The first year of 2600 in our very primitive 8.5x11 loose-leaf format. =

AHOY! - 2600 Debuts
FBI Goes After ADS Hackers
The Truth Behind Those 9999 Numbers
White House Phone List
Hacking on Telenet
ESS: Orwell's Prophecy
Some Thoughts on "Garbage Picking"
Country Codes & City Code Formats
The Constitution of a Hacker
Alternate Long Distance - A Guide to MCI
The First Atomic Bomb
Whose Strike Was That Anyway?
The Trouble with Telemail
A True Saga of Teleconferencing
MCI Access Numbers
Old Phone Book Ads
The Simple Pleasures of a Step Office
IBM's Audio Distribution Systems Sure Can Be Fun!
The Woes of Having a Small-time Rural Phone Company
Defense Data Network
Easylink Numbers
Arpanet Hopping: America's Newest Pastime
Electronic Switching Advances
The Dark and Tragic Side of the Great Break-up
E-Com Dialups
New York Telephone Letter of Doom
"Look Out, He's Got a Computer!"
MCI Mail: The Adventure Continues
Introducing the Clear Box!
TRW: Big Business is Watching You
But How Does It Work?
Privacy Lost
Be Nice To Your Telco
CN/A List
The Hacker's Guide To An Area Code
History of British Phreaking
More on Trashing
A Friend in High Places
IBM ADS Directory
Getting Caught: Hacker's View
Vital Ingredients: Switching Centers and Operators
Contacting the Gestapo
Exploring Caves in Travelnet
Fun With Fortress Fones
Carrier Identification Codes
MCI Mail Targets 2600
A Time for Reflection
MCI Mail and Easylink Updates
The Scariest Number in the World
Subscriber Comments
Electronic Mail Systems
Dial-it Numbers


Our second year, half in 8.5x11 format and half in 11x17 folded = loose-leaf style as=20 we slowly began to expand.

Those Horrible Hackers Strike Again
Wiretapping and Divestiture: A Lineman Speaks Out
A Guide To Some Popular Operating Systems
BITnet Topology
The Theory of Blue Boxing
Trashing Alaska Style
Surveying the COSMOS
2600 Bulletin Board Online
Acronym List
What a White Box Can Do
A Phone Phreak Scores
Hacking Packard
Hosts by Location
Nazi BBS a Challenge To Hackers
Are You a Phreak???
How To Get Into a C.O.
Interesting Phone Numbers
How To Use the Dial Telephone
CN/A Numbers
The Cipher Disk
People Express To Be Hacked To Pieces
How To Run a Successful Teleconference
Alliance Teleconferencing
Inmate Payphone Ad
A Guide to the Israeli Phone System
Sherwood Forest Shut Down by Secret Service
Some Words on Hacker Morality
Review: Out of the Inner Circle
800 Prefix List
Sherwood Forest: Intro to Hacking
Interesting Things To Do on a DEC-20
Banking From Your Terminal - A Look at PRONTO
Milnet TAC Dialups
2600 Bulletin Board Seized in Raid on Hackers
The Threat To Us All
Moving Satellites... What Was Really Going On?
Why Computers Get Snatched
Some Important Questions To Ask
How Can Sysops Protect Themselves
A Guide To VMS
The Infinity Transmitter - An Old Bug
Reaching Out on Your Own
Pursuit For People
Telenet Directory
And They Call US Crooks?
An Interesting Diversion
More Info on VMS
Blue Box Plans
The New AT&T Hostagephone System
RSTS: A Trick or Two
Here's The Secret!
The History of ESS
Equal Access May Not Be "Equal" To Modems
Test Numbers
The Early Phreak Days
Our Wishes For '86 And Beyond
Survey Results
More Than 1500 BBS Numbers


Our final year in the old loose-leaf format.

Private Sector Returning
Divestiture: What Happened?
Blue Box Programs
VMS - The Series Continues
It Could Happen To You!
Dial Back Security
Interesting Phone Numbers
An Overview of AUTOVON and Silver Boxes
An American Express Phone Story
Final Words on VMS
Telepub '86
RSTS For Beginners
Mobile Phones - Theory & Construction
A Story of Eavesdropping
Exploits in Operator Hell
The Computel Scoop
AUTOVON Translations
Boxing on ITT
Computer Crime Review
How To Hack a Pick
Review: The Computer Underground
Special AT&T Services
Resources Guide
Violating a Vax
The Free Phones of Philly
Country Codes
Knowing UNIX
A Trip To England
Carrier Access Codes
NPA Exchange Count
Some Facts on Supervision
RCI & DMS-100 Bugs
Another Stinger is Stung
Interesting Numbers of Winnipeg
Death of a Pay Phone
Trashing: America's Source for Information
Interesting London Numbers
Ancient Bell Labs Advertisement
ICN - More Than a Bargain
Mastering the Networks
British BBS Numbers
Wrath of God Strikes 2600
Cellular Telephones - How They Work
Things We're Not Supposed To Know About
Net Mail Sites

Our first year as a bound periodical. This was the only year that we had = this format=20 and came out every month. After nearly going broke and being extremely = overworked,=20 we decided to increase the size and come out quarterly beginning in = 1988.

TAP: The Legend is Dead
VMS Hacking
Telecom Informer
Illegal Megahertz
Phone News
Hugo Cornwall Interview
Nasty Business
New Developments
The Ballad of Captain Crunch
A Guide to Equal Access
The Wonderful World of COSMOS
Computel Put to Sleep
Hacking PC Pursuit
CN/A List
Goings On
More Vax Tricks
The Meaning of CLASS
Phoning From Europe
Telenet Guide
Fax Machines
Review: Duophone CPA-1000
Allnet Horrors
Pager Tricks
TSPS Guide
Cellular Fraud
How Phreaks are Caught
New York Telephone Exposed
Saudi Arabian BBS's
Summer Games of '87
TRW Credentials
Phone Numbers
FBI Revealed
Capturing Passwords
AT&T Submarine Map
A Hacker Survey
Worldnet is Coming
Operating With Difficulty
English Dial-it Service
Review: CO Magazine
BBS Update
New York's IMAS
Telco's Response
NUA List
South African BBS's
Those Silly Codes
Contest Results
2600 Bulletin Boards
IBM's VM/CMS System
Social Security Prefixes
Listening In
Important News
Social Interaction
Roman Hacking
Long Distance Horror Tales

Spring 1988

Monitoring Phone Calls
More on VM/CMS
Weathertrak Codes
The Hacker Threat
Private Sector Scam Revisited
A ROLM Catastrophe
AT&T/BOC Routing Codes

Summer 1988

Allnet's Legal Problems
A Solution To Viruses
How To Write a Virus
Building a Red Box
Reply To Captain Zap
Fun Phone Numbers

Fall 1988

Outside Loop Info
Cellular Phones
Who Was Strowger?
Communications Update
A Map of the 516 NPA
Red Box Program
Canadian Numbers

Winter 1988

The Internet Worm Story
MCI Ripping Off Customers
Hacker's Guide to UNIX
Overhearing Phone Calls
Soviet Operators
Chaos Computer Club
Hardwiring Free Calls
Review: Tune In On Phone Calls

Spring 1989

Hackers in Jail
The Wonders of UNIX
800 & 900 Exchanges
Payphones Explained
News From Around

Summer 1989

A Guide to PRIMOS
201 Exchange List
Scanning For Calls
Tips on Trashing
A Sprint Story
Spanish Phones
A Summer Worm
Reviews: Pirate Radio Directory, The New "Tap"

Fall 1989

The NYNEX Strike
Grade "A" Hacking
Galactic Hacker Party
British Telecom's Guilty Conscience
The Death of COSMOS?
What's Going On
The Secrets of 4TEL
GTE Horrors
Voice Mail Hacking
Punching Payphones
Useful Frequencies
Carrier Access Codes

Winter 1989

The AT&T Story
Our Ever-Changing World
NYNEX Central Office Data
PRIMOS, Part Two
Building a Silver Box
Area Code/Exchange Count
UAPC Update

Spring 1990

For Your Protection
Facts About MIZAR
How Blue Boxers Are Caught
Build a Touch Tone Decoder
Listening In Via VHF
News Update
The 911 Document
Fun at the 2600 Meeting
DNIC Codes
The 707 Area Code
Review: The Cuckoo's Egg

Summer 1990

A Bittersweet Victory
The Neidorf/Phrack Trial
An Interview With Craig Neidorf
What is the EFF?
Negative Feedback
PRIMOS Conclusion
News Update

Fall 1990

Caller ID
Network 2000 Saga (cont.)
Dorothy Denning Interview
Things You Shouldn't Know
Defeating Trap Tracing
Tone Dialer Conversion
Build a Telephone Induction Coil
The Definitive ANAC Guide
Credit Card Algorithm
Facts and Rumors

Winter 1990

A Political Hacking Scandal
The Hacker Reading List
Central Office Operations
More Leaked Documents
1-900-STOPPER: Anatomy of a Rip-off
Winning Reader Entry
The Word in the Street

Spring 1991

An Atari Virus
The Terminus of Len Rose
Soviet BBS List
What's Up?
UNIX Password Hacker
Looking Up IBM Passwords
Internet Outdials
The New LEC Order

Summer 1991

Where Have All The Hackers Gone?
Magnetic Stripes
Epitaph For NYNEX Business Centers
Hacker News
Building a Tone Tracer
Inspect Implementation
More on the CLASS Struggle
Some New Frequencies
Review: Cyberpunk
Tymnet PCP Outdials
Prisoner Update

Fall 1991

Why Won't They Listen?
Simplex Locks: Illusion of Security
Dutch Hacker Intrusion
Protecting Your SSN
COCOT Numbers
Postal Hacking
Psychology in the Hacker World
Another Dialer Converted
Useful UNIX Programs

Winter 1991

Sentry Security
Important News
Crypt() Source
Birth of a Low Tech Hacker
Mobile Frequencies
Simplex/USPS Update
Postnet Programs
Class Features
COCOT Corner
An Appeal For Help
Gulf War Printer Virus
Major Telco Privacy Hole
Monitoring Devices
Human Database Centers

Spring 1992

MS-DOS Virus
Batch Virus
Virus Scanners Revealed
Hacking WWIV
Using a Silver Box
Fun Frequencies
UNIX Password Hacker
How To Take Apart a Payphone
The Australian Phone System
Catching Peepers
Review: Steve Jackson's "Hacker"
Simplex Locations
News Updates
Interesting Numbers

Summer 1992

Portable Hacking
Hitchhiker's Guide To Boxing
Demon Dialer Review
Defeating *69
The View of a Fed
Review: Devouring Fungus
Voice Mail Hacking

Fall 1992

Hacking AmiExpress
Defeating Callback Verification
Shopper's Guide to COCOTs
Review: Sneakers
A Simple C Virus
Review: The Hacker Crackdown
Hacking on the Front Line
Using the Dial Telephone
Getting Started
Toll Fraud

Winter 1992

Hackers in a World of Malls
Cipher Fun
Beginner's Guide to Minitel
Vehicle Identification Numbers
Secret Service Sites
Letter From Prison
Growth of a Low Tech Hacker
High Tech Happenings
Toll Fraud of the Past
AT&T Office List
More Telco Leaks
Review: Speach Thing

Spring 1993

Cellular Magic
Trouble in the White House
Beige Box Construction
Descrambling Cable
Secret Service on Trial
A Study of Hackers
Getting Your File
British News

Summer 1993

A Guide to the 5ESS
British Credit Holes
High School Hacking
DTMF Decoder Review
Meeting Advice
More Acronyms
AT&T's Pages
Video Review: Commonwealth Films
Toll Fraud Device

Fall 1993

Hacking at the End of the Universe
The Wheel Cipher
True Colors
Caller ID Technicalities
Congressional Wake-up Calls
UNIX Openings
Hacking Honesty Tests
Password Cracking Software
Changing Your Grades
Overview of DSS1
Book Review: Approaching Zero
Protecting Your Virus
More Cellular Fun
The Last of the Acronym List

Winter 1993

Hackers in Jail, Part Two
Cellular Phone Biopsy
Elementary Switching
Hacking Smartphone
High School Mac Hack
Hacking Computer Shows
NYNEX Voice Mail
The Magical Tone Box
Passageways to the Internet
More Meeting Advice
Book Review: Virtual Reality
Digital Locks
News Roundup

Spring 1994

Crime Waves
Build a DTMF Decoder
Hacking Health
Software Piracy
Cable Denial
Cellular Telephone Experimenters Review
Facts on FOIA
Blue Boxing - CCITT System #5
A Gift From Hallmark
Scary News
Michigan Access
Book Reviews: Secrets of a Superhacker, UNIX Security
British Trojan
The Chrome Box

Summer 1994

Hackers On Planet Earth
Life Under GTD5
The Joys of Voice Mail
Finger Follies
Cordless Fun
Admins Without a Clue
Hacking Prodigy
Hacking the Small Stuff
DTMF Decoder
Monitoring Keystrokes
Detecting Corporate Leaks

Fall 1994

Opening Doors
Monitoring U.S. Mail
Irish Telephones
The Ghost Board
Hacking Netcash
Welcome to Mel
Generating an ESN
The Ten Dollar Red Box
How To Listen In
Living on the Front Line
News Items
Breaking Windows
Internet World Guide
Software Review: The Supervisor Series for VMS

Winter 1994

Bypassing Protec
More Key Capturing
Digital Telephony Passes
The Risks of War Dialing
Cellular Hardware & Electronics
Australian Update
VT Hacking
Janitor Privileges
Net Surfing Techniques
News Update
Reviews: Network Security, Unauthorized

Spring 1995

The World vs. Kevin Mitnick
The Gold Card
Facts On ATM Camera Security
Cellular Interception Techniques
Hacking in Brazil
Hacking Tandy
500 Exchange Guide
Pager Major
Review: Masters of Deception
Assorted News
Leaking Cables

Summer 1995

The Bernie S. Saga
New Antiviral Technologies
The Gender Snooper
ATM Tricks
Citibank ATM Fun
Day of the Hacker
Hacking AS/400
Radio Reviews
War Dialing
Coping With Cable Denial 2
News Items
NPA List

Fall 1995

No More Secrets
Stealth Trojans
Military Madness
T-Shirt Follies
Macintosh Key Capturing
Just Say No
COCOT Experimenter's Resource Guide
Mutation Engine Demystified
ISDN Overview
DTMF Decoder Review
Hacking Interrogation
Breaking Windows 2
Movie Reviews: The Net, Hackers

Winter 1995

Speech Control
What Happens on the AT&T Side
News Update
A Spoofing Odyssey
Infiltrating Disney
Sniffing Ethernet
Bypassing DOS/Windows Security
Understanding Verifone Machines
Pakistani Phones
.com File Infector
Understanding the Hacker
Scanning Space
AOL Syndrome
Hacking Netware
Fugitive Game, Takedown Review

Spring 1996

Caught in the Web
Tap Alert
A Page of Revenge
Unshredding the Evidence
Confessions of a Beige Boxer
Macs at Ease
Sharp Cash Trix
Hacking Doors
Hacking Caller ID Boxes
The Alaskan Phone System
Avoiding Suspicion
Motorola Cellular Guide
Hackers '95 Review

Summer 1996

Guided Perceptions
Flood Warning
Scanning Australia
Imaginary Friends
A Tale of Two Cities
How To Create Encryption
Secret Codes
Consumer Hazards
Flightlink Fun
NYNEX Regression
Starting a Hacker Scene
And Justice For All

Fall 1996

Searches and Arrests
Hacking the SCC OS
Security Through the Mouse
Brazilian Phone System
Dial Pulser
GI CFT2200 Power Box
GTE Voice Prompts
HP LX200
Maximum WOW!
Hack Your High School
Federal BBS's
Hacking the SR1000 PBX
Building the Cheese Box
Spoofing Cellular Service
Reprogramming Data
The Weird World of AOL
PHF Exploit

Winter 1996

Knowledge is Strength
Toward More Secrets
Backcountry Phones
Chipcards Explained
Biggest Mac Mistakes
Craft Access Terminal
Cracking AskSam
Snooping Via MS-Mail
Subscriber Network Interfaces
Unfriendly Numbers
How To Steal Things
Social Engineering Via Video
Defeating the W95 Screensaver
Anarchy Online Review

Spring 1997

Enough is Enough
Hacking LED Signs
Use Your Skills to Escape Boot Camp
Poor Man's Access
Consequences of .gov/.mil Hacking
More PHF Fun
Credit Card Numbers Via Calculators
Paper Evidence
Cellular Programming Data
Downsizing Insurance
How To Hack Tech Support
Letter From Prison
The Other Kevin Book
How To Legally Use a Red Box

Summer 1997

The Neverending Story
Cablemodem Security Holes
GSM Comes to North America
The Wonders of Net2Phone
Those Pesky Mylar Strips
Fortezza: The Next Clipper?
Fast Food Phun
Tricks and Treats of the Autovon
Omnipoint in New York City
Defeating HTTP Access Control
The Ins and Outs of Metrocard Gold
News Summary

Fall 1997

Sobering Facts
How To Get Busted by the Feds
Hacking Fedex
Defeating *67 With Omnipoint
How To Be a Real Dick on IRC
Brute Forcing the World
Hacking the Vote
The EZPass System
News Summary
Secrets of Walmart

Winter 1997

Remember the Future
Your Very Own Backhoe
The Medical Information Bureau
Some 800-555 Fun
TCP/IP Basics and Shortcomings
The Ominous GETS
The Potential of Mobil Speedpass
Telco/Government Cooperation
How To Get Away With Things on Geocities
The Argentinian Phone System
How To Hack a Virtual Pet
Spying on Yahoo
Hack Your Head
Noggin Cracking
Sun's Nasty Little List

Spring 1998

Message Sent
The Defense Switched Network
More on Military Phones
The Mysteries of SIPRnet
ANI2 - The Adventure Continues
Naming Exchanges
Hack the Hardware
Day of the Office Assault
Defeating Cyberpatrol
CGI Flaws
A Brief History of Postal Hacking
Hacking a BBS with DOS
How To Get the Better of Best Buy
Setting Up UNIX Trapdoors
News Update

Summer 1998

Where Long Distance Charges Come From
Facts About Cablemodems
What is ICA?
A Newbie Guide to NT4.0
Build a Modem Diverter
The Tyranny of Project LUCID
Hacking Lasertag
Fun With Java
Millenium Payphones
How To Hack Your ISP
Gameguru Hacking
Fingerpainting at the Precinct
Inter-tel Phone Systems
Security Through "Secure"
Tips on Generating Fake ID
More on DSN

Fall 1998

Homemade TCP Packets
Socket Programming
Blasting Sound
Back Orifice Tutorial
How To Probe A Remote Network
Hack Your Console
Cushioned Encryption and Deniability
The Backyard Phreaker
Expanding Caller ID Storage
CLLI Codes Explained
Hacking Resnet
Screwing With Blockbuster
Screwing With Moviefone
Screwing With Radio Shack & Compaq
Trunking Communications Monitoring
More on SIPRnet

Winter 1998

The Victor Spoiled
A Touch Memory Primer
The Facts of SSN
Samba: Lion King or Software Suite?
Copper Pair Color Coding
A Security Hole at S-CWIS
Pocket Connectivity for Frugal Hackers
Fun With Netware
Become a Radio Ninja
Cable Modem Security
How To Handle the Media
800-555 Carriers
Why Anonymous Phone Cards Aren't
The Cryptography of Today
Hacking the Atcom Cyberbooth
Le Firewall
Midwestern Beige
How To Hide From Netscape

Spring 1999

The Big Time
Tracking Your Vehicles with AVI & ETTM
Cracking the Time-Banc System
A Retail Target
Wreaking Havoc with Netbus
More Socket Programming for Fun/Profit
Internet Peering
Fun with Tripwire
A Hacker's Guide to Getting Busted
An Overview of SS7
Network Scanning with NMAP
News Update
Hacking a Sony Playstation

Summer 1999

A Culmination of Efforts
Securing Your Linux Box
More on SIPRNet
Hacking AS/400
Fun at Costco
Brute Forcing Tracer
Broad Band via the Earth
Secrets of Copy Protection
How Parents Spy on Their Children
The Future of IPV6
How To Keep Parents From Spying
Food For Your Brain
Adventures With Neighborhood Gates
Internal Hacking
Batch vs. Interactive
Manipulating the Aspect
Pushbutton Lock Hacking

Fall 1999

Slow Motion
Upload Bombing
The Guide to Thorough Killing
The Terrorist of Orange, Texas
ITS Prison Phones
Infiltrating Mediaone
Palmpilot's Canadian Red Box
Forging Ping Packets
Trunking Communications Monitoring 2
Internet Radio
Quantum Hacking
Unauthorized Disney Fun
An Overview of Cellemetry
Solaris x86 for Plants

Winter 1999

Violence, Vandals, Victims
Accessing Forbidden NTFS Drives
Security Throught NT? Not Likely
Countermeasures Revisited
DATUs - The Tool of the New Age Phreak
Messing With Staples
I Own Your Car!
Intro to POCSAG/FLEX Interception
Hack The Media
How To Create New Urban Legends
Hacking Explorer (the car)
Netnanny Nonsense
Why Redboxing Doesn't Work
Spoofing Call Waiting ID
Sprint ION
Understanding Microsoft Exchange

Spring 2000

The Next Chapter
A Taste of Freedom
How to Stay a Sysadmin
Military Computer Secrets
Securing Web Sites With ASP
Still More on Siprnet
Finding and Exploiting Bugs
All About Securid
Your Internet Birthday
Make Spammers Work For You
Taking Advantage of Alladvantage
AT&T's Gaping Hole
Cellular Networks Detailed
How PSX Copy Protection Works
Fun at Circuit City
How to Build a Coffee Box
The Sprint PCS Network
How to Get Banned From Your ISP
Build, Don't Buy, Your Next Computer
How Does That DSS Card Really Work?

Summer 2000

The Art of System Profiling
A Brief Intro to Biometrics
Fun With TDOC
Strange Abuses For Your Home Phone
More Advantages of Alladvantage
Over The Verizon?
Securing ASP: A Deeper Cut
Jello Biafra: Hacker Ambassador
Hacking The Three Holed Payphone
Packet Analysis and Header Sniffers
A Simple Hex Hack
Secrets of Dell
How Domains Are Stolen
Playing With Dominos
Java Applet Hacking
The Privacy Box
A Student's Privacy Security Survey

Fall 2000

A Summer of Trials
Kernel Modification Using LKMs
How to Hack Cybertime Software
Target Advertising
An Introduction to Sprint ION
The GeoSpatial Revolution
Anomaly Detection Systems
Hunting the Paper Carnivore
The Making of a Pseudo Felon
Flaws in Outsourced ECommerce Systems
Finding a Target Using DNS Lookups
Another Way to Defeat URL Filters
Accessing Federal Court Records
Zone Scanning
DeCSS in Words
Build a Car Computer

Winter 2000

Introduction to Snooping Around
BellSouth's Mobitex Network
An Introduction to Radio Scanning
More Java Fun
Sub7 - Usage, Prevention, Removal
This Issue's Featured Lawsuit Threat
Get Anyone's Credit Report For Free
Microsoft's Hook and Sinker
Hacking an NT Domain from the Desktop
The DVD Paper Chain
Polymorphism Script
Confusing ANI and Other Phone Tricks
Jury Nullification and The Hacker
Cop Proof/Laptops
Radio Shack's Newest Giveaway
Dissecting Shaw's Systems
Hacking Free ISPs Using WinDump

Spring 2001

Signs of Hope
Police Searches of Computers
The Future of PKI
PHP/CGI Vulnerabilities and Abuses
Breaking the Windows Script Encoder
Liberating Advants Terminals
A Romp Through System Security
Hacking QuickAid Internet Stations
The Billboard Liberation Front
Computing With The Fabric of Reality
Secrets of Electronic Shelf Labels
Anomaly Detection Systems, Part II
The Anna Kournikova Virus
Declawing Your :CueCat
"Takedown" Taken Down

Summer 2001

The Broken Wheels of Justice
What is Carnivore, Really?
Extra Polymorphic Worms
Everything Your Parents Told You About ESS was a Lie
Michigan Memos
How To Become a Hacker Saint
Misconceptions About TCP Wrappers
Hacking an NT 4 Domain from the Desktop - Revisited
Popular Myths on Password Authentication
Exploring HPUX Password Schemes
AOL At School
Fun With Fortres
AT&T At Home
The New AT&T Network
Tell Me; Uses and Abuses
Snooping the Stack

Fall 2001

Deconstructing a Fortres
Passport Hacking
How to Decrypt DirecTV
Code Red 2
The Ultimate DRM Hack
Decloqing Copy Protection
Hacking Time
Myths about TCP Spoofing
Playing with Qwest DSL
Defeating Intrusion Detection
Compromising Internet Appliances
An Introduction to ARP Spoofing
Offset Hacking
The Invisible Box
Bypassing Cisco Router Passwords
Hacking Retail Hardware
Hacking Kodak Picture Maker
Netjacking for Complete Idiots
Exploiting Intelligent Peripherals

Winter 2001

The Security of the Inferno OS
Black Ice Defender - a Personal Firewall
The Future of Enhanced 911
Behind the Scenes on a Web Page
Cracking Clever Content
Right Click Suppression
Fun with Radio Shack
Building a Floppy Based Router
Build a Wooden Computer
Harnessing the Airwaves
Secrets of Rogers @Home
Basics on Answering Machine Hacking
Hacking the Highway
How to Hack from a Ram Disk
Hacking with Samba
Fun Facts about Wal-mart
IIS - Far from Unhackable
Examining Student Databases

Spring 2002

Time To Care
Transaction Based Systems
How to Regain Privacy on the Net
Stupid Google Tricks
Neat Stuff with Switchboard.com
Poor Man's 3d
Appletalk Security Secrets
The Definitive Guide to Phreak Boxes
The Bungee Box
CampusWide Wide Open
Idiocy in the Telcos
Creative Cable Modem Configuration
Fun Password Facts
Defeating Network Address Translation
NSI Abuse
The Threat of a Lazy Admin
A Script for the Right Click Suppressed
Retail Hardware Revisited
More Radio Shack Facts

Summer 2002

Fair Use and Abuse
The Comprehensive Guide to 802.11B Wireless Networks
How to Break Through a Proxy or Firewall
A Nasty NT Bug
A Look Back
Grab That Cache
The End of an Era
NCR ATMs - Aurum Ex Machina
The Afghan Phone System
Yet Another Way to Defeat URL Filters
Getting Into Cisco Routers
A New Era of Telecommunications Surveillance
Web Server Discovery Tool
Your Eyes Have Just Been Sold
Dumpster Diving: One Man's Trash
Mind Tricks
Review: Hacker Culture
CBDTPA: Yet Another Privacy Concern
Null Sessions and Enumeration

Fall 2002

Freedom's Biggest Enemy
Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance
The Mysterious World of the Lerg
Telezapper, Telemarketers, and the TCPA
A Password Grabbing Attempt
Advanced Password Recovery
Fun Password Facts Revisited
Hacking on Vacation
Your Guide to Target
Outsmarting Blockbuster
The New Card Up DirecTV's Sleeve
The Pewter Box
How to Log URL Request Strings
A History of "31337SP34K"
Hardware Broadband Client Monitoring - an Overview
How to Set Up a Free (Secure) Web Server at Home Behind Your Cable Modem = and Get Away=20 With It

A Word of Warning from a Caught Uncapper
Hacking Electronic Message Centers
Breaking Down the Dynix Door
The Current State of E-commerce Security
Review: The Art of Deception

Winter 2002

Passport Hacking Revisited
Lazy Exchange Admins
CD Media Data Destruction
How to Make a DVD Backup
Honeypots: Building the Better Hacker
DNS Redirection Stopped
More on Telemarketing
Cracking Voter Fraud
Linux on the Xbox
Removing Spyware and Adware
Exposing the Coinstar Network
A Dumpster Diving Treasure
.ncsc.mil (144.51.x.x)
A Brief Introduction to Deepfreeze
Beating Download Manager Protection
DHCP is Your Friend!

Spring 2003

Not in Our Name
ANI and Caller ID Spoofing
A Hacker Goes to Iraq
Getting Busted - Military Style
Unsolicited Mail
Anonymous E-mail Using Remailers
Fun with 802.11b at Kroger's
Best Buy Insecurities
Ripping Movies from DVD to CD-R
XM - The Flawed Future of Radio
A First Look at Virgin Mobile
Creating Delay in the New Age
Ibuyspy Portal Software
Defeating salon.com's Premium Content
Fun with Hosting on your Cable/DSL
Keyboard Theory for the New Age Phreak
A Glimpse at the Future of Computing

Summer 2003

Fall 2003

Winter 2003

2600 Subject Index Volumes 1 (1984) - 10 (1993)
David Price
Subjects are shown in the first column, citations are listed in the
second column using the following format:
V(N):P V =3D Volume, N =3D Number, P =3D Page

(L) Indicates a letter

00 4(9):6
10698 7(1):30(L)
(201) 6(2):20
202 bug 3(9):65
2600 Magazine 1(1):1, 2(8):51, 4(12):3
2600 meetings 10(2):17, 10(2):16, 10(4):35, = 7(1):38,
10(1):43, 10(3):18, 9(4):4
2600--voice bbs 9(3):40(L)
2600--BBS 2(2):9, 2(8):49
4TEL 6(3):20
(516) 5(3):14
540s 8(1):19
550 blocking 4(11):8
"606 Emergency" 5(1):24(L)
6.5536 crystal 7(3):32
*69 9(2):31
(707) 7(1):44
800s 6(1):12, 2(6):37, 6(1):12
800--DTMF recognition 3(12):92(L)
800--tariffs 2(1):4(L)
800--translation table 6(1):12
8038 chip 4(12):22(L), 4(10):12(L)
900s 2(11):79
900 translation table 6(1):12
911 1(10):57, 7(1):37,
911--documents 7(2):4
959 Numbers 4(5):8
97*s 4(10):4
976 scam 4(7):8
976 social interactions 4(12):17
9999-suffixes 1(1):4
access 3(11):84(L)
ACD 9(3):28(L)
ACM SIGSOFT 4(11):13(L)
acronym maker 4(1):13(L)
acronyms 10(1):34, 10(2):20, 2(2):11, = 10(3):44,
ACTS 6(1):30, 1(11):62
ADS 1(9):53, 1(5):2, 1(1):2
ADS--Investigation 1(2):9
Albania 7(1):23
Allah Akbar! 3(11):86
Allnet 5(2):2, 4(6):4
alliance 2(5):26
American Express--hacking 3(3):17
AmiExpress--hacking 9(3):4
ANAC Guide 7(3):39
ANI Hunting 4(1):18(L), 3 (11):84
ANSI Bomb 10(2):44
answer supervision 3(9):65
anti-hacker propaganda 2(1):1, 7(2):11
AOS 5(3):10
Approaching Zero Book Review 10(3):38
ARAPANet 1(6):1
Area Code Expansion 1(3):3
ARPANet military subnet 1(3):5
Arpanet 4(9):4
arrests...see busts
AT&T Break-up 1(6):4, 2(11):74
AT&T failure 6(4):4
AT&T Shutdown 6(4):4
AT&T Strike 1(4):1
AT&T Thought Police 2(11):79
ATM III 4(6):12(L)
ATMs 1(4):3, 4(7):8
ATMs, Book Reviews 4(2):21
atomic bomb 1(3):4
ATT Addresses 9(4):36
Australian phone system 9(1):31
Automatic Call Distributor 9(3):28(L)
AUTOVON 3(5):37, 4(6):18(L), 3(3):17, 6(1):7, = 9(4):19
baby bells 1(7):3
back doors 2(1):2
bank records 1(5):3, 2(7):42
BASIC 3(1):5
BASIC dialer program 5(1):20
basic phreaking Q & A 6(2):29(L)
BASIC Red Box Tones 5(3):22
basic terms 4(5):13(L)
BBS Disclaimers 4(7):12(L), 4(10):16
BBS--Government 10(2):39
BBS--Protecting a User Log 3(2):16(L)
beepers 4(11):12(L)
Bell computers 9(4):42
Bell Routing Codes 5(1):42
Bellco cops 5(1):22
Bellcore Publications 3(5):36
Best Boast 5(1):24(L)
Big Brother 3(12):91, 9(1):42, 8(4):8, 1(12):68, = 7(3):16,
billing signals 3(9):65
BIN list 8(2):31
BITnet 2(1):6, 4(9):4
black band 4(11):7
BLV (Busy Line Verification) 5(3):27(L), 8(4):42, 4(12):10
bogus tap-check number myth 4(2):13(L)
Box--Beige 5(4):42, 10(1):14, 10(3):9
Box--Blue 3(2):12 (L), 2(10):69, 9(4):33, = 2(2):7,
3(5):36 (L), 10(3):9, 6(1):25 (L), = 3(5):38
Box--Clear 1(7):4
Box--Combo 9(3):13
Box--General info 10(3):9, 5(1):16
Box--Green 7(1):29 (L), 10(3):9
Box--Rainbow 10(3):9, 9(2):15
Box--Red 5(2):13, 10(2):42, 7(3):32, 8(3):43, = 10(3):9
Box--Silver in U.K. 7(1):19
Box--Silver 6(4):20, 9(4):19, 9(1):16, 10(3):9, = 1(11):64
(L), 3(3):17
Box--White 2(4):19, 10(3):9
Box--yellow 10(3):9
braille computer 3(12):95
British Telecom 8(2):35
British Payphones 4(10):17(L)
busts 4(3):18, 4(7):18 (L), 6(2):26 (L), = 4(7):6,
2(5):27, 1(7):7, 3(12):91, 2(2):9, = 8(4):36,
1(10):55, 10(4):4, 8(3):4, 7(3):44, = 8(2):4,
4(8):3, 8(4):8, 7(3):10, 7(1):3, = 6(1):3,
8(1):11, 8(2):12, 8(1):11, 6(2):34, = 9(2):22
Busy Line Verification...see BLV
busy 10(4):9
busy--"fast busy tones" 5(2):27(L)
busy--busy verification 3(10):80(L)
cable descrambling 10(1):16, 3(8):63
cable vaults 7(4):12
Call Forwarding, Diverting 2(10):65
Call-Waiting Phone Tap 6(3):27
callback verification 9(3):9
Caller ID 3(12):91, 8(1):19, 9(2):18, 7(3):5, = 10(3):12,
8(2):22, 8(2):35
Caller ID--and Cell Phones 10(3):42
calling ards 1(4):3, 1(6):3, 1(1):3, 1(2):9
call records (ESS) 1(2):8
call traces (ESS) 1(2):8
canning 3(10):76(L), 5(4):42
Captain Crunch 4(3):4
Captain Midnight 3(9):68(L)
Captain Zap's sins 5(2):24(L)
card copiers 8(2):7
Carrier Access Codes 6(3):42
CCCP 3(3):23
CCIS 4(11):12(L), 2(2):7, 4(5):6
CCITT 9(2):10
CD-ROM 3(12):95
cellular biopsy 10(4):6
cellular fraud bust 4(4):8
cell frequencies 4(1):10, 10(1):4, 4(7):13(L)
cellular modem 3(5):35
cellular phones 2(11):79, 5(3):8, 10(4):6, 4(6):8, = 3(12):89,
4(2):13(L), 4(2):8, 10(3):42, = 4(7):4,
3(11):90, 10(1):4
cellular phones--history 3(11):90
Central Offices 2(3):14, 7(4):12
Central Office IDs 4(10):14
Chaos Computer Club 5(4):34
China 3(8):63
Chinese dial-a-narc 6(2):35
CIA 1(12):68, 1(8):46(L)
Carrier Identification Codes 1(11):65
CIC 7(1):8
CID... see Caller ID
ciphers 9(4):6
CLASS features 8(4):31, 8(2):22, 4(5):6
CLLI codes 4(10):14
CN/A 3(9):72(L), 4(8):12, 2(3):18,
CNA--Lists 4(4):10
CND 8(2):22
CO Magazine 4(9):22
COCOTS 6(4)27(L), 7(2):20, 7(4):27(L), = 8(2):28
(L), 8(3):25(L), 9(3):13, 8(1):19, = 4(11):8
COCOT--database list 8(4):33
COCOT--numbers 8(3):22
COCOT--refund letters 8(4):33
COCOT--tricks 7(3):27(L)
codes 9(4):6
codes--methods 1(3):2
coin boxes 5(3):10
coin-test number 4(4):20(L)
COLTs 6(3):20
commentary 2(8):50
Common Language Location Identifer...see CLLI
Communications Fraud Control
Association 7(4):43
competition 6(3):3
Compuserve 3(10):75
Computel 2(3):15
Computel scam 3(2):12(L), 4(4):4, 3(5):34
computer confiscation 2(8):54
computer lore 9(2):40
computer shows 10(4):16
computer threat 1(6):3
conferences 10(3):4
Congress--paranoia 10(3):4
CONSUS 6(1):7
cop watching 9(1):7
cordless phones 1(1):3, 6(2):22, 7(1):19
Cornwall, Hugo 4(2):4
corvis hacking 4(11):12(L)
COSMOS 2(2):8, 6(3):13, 4(2):6, 4(3):10, = 2(12):82,
COSMOS--abbreviations 4(3):10
COSMOS--demise 6(3):13
COSMOS--documentation 4(2):6
COSMOS--history 4(3):10
COSNIX Operating System 4(2):6
Country codes 1(2):10, 3(7):53
couplers 9(2):4
court news 3(4):27, 2(4):21, 1(4):3, 1(6):3, = 8(4):36,
covering tracks 4(7):6
covert radio broadcasts 4(11):7
CPA-1000 4(8):12(L)
credit card algorithms 7(3):42
credit files 10(1):42
Cross-Bar--oddities 3(3):20(L)
crypt preview 8(3):44
crypt() source code 8(4):11
current events 3(3):22
customs 8(2):35
"Cyberpunk" fictions 8(2):42
DAST 10(4):22
data transmission--quality 3(9):71
DCS 3(3):17
DEC-20--hacking 2(7):41
(DEC)PDP 3(4):25
Defense Communications Agency 5(1):24(L)
Defense Data Network listing 1(5):4
Denning, Dorthy 7(3):10
Department of Justice 9(2):22
deregulation 1(7):3
dial back security 3(2):10
Dialed Number Recorder--see DNR
dialer--demon 9(2):15
dialer programs 5(1):20
dialing * on rotary phones 3(12):96
dialup numbers 4(8):6
Dicicco, Lenny 8(2):42
digital lock combinations 10(4):38
Direct Analog Storage Technology...see DAST
direct dialing 4(3):8
directories 2(5):27, 3(12):95
Directory Assistance
--usage fees 1(2):9
Disney radio frequencies 9(1):17
divestiture 3(1):1
DMERT 10(2):4, 8(4):45
DMS 100 1(7):3(L), 10(4):10
DNIC (Data Network ID Codes) 7(1):40
DNR 7(3):16
DOCKMASTER break in 5(3):20
DoD 3(3):19
DSM 6(4):14
DSS1 10(3):36
DTMF dialers 8(3):43
DTMF decoder 7(1):14, 10(2):14
DTMF overview 9(2):10
dumpster diving 1(2):10, 2(2):8, 1(9):50
Duophone CPA-1000 4(5):22
Dutch hackers 8(3):4
E-Card 4(5):8
E-COM 1(6):3, 1(6):5
EASYnet 8(2):18
Electronic Freedom Foundation 7(2):10
Electronic Privacy Act 4(6):8, 4(4):8
electronic surveillance--NSA 2(12):83
email systems 1(12):71
Emergency Interrupts 4(12):10
encryption 3(4):31, 3(10):79, 2(1):3, 9(4):6
equal access 4(5):17(L), 4(3):6, 4(3):8, 4(12):20
errata for 4(9) 4(10):18
ESN 10(4):6, 10(1):4, 10(3):42, 4(7):4
espionage 2(3):15
#1ESS 7(4):12, 10(4):10
#4ESS 7(4):28(L)
#5ESS switch 10(2):4, 10(4):10, 8(4):45, 8(4):45
ESS 3(10):79, 1(2):8, 1(6):2, = 6(1):25(L),
2(11):74, 1(7):3, 10(4):10
ESS Bust methods 1(7):3(L)
essay 2(12):81, 1(12):67, 7(4):32
European phone systems 4(5):9
exchanges 3(8):62
Falwell, Jerry 5(1):25, 5(2):39, 3(1):3
Farrell's Ice Cream-covered
narcs 1(8):45
fax taps 9(1):42
FAX 4(5):14
ftp tricks 8(3):14
FBI 3(11):83, 3(10):75, 3(9):67, = 1(11):63,
9(2):22, 1(1):2, 4(8):9, 1(1):3
FCC 4(6):8, 3(9):71, 1(6):3
*features 8(4):31
Feds 9(2):38
feeder groups 5(3):4
fiber-optics laid
along rails 3(6):48(L)
finger monitor program 9(1):35
fingerprints 3(12):95
FM wireless transmitter--plans 8(4):44
fortress fones...see pay phones
Frame Room 7(4):12
France 2(12):83
gangs 7(4):36
GBS 4(10):4
GEISCO 2(1):3
general phone rants 4(1):20
Germany 2(12):87
Gore, Albert 5(1):26(L)
grade hacking 10(2):13, 10(4):15, 10(3):34, = 6(4):45,
GTD#5 2(11):73
GTE--Telemail 1(1):3
GTE Telcos 6(3):33
Gulf War printer virus 8(4):39
"Hacker" 9(1):36
Hacker Con 6(3):10
The Hacker Crackdown 9(3)21
hacker morality 2(6):34
hacker scares 9(4):4
hacker sourcebooks 1(11):64(L)
hacker study 10(1):38
hacker video 8(3):14
Hacker's Handbook 4(2):15, 4(2):4
hackers credo 1(3):1, 9(4):17
hackers in hiding 8(3):24(L)
hacking beginnings 9(3):42
hacking history 5(1):16
hacking lore 8(4):16, 2(8):52, 5(1):24(L), = 4(2):13(L)
hacking reading list 7(4):6
hacking recycling machines 1(2):9
hacking statistics 3(6):41
Hack-Tic 9(2):15
harmonica bug 2(9):58
HBO 3(10):75
Hess, Mark 7(1):45
high school hacking--news 1(3):3
history--phreaking UK 1(9):49
Hoffman, Abbie 4(1):4
--Obituary 6(2):3
Holland's hackers 2(4):21
home monitoring 1(4):2
honesty tests 10(3):20
HP2000--hacking 2(3):20
human database centers 8(4):46
humorous defense against
telco threats 2(2):10(L)
IBM 1(1):2
IBM's Audio Distribution
System 1(5):2
IC 1(11):65
ICLID 7(3):5
ICN 3(11):81
IMAS 4(10):4
IMTS 3(4):26, 3(12):89
In-Band Signaling 2(2):7
India 3(9):67
induction coil--plans 7(3):36
infinity transmitter 2(9):58
information manipulation 9(4):17
INSPECT 8(2):18
Intelpost 1(5):3
internet dialups 10(4):32
internet outdials 8(1):40
internet worm 5(4):4, 6(3):39
Interoffice Signalling 7(4):12
intro to hacking 2(6):40
IRS 3(2):15, 3(10):79, 2(1):3, 2(3):15, = 2(6):35
ISDN 10(3):36, 8(1):42
Israel--phone system 2(6):33, 4(4):16
Israeli computer surveillance
of West Bank 4(12):8
Italian hackers 4(12):18
ITT 2100 switch 4(7):12(L)
ITT--boxing 3(5):38
I've fallen and I can't
get up 3(9):67
Jackson, Steve 10(2):45, 10(1):18
jail 10(4):4
JANET 4(9):4
Kenya 2(3):15
Kiev 3(6):47
KKK--racist BBS systems 2(1):3
Kranyak, Jack 3(5):34, 4(4):4
Landreth, Bill 4(9):12(L)
laptop tone generation 9(4):45
laptops 1(2):9, 9(2):4
LASS System 4(5):6
law enforcement--confiscation 2(8):54
LD Carriers 4(12):20
LD Fees 1(5):3
LEC 8(1):42
legalistic banter 2(1):4(L)
Legislative Network 7(4):4
letter sorting machines 8(3):32, 8(4):32
lineman's handset 10(1):14
LODCOM compilation review 10(3):19
loop number patterns 4(1):12(L), 1(9):52(L)
loop testing 6(3):20
magnetic card tricks 9(1):27, 8(4):40 (L), 8(2):7
mail drops 7(3):29 (L)
manholes 5(3):4, 7(4):12
Marcos 3(4):27
marine radio ch 26 7(1):19
Marquee 3(3):19
Max Headroom-Chicago style 4(12):8
MCI Mail--hacking 1(12):67, 1(7):2
MCI Numbers 1(4):5
MCI scam 5(4):10
MCI 6(1):36, 1(3):2, 8(2):16
media hype 8(3):4
merchant ship calls 2(6):36(L)
MF tones 2(3):16(L)
microwave links 1(3):2
MicoVAX 3(9):71
military computers 5(1):24 (L)
MILNet 2(7):45
MIN 4(7):4
Minitel 4(9):8, 9(4):8
missile systems 2(4):21
Mitnick, Kevin 7(1):3, 6(1):3, 6(3):14, 8(2):42
MIZAR 7(1):8
mobile hacking 9(2):4
mobile telephone freqs 6(3):24 (L), 8(4):18, 3(4):26
monitoring microwave 5(1):4
Morris, Robert 6(3):14, 6(4):6, 7(1):23
motivation--hackers 1(3):1
MTSO 3(12):89
MPOW 4(5):12(L)
narcs 9(2):38, 1(11):64(L)
National Coordinating Center 5(1):24 (L)
Navy 3(10):75
Nazi BBS 2(3):13
NCCCD 3(6):41
Neidorf, Craig 7(1):3, 7(2):4, 7(2):3, 7(2):8, = 7(3):44,
neo-Nazi games 8(2):12
net addresses 2(4):23, 3(11):82
Network 2000 7(3):8
news 4(10):8, 5(1):37, 9(4):19, 4(11):8
new services 8(2):35
non-supervised phone lines 3(6):44(L)
Nothing New in
Computer Underground 3(6):42
NPA count 6(4):44
NSA 2(10):67, 1(9):51, 2(7):47, = 1(10):57,
3(9):67, 5(3):20, 2(12):83, 3(10):79
NSA's Phone Number 2(3):16(L)
NUAs--international 4(10):10
nuclear free America 4(3):2
numbers 4(12):21, 5(2):44, 9(1):45
NY Tel 4(7):15
Nynex exchange addresses 10(4):18
NYNEX 8(2):11, 6(4):9, 6(3):36
NYNEX--Radio Frequencies 8(2):32
NYNEX--switch guide 6(4):9
obit--David Flory AKA Dan
Foley AKA The Shadow 6(2):45
--Abbey Hoffman 6(2):2
operating systems..see individual entries (e.g. VM/CMS, UNIX...)
operator humor 7(4):16
operator identification of
payphone 1(2):10(L)
operator service 4(9):6
operators 1(10):56
operators--social engineering 3(5):33
operators--USSR 5(4):30
ouch! 5(2):16
outages 8(2):35
outdial list 8(1):40, 8(2):44
"Out of the Inner Circle" 2(6):34
outside local loop
distribution plant 5(3):4
pagers--scanning 4(6):5
paranoia 1(7):3, 2(1):1, 3(5):39, 8(2):4, = 2(8):50,
1(7):1, 9(4):4
parking summons 1(7):3
password grabber 3(8):60(L)
passwords 4(9):14, 8(1):36, 9(3):31, 4(8):10,
passwords--common 9(3):31
passwords--hacking IBMs 8(1):36
passwords--UNIX 8(1):31
pay phones 6(1):30, 1(11):62, 6(3):37, 1(2):10
pay phone--destruction 3(10):73
pay phone--dissection 3(10):73, 9(1):20
PBX trix 4(1):12(L)
PC Pursuit 2(9):58
PC Pursuit--hacking 4(4):6
PC-Pursuit--outdial list 8(2):44
PDP-11 2(11):73
Pen registers 3(2):11, 4(9):13, 4(12):12(L), = 4(5):22
Pentagon 1(12):69
People Express 2(5):25
pet cemeteries 8(2):35
Phiber Optik 10(4):4
phone directories of the World 4(4):16
phone frequencies 5(4):19
phone interception 5(1):4
phone news 9(2):19
phone numbers 8(1):17
Phoenix Project 7(1):3
Phrack 7(1):3, 7(2):3, 7(2):4, 7(2):8, = 8(1):11,
8(4):36, 9(2):22
phreak anticdotes 1(9):52
phreak history 2(11):80, 5(3):9
phreak typologies 2(3):13
phreaking overview 9(2):10
Pick operating system 3(6):42
pink noise 2(2):7
PINs 4(11):8
pirate radio 6(2):42
Pitcairn Island 2(9):59
PKZIP BBS hack method 9(1):12
plane phones 1(11):63
poetry 4(8):20, 4(3):4
police computers 2(5):27
police setups 3(4):30
police surveillance 1(8):44
political hacking 7(4):4
porn 2(6):35
postal paranoia 4(3):12(L), 1(4):20(L)
POSTNET 8(4):21, 8(3):32
PRIMOS 7(2):14, 6(2):4, 6(4):14
prison computers 8(4):5
prison phones 7(3):29(L), 9(4):13
prison update 8(2):46
privacy 1(5):3
Privacy Act of 1974 8(3):18
Private Sector BBS 2(8):49, 2(9):59, 3(1):1, 3(3):22, = 3(4):30
Prodigy censorship 6(4):43(L)
Prodigy--STAGE.DAT conspiracy 8(3):26, 8(4):29(L), 8(1):19
product list 7(4):6
product review: Duophone
CPA-1000 4(5):22
Programs--Hacking IBMs 8(1):36
PRONTO 2(7):42
proto-phreak 5(3):9
PSAP 7(1):37
psychological makeups 8(3):38
psychobabble 7(3):44
Puerto Rico 3(10):76(L)
pyramid schemes 3(10):79, 4(6):4
radio scanners 6(2):22, 5(4):45
Raids...see busts
RC channel 10(2):4, 8(4):45
RCI 3(9):65
RCMAC 7(1):8
Reagan, Ron 2(5):27, 1(12):69, 3(11):83
REMOB (Remote
Observation) 5(1):27(L), 2(5):28(L), 6(3):32, = 7(1):24(L),
resources guide 3(6):46, 7(4):6
return call 9(2):31
The Rise of the Computer State 1(8):44
ROLM 6(3):24(L), 3(11):88(L)
ROLM CBX II 9000 5(1):30
Rose, Len 8(2):12, 8(1):11
routing codes 5(1):42
Royko, Mike 2(11):75
RS CPA-1000 4(5):22
RSTS 3(4):25, 2(11):73
Russian phone books 3(5):36(L)
Russian phone numbers 3(5):36(L)
SAC 5(3):4
Santa scam 6(1):36
SAT 10(1):4
satellite phone transmissions 4(11):7
satellite links 5(1):4
satellite jamming 3(3):23
satellites--hacking myths 2(8):52
Saudi Arabia 4(7):21, 3(10):80(L)
scams 7(4):22, 2(4):21
scanners 7(1):19
SCCs 7(1):8, 7(1):37
school records 10(2):13, 10(4):15, 10(3):34
scramblers 1(8):46(L), 3(4):29
secret frequencies 8(2):32
Secret Service 2(6):34, 9(4):4, 9(4):12, 9(2):38, = 10(1):18,
10(1):43, 10(3):18
Secret Service--radio
frequencies 9(1):17
secured trunks 6(1):24(L)
sentry security 8(4):5
security 8(2):18, 7(3):10
Serving Area Interface 5(3):4
Sherwood Forest--busted 2(6):34
shortwave 3(9):67
Simplex corrections 8(4):21
Simplex lock location guide 9(1):38
Simplex locks 8(3):6
SL-1 Switch 3(9):68(L)
Smartphone hacking 10(4):11
"Sneakers" 9(3):17
social engineering 2(3):14, 2(4):19
Social Security Number
prefixes 4(11):6
South Africa 4(10):11
South African phreaks 6(2):24(L)
SouthWestern Bell 9(4):42
Soviet Union 8(1):16
Spain 6(2):36
Speech Thing: product review 9(4):45
spoofing VAX login 4(8):10
Springsteen 2(11):75
Sprint 6(2):34
spying on 2600 7(3):44
SS7 10(3):12
SSNs 3(7):51, 8(3):18
SSTs 7(1):12
Step Offices 1(5):1
Sterling, Bruce 9(3)21
Steve Jackson Games 10(1):23
Stasi 8(1):19
sting BBS's 3(6):44(L), 3(9):66
stings 3(5):39
Stoll, Cliff 7(1):45
Strowger, Almon 5(3):9
submarine cable maps 4(8):11
surveillance 3(12):95
survey 2(12):84, 4(8):15
Sweden's "Person Numbers"(ID) 1(3):3
SWITCH 8(1):42
switch guide 1(5):1, 7(4):12, 10(4):9, 10(4):10
switch overloading 3(12):91
switch-hook dialing 4(12):12(L)
switches...see specific switch
switching centers 1(10):56
switching routes 2(3):16(L)
switching systems 2(5):27
Sysops--protective measures 2(8):55
TAP 4(1):4, 6(2):43
taping payphone tones 7(3):36
telco info-fishing techniques 3(10):76(L)
telco nonsense 1(5):4, 9(3):36
telco offices 10(2):36
telco reneging 2(10):65
telco--fighting back 1(8):46
telco--assisting wiretaps 2(1):1
tele-harassment 3(2):10
Telecom 6(3):12, 3(8):58
Telecom debit cards 4(1):8
teleconferencing 2(5):26
teleconferencing--anticdotes 1(4):4
telemail--access 1(4):2
Telenet 3(6):47, 2(9):61, 4(6):9, 4(5):10, = 3(11):84
(L), 1(2):7
telephone basics 1(8):43
telephone induction coil 7(3):36
Telstar 301 4(11):7
TELETEL Networks 9(4):8
"Terac" 5(1):24(L)
terminal locks 8(3):44
test channel 10(2):4, 8(4):45
test equipment--construction 8(2):14
test numbers 2(11):77
Thailand 2(6):39
Thought Police 1(8):44, 8(4):8, 1(12):68, 7(3):16
time service 2(4):21
TINA 2(6):39
toll fraud detection 7(1):12, 9(3):43
tone tracer construction 8(2):14
tone catcher 10(4):22
TOPS-10 2(1):2
TOPS-20 2(1):2
touch tones 3(12):91
touch-tone fees 4(10):6, 4(10):7, 4(2):18
trace procedures 3(1):4(L), 7(4):12
tracking devices 3(4):28(L)
trade magazines 4(6):13(L)
transaction codes 2(12):82
Trans-Pacific Cable 2(11):79
trap tracing--defeating 7(3):22
trashing 2(2):8, 1(2):10, 1(9):50, 3(10):73, = 6(2):32
Travelnet 1(11):61
trojan 6(4):6, 5(2):4, 3(7):49
TRW 2(2):9, 4(8):4, 1(7):5, 10(1):42
TSPS 1(2):10, 2(1):4(L), 6(1):30, = 1(11):62
TSPS Console 4(6):6
TVRO 5(1):4
UAPC 6(3):4, 6(4):45
UK Data Protection Act 10(2):12
UK Message List 4(9):10
UK Operator Numbers 3(8):58
Ultra Forward 9(2):31
unassigned area codes 5(3):10
UNIX--common accounts 9(3):31
UNIX--hacking 3(4):28(L), 3(8):57, 5(4):12, 6(3):28 = (L),
6(4):4, 2(1):2
UNIX--password hacker 9(1):18, 8(1):31, 8(2):24(L)
USC--Phony Degrees 2(2):9
U.S. Military Telephone
Network 9(4):19
USPS 8(3):32, 8(4):32
USSR 2(4):21, 3(8):63, 5(4):30
UUCP 4(9):4
VAX 3(8):60(L), 4(5):4, 3(7):49, 2(9):57, = 4(1):6
VAX--common accounts 9(3):31
VAX--worm 6(2):38
VMS 4(5):4
VDT 3(3):19
VDT operators 3(8):59
vehicle tracking monitors 1(1):3
verification 2(9):58, 4(12):10
VFY 4(12):10
video reviews 10(2):40
VINs 9(4):11
viri 5(2):4, 5(2):8, 6(3):14, 9(3):19
virus--Atari code 8(1):4
virus--batch virus 9(1):8
virus--Gulf War 8(4):39
virus--MSDOS (code) 9(1):4
virus "protection" 5(2):4, 9(1):9
virtual reality 10(4):37
Virtual Memory operating System--see VMS
VM/CMS 4(11):4, 4(12):4, 5(1):8
VM/CMS--acronyms 4(11):4
VM/CMS--filemodes 4(12:4
characteristics 4(12):4
VM/CMS--privileged commands 4(12):4
voice mail hacking 6(3):36, 9(2):42
VMS 3(3):18, 3(8):60(L), 2(9):57, = 3(2):9,
2(10):66, 3(7):52, 4(1):6, 2(1):2
VMS--UAF 2(10):66
VMS--common accounts 9(3):31
VMS--default passwords 3(7):52(L)
VR 3(9):71
WATS 5(3):23, 3(11):81, 1(9):52(L)
WATS directory 4(1):18(L), 4(4):21(L)
Weathertrak codes 5(1):15
Weendland, Mike 3(9):66
Western Union 4(7):6
Western Union EasyLink 1(12):67
White House phones 1(1):5 ,10(1):12
wild claims 6(4):30(L)
Winnipeg 3(9):69
wire fraud news 2(3):15
wireless modem 4(7):13(L)
wiretaps 1(4):3 2(6):35, 2(1):1, 7(3):30(L),
3(12):91, 1(11):63, 1(10):57, = 2(9):58,
wiretaps--legalities 1(5):3
wiretaps--police 1(3):3
witch hunts 7(3):10
word numbers 4(4):15
world's most evil operator 1(7):3(L)
worms 5(2):4
worm--Ada 6(2):38
worm--internet 6(3):39
WWIV BBS--hacking 9(1):12
XY Step switching station 1(5):3(L)
YIPL...see TAP
yellow pages 3(3):23
yellow pages scam 2(5):27
Zinn, Herbert 6(1):3, 7(1):3