.
Technical Expertise:Rop Gonggrijp, Phiber Optik, Geo C. Tilyou
Shout Outs:Robert Steele, Len Rose, Wiley

"At this time, the Secret Service has no reason to believe that the suspect(s) in its investigation, or the plaintiff in this case, are aware of the nature of the Secret Service's investigation, who is under investigation by the Secret Service, what information is in the possession of the Secret Service, or who has provided information to the Secret Service in regard to this matter."

    --- Secret Service affidavit responding to CPSR Freedom of Information Act request concerning the breakup of the November 1992 Washington D.C. 2600 Meeting