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Hackers Then

"We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity."

    --- Quote from John Perry Barlow in A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace on February 8, 1996.

"Long live the underground!  When the underground is gone, when the people's will to resist overbearing government and kneejerk morality is gone...  Then, shall I be able to declare America dead."

    --- Quote from Jello Biafra, a frequent HOPE keynote speaker.

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

    --- Quote from George Orwell (Eric A. Blair [1903-1950])

"Anyone who stands up for what he believes in is an inspiration.  That's the spirit of a hacker, and it's the spirit of an individual."

    --- Quote from Evil Corley during an Off The Hook broadcast.  (I don't remember which one.)

"It's a question of freedom of speech, something that has stood up for the last couple hundred years, and I think the Internet should definitely continue the tradition."

    --- Quote from Evil Corley on Off The Hook, June 18, 1996.

"... Freedom of speech, on the other hand, is something that is universally sought after and recognized as valuable."

    --- Quote from a reply to a letter by William R. Epp in Vol. 18, No. 3.

"As you probably know it you've read our pages before, we have some major issues with entities who abuse power and intimidate individuals..."

    --- Quote from a reply to a letter by "anonymous" in Vol. 20, No. 2.

"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."

    --- Quote (paraphrased) from Albert Einstein used in Vol. 23, No. 1.

"The first condition of progress is the removal of censorship."

    --- Quote from George Bernard Shaw used in Vol. 33, No. 1.

"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.  Everything else is public relations."

    --- Quote from George Orwell used in Vol. 32, No. 1.

"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.

    --- Quote from James Madison used in Vol. 22, No. 1.

"We may not like the message, we may not agree with it, but if what we allege to stand for is to have any value, we have to do everything possible to ensure it isn't silenced."

    --- Quote from Evil Corley in the editorial for Vol. 20, No. 1.

"9.) I will aid the voiceless in obtaining a voice and help them evade censorship so they too can enjoy the fundamental human rights of free speech."

    --- Quote from Ghost Exodus (Jesse McGraw) in his article "No Country for Incarcerated Hackers" in Vol. 35, No. 3

"Recognizing the content of the wikileaks.org website is the subject of concern to a variety of individuals and nations, we nevertheless believe it must be subject to the same laws and policies of availability as all Internet sites.  Free expression should not be restricted by governmental or private controls over computer hardware or software, telecommunications infrastructure, or other essential components of the Internet."

    --- Quote by The Internet Society (Mirror) from the article entitled "The Internet Society on the Wikileaks issue" in their membership newsletter.  (December 2010)

"We have learned a great deal in watching the reactions of our various leaders.  We see how the surveillance of so many aspects of our lives is supported by politicians of both parties and how deep the cover-up goes.  We also see how they have no problem changing the rules behind our backs to make these inexcusable actions 'legal.'  Shining the light on their subterfuge is about the most patriotic act we can think of."

    --- Quote from the editorial in Vol. 30, No. 3.

"Change does not come about from mindlessly following the rules.  That's how dictatorships are maintained.  Change is achieved through constant experimentation, the exchanging of ideas, and the freedom to do so.  A society that views such things with suspicion is one that is doomed to stagnate and eventually fall."

    --- Quote from the editorial in Vol. 22, No. 3.

"We may not like hate speech but it is within our rights to read it, listen to it, or watch it if we so desire."

    --- Quote from the editorial in Vol. 23, No. 3.

Cult of the Dead Cow - Then
Cult of the Dead Cow - Freedom

Hackers Now


Cult of the Dead Cow - Now
Cult of the Dead Cow - Fascism

"Without the knowledge or support of management or the Board, Twitter learned that [Peiter] Zatko had engaged with members of US intelligence agencies and sought to enter a formal agreement that would allow him to work with them and provide information to them."
"'The organizations and people behind this recommendation' Zatko explains, 'have the connection [sic] to get this in front of the right people in the administration.'"

Oh look...  Another Cult of the Dead Cow member trying to stiffle the freedoms of Americans.  Mudge wanted pre-Elon Twitter to hire (((The Alethea Group))) - a group who hires people like Ukraine war-monger (((Nina Jankowicz))) - to spy on average Americans, and he pushed for more government-linked censorship.  Do you think the (((EFF))) or $2600 will do anything about this?  LOL!

Russia!  Palestine!  Iraq!  Iran!  Syria!  Yemen!
Don't question anything!
Be a good goyim and fight our, err... your enemy!

    jews attack kanye west
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
  adl attacks twitter  twitter fag cake
Ignorance is strength.

"By means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms -- elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest -- will remain.  The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism.  All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days.  Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial.  ...  Meanwhile the ruling (((oligarchy))) and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit."


"But liberty, as we all know, cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near war footing.  Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everything and everybody by the agencies of the central government."

    --- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, 1958.

"At press time, Parler was no longer in service.  We're not mourning its loss and don't believe it ever offered anything of value.  We would certainly like to see alternative social media sites that aren't batshit crazy, as having everyone using only a couple of different sites is far from ideal."

    --- Quote from a reply to a letter by "Jason" in Vol. 37, No. 4.  Ironic, as $2600 is one of the most "batshit crazy" publications out there...

"Someone in this group reported me and got my account blocked for 24 hours over something that wasn't even that serious.  I'm unhappy about that and I've never ever had someone do something so petty."

"I keep getting muted from the 2600 group without explanation.  What am I doing wrong here?"

"Unfortunately, I've been blocked for seven days from posting for no apparent reason.  I would like to read the guidelines as suggested, but when I go to read them, it says the post has been removed or deleted.  Can someone please send me the guidelines and, if possible, tell me which I violated?  I thought I posted a supportive humorous meme, but I'd like to follow the rules."

    --- Letters in issue Vol. 37, No. 4 regarding censorship of posts (and users) on one of the $2600 Facebook groups.

"We believe in science.  We support removing fascists from platforms.  We want monopolies broke up.  And we demand accountability.  Saying these things really pissed a lot of people off.  So we're saying them again in case we missed anyone."

    --- Quote from a $2600 Twitter post in May 27, 2021.  $2600 Magazine openly attacks the scientific method; believes that MEN can become pregnant or turn into women if they grown long hair, wear lipstick, and chop off their pee-pee; thinks Chelsea Manning is an actual female; openly supported (and voted for!) the fascist (((Obama and Biden regimes))); profits from complaints about the government's mess of the (((breakup))) of the the Bell System or has never once mentioned the monopolistic & private "Federal Reserve" as they slowly increase the price of their magazine to $9 and the banks demand more "bailouts"; doesn't want anyone to show an ID to vote, but they do use IDs (and encryption) on their own computer networks.  And worst of all, has done NOTHING to expose the "accountability" of the FBI & Hillary Clinton's "Russian collusion hoax" or the FBI & Twitter's suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop and China COVID-19 origin stories, or all the other various Biden-family bribery schemes - all in order to affect the outcomes of the 2016, 2020, & 2024 presidential elections.

"... Nowadays, Off The Hook is filled with sycophants who dare not disagree with political views, no matter how misguided, or he will scream at them.  Literally.  The only personality brave enough to even attempt to disagree and reason with him at times is Alex (whom I applaud), but even his attempts are half-hearted and shouted down."

    --- Quote from a letter by "J.X." in Vol. 38., No. 3 discussing their views on what Off The Hook and $2600 have turned into.

"... Anthony Fauci is a good scientist.  Serious electoral tampering did not occur on the Democratic side (investigations into Trumpian tampering are ongoing on federal and state levels).  I don't say these things because I download my opinions from the mainstream media.  I say these things because of a compelling pattern of evidence from reputable sources..."

    --- Quote from a letter by "James" in Vol. 38, No. 2.  $2600's reply was: "Thank you for making these points better than we ever could."  All those statements "James" made are demonstrability false.  Dr. Fauci has been caught red-handed lying to Congress, the media, and the American people and actively covered-up his involvement in the creation of the China COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the potential deaths of millions.

Bernie Sanders actually won the Democrat primary nomination in Wisconsin (and in other states), and through the WikiLeaks' emails we now know that Hillary Clinton and the DNC basically stole the 2016 nomination from Bernie S.  And people think Trump is crazy for saying they stole the 2020 election too...

(Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan  Including estimated "800,000 ballot applications sent to non-qualified voters" - bags of prepaid gift cards, guns with silencers, burner phones, and a Democrat-funded organization with multiple temporary facilities in several states.)

(TYT's Cenk Uygur Admits Democrats Rig Elections for 'Corrupt' Joe Biden, Now 'Considering' Voting for RFK Jr.)

(Evidence of Foreign Nationals Accessing Dominion Voting Machines Leaked to Public)

"Comparing demonstrators and even common rioters to a President-led storming of the nation's Capitol building (Mirror) is a poor attempt to minimize the significance of the latter.  Blaming groups like Black Lives Matter for everything you dislike only shows how easily you can be convinced that people who are different from you are nothing short of pure evil."

    --- Quote from a reply to a letter by "pinkbathtowel" in Vol. 38, No. 1.  $2600 is trying to compare the deadly (((Black Lives Matter))) chimp-outs which caused billions of dollars in damage and killed at least 19 innocent people to the Constitutionally-protected Jan. 6 election integrity (unarmed!) protests where the only death was the result of an unqualified, affirmative action negro Capitol police officer killing an unarmed woman (and veteran) for no reason (and the assault and resultant death of motionless woman [Roseanne Boyland] on ground.)  Also, Mr. Trump had nothing to do with the "riot," as proven over-and-over again...

Also note that at HOPE X, $2600 praised the jewish supremacist and war-monger (((Emma Goldman ✡))) for being a "dissenter."  Really...  Emma Goldman is best known for helping plan the assassination of U.S. President McKinley (!) which set the stages for pushing the U.S. and Europe into (((World War 1 & 2))) resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent Gentiles, and the creation of private (((central banking ✡))) in the U.S.  I'm pretty sure that is a textbook definition of "pure evil," and just a tad bit worse than a bunch of people walking around the Capitol building with a police escort...

Also, I bet January 6, 2021 was the first time those traitorous assholes working in the U.S. government realized their boss was John Q. American and not Shlomo Shekelstein on Wall St.  BTW, George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose and China COVID-19.

("Do Your Non-Uniformed Guys Have Any Identifiers"  SHOCKING Capitol Police Video Uncovered from Jan. 6 Shows Undercover and Armed DOJ On Site - IT WAS A SETUP)

(Capitol Police Chief Called Jan. 6 Events 'A Cover Up' in Tucker Carlson Interview HIDDEN by Fox News  Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson that events surrounding the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capitol appear to have been a "cover up," in never-seen-before footage published exclusively by The National Pulse.)


(Former FBI and Now Contracting Officer for the CIA  Reveals how there were FBI agents in the crowd on J6 and brags about how the agency helped others sue Alex Jones for defamation.)

"Hurr durr.... Deadly insurrection!  Derp... Worse than 9/11!
Avenge Ashli Babbit!
Destroy $2600

"And again, this fallacy that we're in favor of some sort of approved speech doctrine is a load of horseshit.  We will stamp out hate speech wherever we see it.  We will continue to shut down overt racism in every forum.  And we will not tolerate anti-democratic attempts to subvert legal elections and overthrow legitimate leaders or deny people the right to vote."

    --- Quote from a reply to a letter by "6NdLXzc2" in Vol. 38, No. 1.  $2600 REFUSES to stamp out hate speech on (((CNN ✡))) or (((MSNBC ✡))).  They also refuse to shut down overt racism by Steve Rombom ✡, Kevin Mitnick ✡, Chuck Schumer ✡, AOC ✡, etc., or even shutdown $2600 meetings in apartheid Israel.  They also refuse to condemn the phoney racially-motivated President Trump (((impeachment ✡))) hearings.  And don't expect them to stand-up to the anti-democratic attempts to subvert our elections by the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, Twitter, Facebook, FBI, and WEF!  And remember when Obama and his jew handlers overthrew a legitimate leader elected in Ukraine in 2014 (and also tried that in Syria), and Evil Corley didn't say a single word about it?

"A number of our own readers in this issue's letters section expressed their outrage at our opinions on the matter in 37:4, which encouraged responsible providers on the Internet to stop hosting forums for movements that refused to acknowledge scientific facts or that advocated such actions as overturning democratic elections and installing unelected leaders (Mirror).  While we continue to believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we don't subscribe to the belief that all opinions deserve the same platforms.  We believe providers have the right to determine what they consider to be acceptable and what they don't, even when we disagree - and everyone has the right to pressure them to do the right thing."

    --- Quote from the editorial in Vol. 38, No. 1  Many of those censored "unscientific facts" have since turned out to be true...  Jan. 6 was a nothing-burger exploited by (((Democrats))) to seize power, China COVID-19 may have been man-made in a Chinese lab partially funded by the U.S. government and U.S. corporations, the number of deaths was grossly overinflated to get government hand-outs, the lock downs caused more problems than they solved, especially for young children, low-cost alternative vaccines were actively suppressed by (((Big Pharma))) in collusion with (((Big Tech))), and those cheap masks did very little (Mirror).  $2600 also wants illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections, thereby "overturning" the will of legitimate U.S. voters.  That editorial also contains the quote: "There is nothing at all political about a pandemic."  LOL!

(NYC Council Asks State's Highest Court to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote in Local Elections)

Election Interference by Evil Corley and the One Percent
Destroy $2600

"While everybody has the right to free speech, that doesn't mean they can say or do whatever they want on a system run by others.  It's only if someone is forbidden from speaking by the authorities in any setting that we can start talking about true violations of free speech.
While we agree that we'd be better off with a whole lot of smaller companies and less mega-giants, we still need to ensure that falsehoods, anti-science sentiment, and hate speech doesn't become empowered and allowed to dominate as it has been."

    --- Quote from the editorial in Vol. 37, No. 4.  The FBI, CIA, DHS, White House, and DNC forcing Twitter and Facebook to censor certain conservative users in order to effect the outcome of the 2016 and 2020 elections is a "true violation of free speech" according to $2600.  Just don't expect them - or people like (((Cindy Cohn ✡))) at the EFF - to do anything about it...  Also, there is really no such thing as "hate speech."  "Hate speech" is anything which effects Evil Corley's power grabs.  "Truth sounds like hate to those that hate truth."

More Censorship by Evil Corley and the One Percent
Destroy $2600

"And when the site tried to find hosting in other countries, one by one they were cut off due to the outrage and bad publicity.  Is it right to cut off speech of any kind in this manner?  We believe it is when the decision is being made independently of any government regulation.  In other words, these people still have the right to free speech and they can say whatever they want.  But such reprehensible speech will generate a reaction and nobody should be forced to help them along.  Are there hypocrisies and double standards that can be found when making these decisions?  Undoubtedly so.  That doesn't take away from the guts required to stand up and say 'enough.'  We don't have to simply stand around and continue to watch the ugliness.  Resisting isn't always a neat process."

    --- Quote from the editorial in Vol. 34, No. 3.  $2600 was calling for MORE censorship of so-called "neo-Nazi" websites after the Charlottesville incident.  Video of the event shows that landwhale leftist, Heather Heyer, was NEVER hit by Fields' car and the coroner's report stated she died of a heart attack due to being obese.  We now know mentally-ill fascist Dwayne Dixon pointed his gun at James Fields and Fields fled in his vehicle, rightfully fearing for his life.  This event was then exploited by Evil Corley and the One Percent to shut down anyone (and any website) who exposed those in power...  You know, what hackers used to do...  Do you think Evil Corley will ever apologize for spreading these lies?  BTW, DailyStormer had their .com domain STOLEN by (((Google))).  They illegally took away access to a domain they didn't own.

Only five years in prison for targeting Trump voters!  Where's Evil Corley?


"Winston sank his arms to his sides and slowly refilled his lungs with air.  His mind slid away into the labyrinthine world of doublethink.  To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of (((democracy))), to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself.

That was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed.  Even to understand the word 'doublethink' involved the use of doublethink."

    --- George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four , 1949.

Destroy $2600

Pepe  Evil Corley and the One Percent are an existential threat to our democracy and must be stopped AT ANY cost.

They are currently engaging in the greatest assault on our freedoms which we have ever seen.  

What we're seeing with $2600 today is far more nefarious, as well-organized (((groups))) seek to influence massive amounts of people with fear, hatred, false information, and an unhealthy sense of paranoia.  They encourage violence and want a far less democrat system in place, one where they reap the benefits and those who aren't like them are kept from having any power, to put it mildly.

Free Douglas Mackey!
Destroy $2600

To say the Obama/Biden/Corley cult, err... administration is unlike anything we've experienced before would be a massive understatement.  We speak for many when we say that we were expecting a degree of crackdowns, closures, regressions, anger, fear, and the like, but what we've gotten so far leaves us almost speechless.


It's well accepted that Joseph "China/Ukraine/Israel First, America Last" Biden is incompetent, racist, sexist, and an overall jerk, among many other things.  This comes from people who have been in his inner-circle, fellow members of his party, foreign dignitaries, business partners, employees, and a whole lot more.  This is before even introducing political opponents, the media, and the majority of Americans who voted against him - for forty years.  $2600 refuses to outline all of the damage he has caused in his nightmare of a term.  For that, we suggest the media and the commentaries that Evil Corley refuses to pay attention to.

We cannot think of a more traumatic time for so many people to have lived through at once.  There have been many difficulties in the past with various travesties of justice in our own world.  We've seen wars and invasions carried out in our name, and we've witnessed the nation transformed by September 11th.  But apparently, all of that was the equivalent of training wheel for what we've been experiencing of late.

It's worth noting that $2600 has been especially friendly towards those in charge.  They openly supported, voted for, and campaigned for Clinton, Obama, and those (((politicians ✡))) in New York who supported Bush's war(s) for Israel.  But what we've experienced with Biden's reign has something quite unique and especially dangerous.  To try and normalize that period by equating it with the others would be a tremendous disservice to anyone who truly cares about freedom and the great potential this country holds.

However, all of this default antagonism that we're always prepared for in any administration doesn't begin to cover what seems to be ahead on the Obama/Biden/Corley cult-like agenda.

In an incredibly brief time, we've seen the non-mainstream press defined as the enemy of the people, the demonization of documented immigrants with a nationalistic zeal that should worry anyone who's ever picked up a history book (except for Ukraine ✡ - the money laundering and organ & child trafficking capitol for (((Democrats))) - they'll start World War 3 to protect Ukraine's and Israel's borders...), statements that unfairly castigate entire religions and nations, racial insensitivity, embracing of conspiracy theories, lack of meaningful dialogue, favoritism of an epic proportion resulting in unelected individuals being catapulted into positions of great power, huge and damaging conflicts of interest that are willfully ignored, unprecedented incompetence in vital posts, lack of knowledge or interest in history and world affairs, threats of military action within our own borders, a wanton disregard for the fragile environment of our planet, extreme insecurity and hostility when confronted with criticism, accusations with no supporting evidence... we could keep going, but odds are you're already aware of most of this.  And all of these are ingredients vital to the rise of fascism, something we've never really experienced in our country.

Sure, we have problems that need to be dealt with, as does any country.  How such issues are handled is what defines a society and we are far from alone in being exceedingly troubled with what has happened so far.

Perhaps the core of what's most disturbing here is an attitude that somehow Obama/Biden/Corley and their cult-like ilk believe they don't have to abide by the same rules as everyone else:

"I have not taken a penny from any foreign source at any point in my life... Nothing was unethical... My son has no made money from China...  Clap for that, you stupid bastards."

We've seen this assumption of privilege rear its ugly head before in Biden's previous life.  It's up to all of us to make sure we remind him and his supporters at every opportunity that this is not how it works.  Because once it is, any hope for a functioning free society is lost.

We all know it's possible "legally" to come up with all kinds of words to allow great injusices to be gotten away with.  But morally... that's another story.  That is where we must apply our efforts without any hesitation.

This brings us to the infamous tax returns dealing with shady business connections to Ukraine and China, the ones that Joe & Hunter Biden believes nobody cares about, the ones that he can continue to hide from the American public.  It's no secret that the majority of people do care and, while legally he can hide them from us while lying about the reasons, morally it's indefensible.

How can anyone assert that we don't have the right to know what is being claimed on this form while we're entrusting him with such great power and responsibility?  Mistruths and cheating will quickly be revealed if they are there.  So too will the absence of these things, a revelation that will help the healing process begin and instill some much needed trust.

"Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together.  It's realty [sic] an honor and pleasure."
      --- The main email obtained by the New York Post is an April 2015 message that the newspaper said was sent to Joseph Bidens's son, Hunter Biden, by Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to Burisma's board.

"'I looked at them and said: I'm leaving in six hours.  If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money,' Biden infamously bragged to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018.  'Well, son of a bitch.  He got fired.'"
      --- Then-vice president Biden admittedly pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk into getting rid of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin investigating Burisma (and Hunter!) by threatening to withhold a $1 billion U.S. loan guarantee during a December 2015 trip to Kiev.

"I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made was not fulfilled.  Tell the director I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight.  And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction.  I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father."
      --- Hunter Biden text message to Chinese Communist Party-linked business man Henry Zhao.

While Donald Trump's tax returns showed he actually LOST money.  Joe Biden, a man who has never held a real job in 50 years and who Evil Corley VOTED FOR, is somehow a millionaire...

While members of the public can claim the right of privacy in not sharing their IRC logs when chatting with any male under the age of 18, it's pretty much an unwritten rule in our society that Evil Corley should display his honesty in this public manner.  Yes, it's unwritten, meaning Corely doesn't have to do it.  But the consequences of rejecting this tradition, as with many other voluntary actions that are expected of a hacker magazine editor, could have a very detrimental effect on our society... and the resulting ripples would be felt throughout the world.  Being in such a privileged position means sacrificing some of one's privacy - as has been done for decades - in the interests of open and transparent democracy.

Clearly, Corely has not been willing to do this.  And, equally troubling, his allies on $2600's "Staff" page are prepared to prevent this information from becoming public.  In July & August every two years, $2600's staff have unanimously blocked the efforts of other hackers to obtain Evil Corley's IRC logs.  Yes, they have the ability to obtain them and put this all to rest, but they chose to continue covering it up instead.

If I had $10,000, I'd offer it to anyone who could get us these elusive IRC logs from Evil Corley.  Now that he's the "leader of the hacker world" with more scandals and cover-ups in the first 40 years of publishing than most hackers have had in their entire lives, this can no longer be thought of as remotely funny.  We all have the right to know just how Evil Corley is running things.  Maybe we should reinstate our offer and make it potentially much bigger...  (That's a joke, if I had $10,000 I'd buy a new spectrum analyzer instead!  But where were these idiots when Obama was - and still is - refusing to show a valid birth certificate?)

There are basic values that we learned way back in the early days of IRC, surprisingly enough.  It was great to have a forum for everyone to communicate and share opinions.  But when people became disruptive or abusive, it was time to step up and say the right thing: Goodbye $2600.

We cannot be afraid to say this, whether it's on a chat network, in social media, at a conference, on network television, or in the halls of Congress.  Continually allowing for the amplification of vile rhetoric or outright lies intended to cause mayhem is a sign of weakness, not fairness.  It's time we all did more to stop what can rightfully be called a disease.

When having discussions, there have to be certain facts that are accepted by everyone or nothing ever gets accomplished.  Lately, we've been mired in an almost unbelievable environment where established facts no longer seem to matter.  This can't continue.

We all know people who have bought into this fiction.  Some have woken up, many haven't.  We shouldn't be surprised or overly judgmental.  This sort of thing has happened many times throughout history.  People make bad choices based on what they're told by others whom they trust.  It can be helped along with fear, anxiety, prejudices, and outright hatred.  To say each of us as individuals doesn't have the potential to be led down a similar dark path is as ignorant as the assumption that this sort of thing somehow could never have happened here.

It's part of the human condition, which is why we have to hold the door open for our fellow humans who believed in something that turned out not to be true.  And at the same time, we cannot allow those who perpetuate the lies to get another chance to do it even better.  Remember, they are still out there and, if encouraged, they will make more attempts to get their way.

Let's put aside the racism, sexism, ultra-nationalism (except for Ukraine ✡, a puppet-state controlled by U.S. oligarchs for money laundering purposes), and overall ignorance of domestic and world issues that Obama/Biden/Corley have become known for - and which, incredibly, seem to make them even more popular.  You can read specifics on all that almost anywhere else.

What we need to focus on here is what a Obama/Biden/Corley presidency would mean to the hacker world and to technology, the Internet, and free speech.  It's not pretty.




"The whistleblower alleges that a leader of CTI League, a 'former' British intelligence analyst, was 'in the room' at the Obama White House in 2017 when she received the instructions to create a counter-disinformation project to stop a 'repeat of 2016.'"

"Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community and they have six ways to Sunday to getting back at you."  --- Quote from (((Chuck Schumer))).


Save the Free Speech on the Internet!
Destroy $2600

It's painfully clear that Obama/Biden/Corley don't understand how the Internet works.

But that won't stop them from dictating how they believe it should work and making the lives of anyone who gets in the way absolutely miserable.  The disdain with which those concerned about freedom of speech are referred to makes it abundantly clear that such people will not be looked upon kindly in a Obama/Biden/Corley administration.  And when such freedom is seen as a threat, it's the beginning of a significant downward spiral.  How do you suppose Obama/Biden/Corley would deal with an anonymity network like Tor?  Or the use of encryption?  Or hackers in general?

If Trump had been in power, Russian WOULD NOT have invaded Ukraine ✡, and the outcome could have been very different.

While he could only call for a boycott against them as a candidate, he could have taken actions to cripple (((those in power))) as president.  And it wouldn't have ended there.  The impact to technology companies, not to mention our very right to privacy would be severely impacted with (((Big Tech))) trying to censor information in order to manipulate our elections to keep Trump from winning.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Trump is FALSELY attacked by phoney organizations like The Free Press Action Fund ✡, EFF ✡, ACLjU ✡, Facebook ✡, CNN ✡, and MSNBC ✡.

So there's that.  Now try and imagine what his attitude and shoot-from-the-hip mentality would actually do to the world of hackers.  Obama/Biden/Corley have publicly called for the execution of conservative White Americans, which ought to give you an idea of how anyone who embarrasses their regime would be treated.

We've all had these uncomfortable interactions with individuals who believe hackers are the equivalent of terrorists and, if these people had their way, all of the hackers would be locked up or worse.  We can laugh when it's a misguided relative at Thanksgiving because they're only speaking their minds and they really don't know any better.  But give someone with such massive gaps in knowledge the power to actually get their way and it quickly stops being funny.  Look at the history of fascism in the last century and you'll see that it always starts with someone in power echoing people's misguided perceptions that revolve around fear and misinformation.

Not only does the power make these thoughts turn into policy, but it also emboldens more misguided members of the public to become authorities, and ultimately monsters.  Before you know it, the mere suspicion of being different or of posing a potential problem is enough to have someone prosecuted, locked away, or simply kept from living a normal life.  There is no nation on Earth that is safe from this sort of threat.  Believing otherwise is the quickest way to learn that lesson.

We don't doubt that some will see this as an overreaction, to which we say it's a nice contrast to the underreaction we've been seeing over the past year.  Obama/Biden/Corley are not just three unqualified and dangerous people; they represents many more who have no qualms about putting policies of hatred and anger into practice.  We've seen it happen before and we'll see it happen again.  If there's one thing we've gained from the Obama/Biden/Corley campaign, it's the realization that we are not immune.  Sometimes change isn't funny at all.

How You Can Help

The easiest way you can help fight Evil Corley and the One Percent, their allies in the FAGA Deep State, survive the Biden/Corley/BlackRock/FTX/SVB "economy," and undermine & boycott a New York business supporting their state's political corruption and election interference, is by NOT PAYING for issues of $2600 Magazine.

While this is mostly symbolic, Evil Corley & the FAGA bunch are rich, it is still a start.

"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

    --- Plato

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  • Hacking on Telenet  - Beginner's guide to GTE's Telenet system and a command overview, by Evil Corley
  • ESS: Orwell's Prophecy  - Info on the new ESS offices and how they operate, by BIOC Agent 003 (Donald Burgio)
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  • MCI Mail and Easylink Updates  - Electronic mail horror stories and billing problems
  • The Scariest Number in the World  - Story (fake?) about calling the president's bomb shelter, by Mr. French
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$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 1 (January 1985)

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 2 (February 1985)

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$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 4 (April 1985)

  • What a White Box Can Do  - How to build and use a portable DTMF tone generator
  • A Phone Phreak Scores  - Social engineering and phreaking story
  • Hacking Packard  - Hacking HP-2000s, by BIOC Agent 003
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    • Good Apples for the Soviets
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  • Hosts by Location  - ARPANET MILNET host locations

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 5 (May 1985)

  • People Express to be Hacked to Pieces  - Hacking the People Express Touch-Tone reservation system, by Paul G. Estev
  • How to Run a Successful Teleconference  - Complete guide to ALLIANCE teleconferencing, by The Shadow
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    • 414 Bust
    • Police Hacker Cleared
    • Dial-a-Directory
    • Reagan Hangs Upon Kids
    • MCI Goes to U.K.
    • Yellow Scam
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    • Carrier Choosing Time
    • Mystery Transistor

  • ALLIANCE Teleconferencing  - Diagram of the steps needed to setup an ALLIANCE teleconference
  • Letters  - (none given), The Crazy Man
  • Inmate Payphone Ad

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 6 (June 1985)

  • A Guide to the Israeli Phone System  - The phone system in Israel
  • Sherwood Forest Shut Down by Secret Service  - Sherwood Forest II & III BBSes raided for posting credit card numbers
  • Some Words on Hacker Morality  - Don't sell other people's BBS files
  • Review: Out of the Inner Circle: A Hacker's Guide to Computer Security  - Book review of Bill Landreth's Out of the Inner Circle: A Hacker's Guide to Computer Security
  • 2600 Flash
    • Bell Didn't Invent Phone?
    • Porno Phone Service Busted
    • IRS Drives Telcos to Drink
    • Jersey Wins Wiretap Race Again
    • AT&T Computer Caught Stealing
    • Say Goodbye to Meter Readers
    • Thai Phone Books a Hot Issue
    • New Tracking Device for Cars
    • Problems for New Payphones
    • TINA Message Service
    • AT&T Contractual Obligations
    • "Call Me" Card

  • Letters  - (none given), Rusty Diode, (none given), The Silver Sabre
  • 800 Prefix List  - List of 800-NXXs by state, by Ax Murderer
  • Systematically Speaking  - Goodbye to meter readers, Thai phone book, tracking devices, TINA "Call Me" card.
  • Sherwood Forest: Intro to Hacking  - Beginner guide to computer hacking, by The Knights of Shadow

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 7 (July 1985)

  • Interesting Things to Do on a DEC-20  - Commands and hacking info for a DEC-20, by The Knights of Shadow
  • Banking From Your Terminal - A Look at PRONTO  - A look at electronic banking and Chemical Bank's PRONTO banking system, by Orson Buggy
  • 2600 Flash
    • $2 Billion Error
    • ITT Crackdown
    • GTE Sprint Cheats Customer
    • Listening In on Cellular Phones
    • More Phone Fraud
    • Computers Monitor Truckers
    • Missing Children's Faces Displayed

  • Letters  - (none given), (none given) (Birmingham, Alabama), (none given) (Gulfport, MO), (none given)
  • MILNET TAC Dial-Ups  - MILNET dial-ups
  • Systematically Speaking  - MCI goes optical, 100% ESS, GTE bigger than AT&T

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 8 (August 1985)

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 9 (September 1985)

  • A Guide to VMS  - Beginner's guide to DEC's VAX/VMS systems, by Lex Luthor
  • The Infinity Transmitter - An Old Bug That Had Its Time  - How the infinity transmitter phone tap works, by Howard
  • Reaching Out on Your Own  - Using a Blue Box to simulate Busy Line Verification (BLV) conditions, by Forest Ranger (John Thomas)
  • Pursuit for People  - Info on Telenet's PC Pursuit computer-to-computer link-up service, by Paul G. Estev
  • 2600 Flash
    • Phone-in Registration for College
    • Trouble With 800 "Word Numbers"
    • War Game Addict
    • Hacker Extortionist Caught
    • Pitcairn Island Now On AT&T Net
    • Private Sector Update
    • Dick Tracy Toys Are Closing In
    • Directory Assistance By Computer
    • Pest Control
    • Bell Propaganda Films
    • Europe Standardizing Telecoms

  • Letters  - D.J., SEVOX, Talbot, (none given), W.U. Friend
  • Telenet Directory  - Telenet address scan and banners, by Lex Luthor
  • Systematically Speaking  - Dick Tracy toys, computer directory assistance, Bell propaganda films, Europe standardizing telcoms.

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 10 (October 1985)

  • And They Call US Crooks?  - Getting ripped off consulting telcos and why he can't sell his expertise, by Silent Switchman
  • An Interesting Diversion  - How call diverters work and are abused, by Lord Phreaker
  • More Info on VMS  - Second part to the beginner's guide to DEC's VAX/VMS systems, by Lex Luthor
  • 2600 Flash
    • Computer Elections Examined
    • Two Inch Thick Bill
    • Navy Calls Dial-a-Porn
    • Navy Phone Phreaks Nabbed
    • Phone Booth Captures Man
    • Telco Rats On Government
    • Hackers Have Big Business Scared
    • Fiber-Optic Network For Du Pont
    • Campaign Contributions On-Line
    • AT&T Info Charges Upheld
    • More Use of Phone Computers
    • More Divestiture Woes

  • Letters  - L.L., The Long Distance Voyager and The Knight in White Satin, Person, Lord Phreaker
  • Blue Box Plans  - Schematic for a Blue Box, by Ford Prefect (Steve Richardson)
  • The New AT&T Hostagephone System  - Ad for a hostage negotiation phone
  • Systematically Speaking  - Hackers scare business, DuPont bypasses telco, computer campaign info, phone computer's divestiture woes

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 11 (November 1985)

  • RSTS: A Trick or Two  - Hacking info for the DEC's RSTS operating system, by The Marauder (Todd Lawrence, Email #2)
  • Here's the Secret!  - Non-supervised (no billing) loop-around test lines on a GTE GTD5, by Silent Switchman
  • The History of ESS  - The history of the Western Electric ESS, by Lex Luthor
  • 2600 Flash
    • Columnist Attacks AT&T
    • No Dial-it Calls for Feds
    • Dial-it Sex Numbers Argued
    • Big Deal for Little Town
    • Springsteen Mania
    • Avoid Phones in Storms!
    • Rural Customers Denied Access
    • Police Dept. Wants Cellular Phones
    • Toll-free From Where?
    • Pacific Cable Planned
    • Free Kiddie Dial-It Calls
    • AT&T to Read E-Mail

  • Equal Access May Not Be "Equal" to Modems  - Billing problems with autodialers, by The Shadow
  • Letters  - HAL-9000/Beast 666, Lord Phreaker, a.e., Worried Phreak
  • Test Numbers  - List of telco plant test numbers, by The Shadow (Shadow 2600 - Dave Flory - died 1989)
  • The Early Phreak Days  - Story of phreaking in the 1960s, by Jim Wood
  • Systematically Speaking  - Avoid phones in storms, rural unequal access, police cellular phones, toll-free from where?, AT&T to read email

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 12 (December 1985)

Volume 3

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 1 (January 1986)

  • Private Sector Returning  - Return of the Private Sector BBS.  Back online soon, but many questions on seizure remain, by Evil Corley
  • Divestiture: What Happened?  - An explanation of that which is confusing the populace on the aspects of the AT&T breakup, by Evil Corley
  • 2600 Flash
    • AT&T Does It Again
    • Five Aliens Hung Up
    • Technology Nabs Hooky Players
    • Home Computer Attacks Falwell
    • Another Astronomical Phone Bill
    • Dial-A-Porn Update
    • Phone Booth Wins Again
    • New Payphones Confuse Callers
    • Security Software
    • Your Own Private Centrex
    • New VAX Announced
    • Cray Maneuvers
    • Overcharge Hunters Needed
    • Phone Service via Radio Shack

  • Letters  - Ford Prefect, Arab149, The Creature, The Grub (Canada)
  • Blue Box Programs  - TI-99, Commie 64, Atari code for generating MF tones, by Ford Prefect (Steve Richardson)
  • Systematically Speaking  - Confusing payphones, code abuse software, Centrex features in your house, VAX8650, overcharge hunters

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 2 (February 1986)

  • VMS - The Series Continues  - Additional info on hacking DEC's VAX/VMS systems, by Lex Luthor
  • It Could Happen To You!  - Story of phone phreaks harassing other phreaks
  • Dial Back Security  - Info on how "dial back" security works and some ways to defeat it
  • 2600 Flash
    • Teenagers "Abuse" Party Line
    • A Unique Obscene Caller
    • The Scoop on Pen Registers
    • Reporters Steal Swiss Phones
    • Payphone Causes Panic
    • Sprint Unites with US Telecom
    • Write Protect Tabs Wrong
    • Bell Atlantic & MCI Collaborate
    • Cellular Phones in England
    • Infrared Beeper Will Find You
    • Electronic Tax Returns Are Here
    • Acoustic Trauma

  • Letters  - Artful Dodger, Field Support, Fellow in Utah, John J. Williams, Mojave Dessert
  • Interesting Phone Numbers  - Interesting phone number list
  • Systematically Speaking  - Spring and US Tel merge, write protect tabs wrong, Bell Atlantic chooses MCI, cellular phones in England, infrared beeper, electronic tax returns, acoustic trauma

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 3 (March 1986)

  • An Overview of AUTOVON and Silver Boxes  - Info on the Department of Defense's AUTOVON phone system and how it uses those extended DTMF tones
  • An American Express Phone Story  - Story about hacking the toll-free charge card authorization number, by Chester Holmes
  • Final Words on VMS  - Security info and tips on DEC's VAX/VMS systems, by Lex Luthor
  • 2600 Flash
    • Hacker Zaps Computer Marquee
    • Soviets Denied Computer Access
    • Who Called The Shuttle?
    • New Ways Of Stealing Data
    • Computer Password Kept Secret
    • Satellite Jammers Jammed
    • TASS News Service
    • Soviet Computer Update
    • Dial The Yellow Pages
    • Northern To Destroy COs
    • There Are More Phones Than Ever

  • Letters  - Corporation, Dissenting Opinion, DIAL, Various People, Scan Man, A Subscriber in Pa.
  • This Month at 2600  - Private Sector's return, Computel and Compuserve, Telepub '86, a postal miracle
  • Systematically Speaking  - Jamming satellites, TASS news service, Soviet computer update, dialing the Yellow Pages, Northern Telecom to destroy COs, more phones than ever

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 4 (April 1986)

  • RSTS for Beginners  - Beginner's guide to RSTS/E on DEC PDPs, by The Marauder
  • Mobile Phones - Theory & Construction  - Info on Improved Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS) and building your own dialer, by The Researcher
  • 2600 Flash
    • British Phonebooth Wedding
    • Man Worries About Sprint Bill
    • Bad Tenant Databases
    • Car Breathalyzers
    • Phone Phreak Fined
    • Marcos Phones For Free
    • 617 Will Be Divided
    • Congress Chooses AT&T
    • Baby Bells Don't Pay AT& Bills
    • Equal Access 800 Drawbacks
    • Encryption Provides Signature
    • Directory Assistance Failure
    • Dial "00" For Operator

  • Letters  - A Reader, Ben Harroll, (none given), Heyzeus Arguillis, NYNEX Phreak (Charles Andrew Hope)
  • A Story of Eavesdropping  - Listening to conversations during World War 2
  • This Month at 2600  - Transcripts of the Private Sector raid, more on Computel
  • Systematically Speaking  - 617 to be divided, Congress chooses AT&T, Baby Bells don't pay AT&T bills, equal access 800s, data encryption, DA failure, AT&T loses its zero

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 5 (May 1986)

  • Exploits in Operator Hell  - Harassing the operators in Alaska, by The Alaskan Phreak (TAP)
  • The Computel Scoop  - Info on the magazine Computel which was believed to be related to TEL
  • 2600 Flash
    • Bellcore Publications Go Public
    • US and France Link Phones
    • Computer Grammar
    • Shower Phone?
    • Cellular Modem
    • High Tech Parking Meters
    • Congressional Computer
    • Wrestlemania Pins Bell
    • Sting Boards on the Rise
    • American Network Fears Hackers
    • Free Pay-Phones Plague New Jersey
    • Bogotá, Columbia Gets Extra Digit
    • Patients May Get To Keep Phones
    • Beware of Hacker Terrorists

  • Letters  - MM (Dublin, Ireland), MS, The Doctor, J in Boston, WP, The Hooded Claw, Unlisted Number
  • AUTOVON Translations  - Translations for AUTOVON numbers, by The Creature
  • Systematically Speaking  - Wrestlemania pins Bell, sting boards on the rise, American Network fears hackers, free payphones plague New Jersey, disposable phones, hacker terrorists
  • Boxing on ITT / SBS Skyline  - Boxing tips and code info

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 6 (June 1986)

  • Computer Crime Review  - Review of a report from The National Center for Computer Crime Data
  • How to Hack a Pick  - Beginner's guide to hacking the Pick operating system
  • Review: The Computer Underground  - Book review of M. Harry's The Computer Underground, by John Drake (Mark Bennett)
  • 2600 Flash
    • New York's Computer Law
    • $6,829 Phone Bill
    • Big Computer Crime Pays
    • Public Phone Secrecy
    • Capitol Hill Hacker
    • Citibank Money Games
    • Hands Across Telenet
    • Kiev Calling Clogged
    • NYNEX Bumps Southwestern Bell
    • Stock Market Crash
    • "Ed Quinn Cell Site"
    • Let's Move To France!

  • Letters  - Twilight Zone The Phreaker (London, England), JN (Illinois), Lord Peter Wimsey, Dr. William Wainwright, John Smith Hacker, Seagull, PV, (none given), Right Track
  • Special AT&T Services  - Various phone numbers
  • Resources Guide  - Various groups and publications on computer security
  • Systematically Speaking  - Hands across Telenet, calling Kiev, NYNEX bumps off Southwestern Bell, stock market crash, cell site names, videophones

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 7 (July 1986)

  • Violating a VAX  - Trojan horses, obtaining passwords, and other VAX/VMS hacking tips, by Baalzebub
  • The Free Phones of Philly  - Skyline providing free long-distance from payphones, by Chester Holmes
  • 2600 Flash
    • Town on Hold During Strike
    • Prisoners Break Law
    • Hacker Degrees?
    • New Jersey Tops Taps
    • Ex-Fed Tapped
    • SS Numbers Returned To Citizens
    • Computers Strike Again!
    • Federal Employees "Tracked"
    • AT&T Selling Payphones!
    • Automated Operators Coming
    • Cellular Dial-By-Voice
    • New British Phone Service
    • No Data Protection for Hong Kong
    • 74,000 Calls to Fraud Line
    • Federal Phone Failure
    • Indiana Telco Threatens AT&T

  • Letters  - Shadow 2600 and Kid & Co., Howard, kl, Untitled, SF
  • Country Codes  - Country code list from Telecom Digest
  • Systematically Speaking  - AT&T selling payphones, automated operators, cellular dial-by-voice, new British phone service, no data protection for Hong Kong, Congressional fraud hotline, federal phone failures, Indiana telco threatens AT&T

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 8 (August 1986)

  • Knowing UNIX  - UNIX hacking tips, sending email, and some simple C code, by The Kid & Co.
  • A Trip To England  - Phreaking story from England, by John Drake
  • 2600 Flash
    • Phone Fraud in Governor's House
    • BB Watching VDT Operators
    • LD Companies Strike Back
    • Leave Our Poles Alone!
    • Phone Booths Mauled Then Stolen
    • The Ghost in the Machine
    • USSR Computer Hungry
    • ATM's in China!
    • Cash Machines Are Popular
    • TV Blue Boxes
    • New Chip Helps Sprint
    • Government Phone Fate?
    • Rural Radio Phones
    • "Debugging" Phones

  • Letters  - The Stopper, Rees Morrison (Scarsdale, New York), j, Stake Out
  • Carrier Access Codes  - List of 10xxx PIC codes  (Updated List)
  • NPA Exchange Count  - List of area codes and the number of exchanges in each
  • Systematically Speaking  - USSR computers, ATMs in China, NYCE, TV Blue Boxes, government phones, rural phone radios

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 9 (September 1986)

  • Some Facts on Supervision  - Information on phone call answer supervision signals, by The Kid & Co.
  • RCI & DMS-100 Bugs  - Long-distance extender bug
  • Another Stinger is Stung  - Another sting BBS operated by John Maxfield and Mike Wendland of WDIV TV.
  • 2600 Flash
    • NSA Drops DES
    • Hackers On Shortwave
    • BB Traffic Cop
    • Crosstalk Saves Old Lady
    • Indian Phones Under Siege
    • "Signature" On Video Transmitters
    • FBI Shopping List
    • Poor Connection Starts Bomb Scare
    • GTE Sprint Overbills
    • FCC Gives Away "Resource"
    • AT&T Best For Hackers
    • Portable VAXes!!!
    • Computer Clothing
    • Message On the Move
    • Call Rejection In Natchez

  • Letters  - Lord Phreaker, TCCFBT, Joshua Falkon, Friends in faraway places, Curious, Captain Zorg, Hal-9000/Beast 666
  • Interesting Numbers of Winnipeg  - Fun phone numbers in Canada  (Page 2)
  • Systematically Speaking  - GTE Sprint overbills, AT&T ranks #1, portable VAXes, call rejection

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 10 (October 1986)

  • Death of a Payphone  - Payphone secrets and how to mess up a payphone, by MAD!
  • Trashing: America's Source for Information  - How to dig through phone company garbage for information, by The Dragyn  (Steven Nygard, Austin, Texas)
  • 2600 Flash
    • FBI Investigates Coffee Machine
    • CIS Copyrights Public Software
    • Navy Software Available
    • HBO Encryption Broken
    • Pennant Ties Up Phones
    • Security Can Kill Creativity
    • Indiana "Fones" Are Gone
    • Electronic Tax Returns
    • Software Makers Crash BBS
    • Poor Service An Understatement
    • Rural Ultraphones
    • Local Toll-Free Numbers
    • ESS Goes To Taiwan
    • NSA Wants a New Chip

  • Letters  - Psycho (California), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Crazy Eight, Long-Distance Voyager, Wize owl (Hilo, HI), Mr. Tracer, Het Kap, Bernie S.
  • Interesting London Numbers  - Fun phone numbers
  • Systematically Speaking  - Electronic tax returns, software makers crash BBS, ICN, Ultraphone, ESS in Taiwan, NSA wants new chip
  • Ancient Bell Labs Advertisement  - Bell System Ad for Touch-Tone signaling

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 11 (November 1986)

  • ICN - More Than a Bargain  - Info on Independent Communication Network phone service, by John Freeman and Evil Corley
  • Mastering the Networks  - Info on some of the larger computer networks (ARPANET, BITnet, etc.) and their email syntax, by John Anderson
  • 2600 Flash
    • Voice of Reagan Tortures Patients
    • FBI Actions Anger Parents
    • "Q" and "Z" Controversy Rages
    • More Banks Link Arms
    • Sprint - Too Many Customers
    • More Magic Buttons
    • New Payphone Service for Michigan
    • Nickname Listings In Small Town
    • Computer College

  • Letters  - Amadeus, Frustrated in Miami, Reader on the Pacific, Private Sector Subscriber, Any Mouse, NYNEX Phreak
  • British BBS Numbers  - BBS number list for the U.K.
  • Wrath of God Strikes 2600  - They really are the dumbest people on the planet
  • Systematically Speaking  - Bank link arms, Sprint has too many customers, new payphones, nickname listing, computer college

$2600 Magazine - Volume 3, Number 12 (December 1986)

  • Cellular Telephones - How They Work  - How Improved Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS) cellular phones work, by Bruce Alston
  • Things We're Not Supposed To Know About  - Info on the Captain Midnight (John R. MacDougall) HBO hack, by Sir William
  • 2600 Flash
    • How Not to be Rejected
    • Phreaks Tie Up Lines
    • North Carolina #1 in Hacking
    • International Hacking
    • Computers Threaten Privacy
    • Telco Says "Pay for Tones"
    • Loophole in Wiretap Law
    • Free Directories For Bigwigs
    • PC Pictures
    • Fingerprint Identification System
    • Buy My Wires
    • Navigate With A CD
    • IBM Braille Compatible
    • Who Wants To Be Swept?

  • Letters  - John Freeman (Ann Arbor, MI), BA, TOTE (Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico), Bernie S., Michael Marr (Dublin, Ireland), (none given)
  • Net Mail Sites  - Networks carrying electronic mail
  • Systematically Speaking  - Free directories, fingerprint ID system, navigating with CDs, sweeping for bugs

Volume 4

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 1 (January 1987)

  • TAP: The Legend is Dead  - Info on the ending of the TAP newsletter, by The Cheshire Catalyst
  • Stumbling Into Control on a VMS  - VMS hacking tutorial, by The Mole
  • Telecom Informer  - British Telecom info, by Dan Foley  (David Flory, The Shadow, Shadow 2600)
  • Illegal Megahertz  - Analog cellular frequencies
  • Letters
    • Beepers  - da
    • GTE Telcos  - Arthur Dent
    • Preacher Hams  - Phil
    • Student Restrictions  - An "English Soccer Fan"
    • An Acronym Maker  - The Gladiator
    • More TAP Woes  - Arab149
    • 800 Directories  - Cocopelli
    • Searching for ANI  - Also frustrated in PA

  • Phone News  - Phone news
  • 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 2 (February 1987)

  • Hugo Cornwall Interview  - Interview with Peter Sommer, (a.k.a. Hugo Cornwall), Britain's most famous hacker/author, by John Drake
  • COSMOS Guide  - Overview of Bellcore's Computer System for Main Frame Operations (COSMOS) frame/OE management system, by Sir William
  • Telecom Informer  - Phreaking news, by Dan Foley
  • Nasty Business  - MCI and Sprint letters
  • Letters
    • Some Suggestions  - The Perpetrator
    • Some Numbers  - Silver Bandit
    • On Cellular Phones  - The New Age Phreaker
    • ANI Trouble  - (none given)

  • Book Review: The Hacker's Handbook  - Book review of Hugo Cornwall's The Hacker's Handbook, by Roland Dutton
  • New Developments  - Touch-Tone (DTMF) service charges
  • Book Review: Automatic Teller Machines III  - Book review of Consumertronics' Automatic Teller Machines III, by Lord Phreaker
  • 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 3 (March 1987)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 4 (April 1987)

  • Computel Put to Sleep  - Computel hacking magazine out of business
  • Hacking PC Pursuit  - Using PC Pursuit out-dials on Telenet, by The Cheshire Catalyst
  • Telecom Informer  - Phreaking news, by Dan Foley
  • CN/A List  - Customer Name & Address number list
  • Letters
    • Communication  - (none given)
    • More ANI's  - JA (Florida)
    • Comments  - Kirk (California)
    • French Loophole  - The Cote D'Azur
    • Stuck on Busy  - F.B.
    • Praise  - (none given)
    • Criticism  - RDM (Texas)
    • Advice  - A Reader
    • A Warning  - (none given) Newark, NJ
    • Coin Test  - Box Tester
    • More Resources  - Het Kapittel
    • In Reply  - MAC???

  • Goings On  - Various news bits
  • 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 5 (May 1987)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 6 (June 1987)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 7 (July 1987)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 8 (August 1987)

  • The Summer Games of '87  - Editorial
  • TRW Credentials  - TRW credit history and their lack of security, by Rex Valve
  • Phone Numbers  - Interesting phone number, by NYNEX phreak (Charles Hope)
  • Telecom Informer  - Phone news, by Evil Corley
  • FBI Revealed  - Review of Glen L. Roberts' The FBI Project Newsletter and The FBI and Your BBS newsletters, by Evil Corley
  • AT&T Submarine Map  - How to social engineer submarine (underwater, intercontinental) cable system charts, by Bernie S.
  • Capturing Passwords  - DEC Control Language (DCL) script for capturing VAX/VMS passwords, by Texas Toad
  • Letters
    • CNA/CPA Questions  - Samuel Rubin
    • ITT Switching  - The Primal Wombat
    • Hotline Numbers  - Frank B.
    • Monitoring Cellular  - Stingray
    • An Experience  - The Sorcerer
    • Phone Literacy  - Audio O'Sirkit

  • A Hacker Survey  - Reader survey of hackers, by Evil Corley
  • 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 9 (September 1987)

  • Worldnet: Getting Closer Every Day  - Overview of early ARPAnet, BITnet, and UUCP networks, by Hank@Taunivm.Bitnet (Hank Nussbacher)
  • Operating With Difficulty  - New York Telephone operator troubles, by Wintermute (Peter Zatloukal)
  • Telecom Informer  - Phone news, by Al Fresco
  • English Dial-It Service  - Recordings and announcement list for England, by John Drake
  • Letters
    • Notes and Replies  - Rainer Mueller
    • An Explanation  - The Sorcerer
    • Newsstand Update  - Curious
    • Misinformation? Us?  - Worried and Upset in Arizona

  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Review: CO Magazine  - Review of a good telecom monthly journal, by Dan Murphy

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 10 (October 1987)

  • New York's IMAS  - Integrated Mass Announcement System overview, by Mac+
  • Telco's Response  - Telco response to Touch-Tone fee, by Bruce Reisman
  • Telecom Informer  - Phone news, by Evil Corley
  • International NUA's  - Tymenet and Telenet Network User Addresses (NUA), by The Greek
  • South African BBSes  - South Africa BBS list, by The Greek
  • Letters
    • Verification and Tracing  - Joshua Falkon
    • Missing Blue Box Chip  - KM
    • BBS Numbers  - HAL 9000/Beast 666
    • Getting Started  - JS
    • Private Sector Style  - (none given)
    • More on Disclaimers  - John J. Williams
    • And More  - N.E. Mouse
    • British Payphones  - John Drake

  • Those Silly Codes  - Bellcore Common Language Location Identification (CLLI) code information
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Contest Results

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 11 (November 1987)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 4, Number 12 (December 1987)

  • Important News  - Editorial
  • Hacking IBM's VM/CMS System: Part 2  - IBM 43XX-series and 30XX-series VM/CMS info, by Lex Luthor
  • Telecom Informer  - Phone news
  • All About BLV  - AT&T TSPS Busy Line Verification (BLV) information, by Phantom Phreaker  (Curt Richard Wilson)
  • Social Interaction With Phones  - Stories about phones in our culture, by Dave Taylor
  • Letters
    • Switch-Hook Dialing  - JS (Dallas, TX)
    • Pen Registers  - Norman Bates
    • Evil Happenings  - Pala Jones
    • Canadian Questions  - PG (Toronto, Canada)
    • The Truth Revealed  - The Cheshire Catalyst
    • Ingenious Solution  - Sgt. Pepper of Texas
    • How Do Inmates Do It?  - The Hooded Claw
    • BBS Thoughts  - P.A.Z.
    • The Missing Chip  - (none given)
    • Yet Another Telco Ripoff  - Mary M. (Cornland, IA)

  • Roman Hacking  - Overseas tales of hacking and phreaking, by Hal from Rome
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Long-Distance Horror Tales  - MCI tale of trying to set up a long-distance carrier

Volume 5

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 5, Number 1 (Spring 1988)

  • Monitoring Phone Calls With a TVRO  - Listen in on international telephone calls using a satellite receiver
  • More on VM/CMS  - VM/CMS article corrections and additional info, by VM Guru
  • Weathertrak Codes  - Codes for a telephone weather system
  • An Interpretation of Computer Hacking  - An interpretation of computer hacking by a complete fraud, by Captain Zap  (Ian A. Murphy, DOB: 01-25-1957)
  • Private Sector Scam Revisited  - Evidence from the Private Sector raid
  • Letters
    • More Secrets  - Doom
    • Encouraging Words  - A Friend in Texas
    • Still More Secrets  - (none given)
    • A Very Special Number  - (none given)
    • Tales of Hackers  - The Hooded Claw
    • Advice Wanted  - (none given)
    • Of Phones and Politics  - Skinhead Steve and The Boy
    • More on the 8038  - (none given)
    • REMOB Hunting  - MH (Uniondale, New York)
    • The Global Village  - The NATO Association

  • A ROLM Catastrophe  - ROLM telephone system troubles
  • Happenings  - Various news bits
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • AT&T/BOC Routing Codes  - Routing codes used during Blue Boxing

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 5, Number 2 (Summer 1988)

  • Allnet's Legal Problems  - Allnet lawsuit
  • A Solution To Viruses  - Protection from computer viruses, by Ross M. Greenberg
  • How to Write a Virus  - How to write a computer virus, by The Plague
  • Building a Red Box  - Schematic for a actual working Red Box, by R.J. "Bob" Dobbs  (Vance Morgan)
  • A Reader's Reply To Captain Zap  - Reader replies to Captain Zap's drivel, by Rancid Grapefruit  (Bruce Fancher, DOB: 04-13-1971)
  • Letters
    • Reactions to Zap  - Murdering Thug and The Boy!, The Shadow, Yevgeny Zamyatin
    • Gripes and Feedback  - Natuerlich!
    • A Useful Trick  - (none given)
    • "Deluxe" Call Waiting  - GH
    • New Falwell Numbers  - A True Believer
    • What is Sprint Up To?  - Cray-Z Phreaker

  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Fun Phone Numbers  - List of various interesting phone numbers, by Thunder Seven  (Page 2, Page 3)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 5, Number 3 (Autumn 1988)

  • Outside Loop Info  - Telephone outside loop distribution plant overview, by Phucked Agent 04
  • Cellular Phones  - Update on cellular phones, by The Glitch
  • Who Was Strowger?  - Info on Almon Strowger, by Almon Strowger Jr. (No, not the real one)
  • Communications Update  - Various news bits
  • A Map of the 516 NPA  - List of exchanges in 516
  • Red Box Program  - Commodore 64 BASIC program for generating Red Box tones, by Tommy  (Art of Hacking, BBS, Website, Victoria, British Columbia)
  • Canadian Numbers  - Canada WATS, by Tommy
  • Letters
    • The Schematic  - The Bug Brother #1
    • The Virus  - Jonathan Porath, Paul van Hattum (Holland), Tommy
    • The Chip  - Rubber Soul (Toronto, Ontario)
    • Another ANI  - The Soldier
    • BLV Tidbits  - The Zeppelin
    • What's The Point?  - (none given)
    • Questions  - J.D.
    • Another Scam  - Doug Porter (Tucson, AZ)
    • Anti-Gay Offensive  - CH

  • 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 5, Number 4 (Winter 1988-1989)

Volume 6

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 6, Number 1 (Spring 1989)

  • Hackers in Jail  - Editorial  (Kevin Mitnick hacked NORAD!?)
  • The Wonders of UNIX  - More info on hacking UNIX systems - part 2, by Red Knight (Phreakers/Hackers Underground Network)
  • 800 & 900 Exchanges  - 1-800 and 1-900 translation table, by Scott Statton (N1GAK)
  • Letters
    • WarGames Dialer  - Phloyd Scaari
    • More ANI's  - RR, (none given), KH
    • Blue Box Questions  - Santa Claus, Boxed In (Texas)
    • A Scary Tale  - The Disk Jockey

  • How Payphones Really Work  - Detailed info on how payphones work, by The Infidel
  • News From Around
    • Ripoffs & Scams
    • Long-Distance Censorship
    • Foul-ups & Blunders
    • Abuse....
    • Mischief Makers

  • 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 6, Number 2 (Summer 1989)

  • Remember...  - Editorial
  • A Guide to PRIMOS  - User guide to the PRIMOS operating system, by Violence  (Yesmar, Glyph, The Raver [cDc], Necrovore [Bellcore], Violence [The VOID Hackers])
  • 201 Exchange List  - List of NXXs in the 201 NPA (Northern New Jersey), by The Infidel
  • Scanning for Calls  - Monitoring cordless phones, by Mr. Upsetter (Jason Hillyard)
  • Letters
    • The South African Phreak Crisis  - (none given)
    • Payphone Query  - Uncle Ho
    • UNIX Made Easy  - The Micron
    • Did You Know?  - Name Withheld
    • Notes and Info  - S. Fox, Mr. Upsetter, PG
    • Crossbar Trick  - JWC
    • Stories Wanted  - JJ Buck Bloombecker
    • Tuning In Calls  - Cyber Punk
    • Austrian Phreaking  - WM
    • Just Say No  - Phil
    • A Myriad of Questions  - (none given)

  • Tips on Trashing  - How to dig through garbage, by Dr. Williams
  • A Sprint Story  - Story of a Sprint security raid against a code kiddie, by Larry P. (Larry Phreaker)
  • Spanish Phones  - Overview of the phone system in Spain which originally appeared in England's Financial Times, by Peter Bruce  (Page 2)
  • A Summer Worm  - Similar Robert Morris' Internet worm ADA source code, by Jeff Gray
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Reviews  - Reviews of George Zeller's book The 1989 Pirate Radio Directory and the "new" TAP, by Paul Estev and Evil Corley

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 6, Number 3 (Autumn 1989)

  • Competition: It's the Next Best Thing to Being There  - NYNEX Strike editorial
  • Grade "A" Hacking  - University Applications Processing Center (UAPC) information, by The Plague
  • Galactic Hacker Party  - Hacker con in Amsterdam
  • British Telecom's Guilty Conscience  - Letter to British Telecom customers  (Page 2)
  • The Death of COSMOS?  - Some info on Bellcore/Telcordia SWITCH, the COSMOS replacement system
  • What's Going On
    • Technological Marvels
    • Hacker Spies
    • NYNEX Bigotry
    • Dial-It News
    • Payphone Choices
    • Overseas Access
    • News from the U.K.
    • One Less Choice
    • Privacy?  What's That?
    • Hackers In Trouble
    • Hacker Fun
    • Telco Literature
    • Calling Card Tutorials
    • Another Telco Ripoff
    • Technology Marches Back
    • And Finally

  • The Secrets of 4TEL REMOBS  - Info on the Teradyne 4TEL loop testing system used by GTE, by Doom Prophet  (Craig Wilson, Ferrod Sensor, Trouble Verify)
  • Letters
    • Mobile Telephone Info  - Koo Iyo Do
    • Southern ANI  - John
    • ROLM Horrors  - gmw
    • A Nagging Question  - The Apple Worm
    • A Request  - (none given) (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
    • Another Request  - THOR
    • The Call-Waiting Phone Tap  - (none given)
    • Interesting Numbers  - (none given), LK
    • UNIX Hacking  - fin
    • Intelligent Payphones  - Mr. Upsetter
    • Retarded Payphones  - Incarcerated

  • REMOBS  - Information on the infamous Remote Observation Systems, by The Infidel
  • GTE Horrors  - Misc info on GTE and their operations, by Silent Switchman and Mr. Ed Angry
  • Voice Mail Hacking  - Hacking voice mail systems, by Aristotle  (Kevin P. Jones, Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Punching Payphones  - How to "punch" payphones, like in WarGames, for free local calls, by Micro Surgeon / West Coast Phreaks
  • Useful Frequencies  - DTMF and Special Information Tone (SIT) frequencies
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Carrier Access Codes  - 10XXX PIC codes

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 6, Number 4 (Winter 1989)

  • The AT&T Story  - Editorial
  • Our Ever-Changing World
    • Morris Found Guilty
    • Real Damage
    • Jailed For Incompetence?
    • New Technology
    • And Things To Play With
    • Ripoff City
    • Calling London
    • Sprint Is Watching
    • Equal Access For All
    • German Democratic Phones
    • Too Much Chatter

  • NYNEX Central Office Data  - CLLIs and info for NYNEX COs, by The Plague (Special thanks to Kornflake Killer)
  • PRIMOS, Part Two  - User guide to the PRIMOS operating system, by Violence
  • Building a Silver Box  - Build an extended DTMF keypad (A, B, C, D tones), by Mr. Upsetter
  • Letters
    • Help Needed  - Concerned (Syracuse, NY)
    • Interesting Facts  - The Renegade of Pittsburgh
    • More Frequencies  - MM (Rutherford, NJ)
    • Numbers Needed  - MC (Van Nuys, CA)
    • BBS Question  - Greg (New York)
    • Comments/Suggestions  - HC (Phoenix, AZ)
    • COCOT Hacking  - (none given) (Akron, OH)
    • GTE Mysteries  - H. (Manhattan Beach, CA)
    • On Being Traced  - The CPU Raider
    • Information  - KS (Pittsburgh, PA), DS (Rocky Point, NY), AG (San Bernardino, CA)
    • Life's Little Moments  - F.M. "Cordless"
    • Fun Numbers  - The Seeker (Chris Hufnagel, New York, NY)
    • Words of Thanks  - ???
    • How?  - WAFB (Knob Noster, MO)
    • Hacker Clubs  - BK (Syracuse, New York)
    • Another Rip-Off Story  - Dr. Williams (Washington State)

  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Area Code/Exchange Count  - Exchange count for each NPA
  • UAPC Update  - Update on the story of New York kids changing their grades, by The Plague

Volume 7

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 7, Number 1 (Spring 1990)

  • For Your Protection  - Editorial
  • Facts About MIZAR  - Info on the MIZAR recent change memory management system, by The "Q"
  • How Blue Boxers Are Caught  - Info on Signal Irregularity (SIGI) reports under a #1A ESS, by Phantom Phreaker and Doom Prophet (Ferrod Sensor)
  • Build a Touch-Tone Decoder  - Schematic for a DTMF decoder, by B/Square and Mr. Upsetter
  • Silver Box Born in U.K.  - Using the extended DTMF tones in the U.K., by Tamlyn Gam
  • Listening In via VHF  - Monitoring marine wireless phone conversations, by Mr. Upsetter
  • News Update
    • Morris Sentenced
    • Albania Callable
    • MCI Insecurity
    • New York Tel Rate Increase
    • Furthermore

  • Letters
    • Clarifying REMOBS  - MOD!
    • Who's Listening?  - WH (New York)
    • Blue Box Chip  - Mr. Upsetter
    • Bug Wanted  - Charlie Brown
    • Questions and Info  - GB
    • Yet Another Threat  - fin
    • Red Box Woes  - Curious, (none given) (Rhode Island)
    • Suggestions and Questions  - Redneck 1 (San Luis Obispo, CA), Satisfied Customer, An Overseas Fan, Somewhere in the Midwest
    • Hotel Phones  - DB (New York, New York)
    • The Facts on 10698  - The County Man
    • More Network 2000 Ripoffs  - The Iron Warrior
    • Sensitive Material  - A Dedicated Subscriber

  • The 911 Document  - Review of the infamous BellSouth Practice 660-225-104SV (E911 document), by Evil Corley
  • Fun at the 2600 Meeting  - New York 2600 meeting apparently under surveillance  (Page 2)
  • DNIC Codes  - Data Network Identification Codes (DNIC) for X.25 packet networks
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • The 707 Area Code  - List of exchanges in 707, by Lurch
  • Review: The Cuckoo's Egg  - Book review of Clifford Stoll's The Cuckoo's Egg, by Dr. Williams

"Remember, much of $2600 is written by YOU, our readers."
But the profits go into MY wallet!  Suckers!

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 7, Number 2 (Summer 1990)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 7, Number 3 (Autumn 1990)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 7, Number 4 (Winter 1990-1991)

  • A Political Hacking Scandal  - Hacking Democrats
  • The Hacker Reading List  - List of hacker magazines, books, and mailing lists, by Dr. Williams
  • Central Office Operations  - Overview of the inside and outside plant, by Agent Steal (Justin T. Petersen, DOB: 07-28-1960)
  • More Leaked Documents  - Amusing document from a telephone operator's supervisor manual
  • 1-900-STOPPER: Anatomy of a Rip-Off  - Info on the 1-900-STOPPER number  (Similar Article)
  • Letters
    • COCOT Troubles  - KM
    • Future Surveillance  - fin (Minnesota)
    • Why Did You Do It?  - Questmaster (Santa Barbara, CA), Kenton A. Hoover
    • Questions  - Rob (Woodmere, NY)
    • BBS Troubles  - The Spectre (St. Paul, MN), Charlie Tuna (Kokomo, IN)
    • Another Method  - Mr. T.
    • Suggestions  - The Concerned!
    • Technical Suggestions  - AP (Oakland, CA)
    • Caller ID Override  - Pete (Akron, OH)
    • A Phone Company Tour  - Mitch (Cincinnati, OH)
    • Assorted Thoughts  - Keyboard Jockey, The Disco Strangler (South River, NJ)
    • COCOT Info  - (none given, Waterbury, CT), The Martyr and The Mute & Bach Wai

  • Winning Reader Entry  - Letter contest winners on counter the negative negative articles about hackers, by TELEgodzilla & unknown
  • The Word in the Street  - Various news bits
  • 2600 Marketplace

Volume 8

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 8, Number 1 (Spring 1991)

  • In Pursuit of Knowledge: An Atari 520ST Virus  - Atari 520ST virus code for the GEMDOS operating system, by The Paranoid Panda
  • The Terminus of Len Rose  - Story of Len Rose's bust, by Craig Neidorf
  • Soviet BBS List  - Dial-up list for various Soviet BBSes
  • What's Up?
    • Identifying Callers
    • Person Identification
    • Credit Release
    • Credit Due
    • Modern Times
    • Whose Scam Is It?
    • Eternal Vigilance
    • Illegal Networks
    • EFF Lawsuit
    • Prodigy Invading Privacy?

  • Letters  - Reader Feedback Time
    • Some Suggestions  - Mr. Upsetter, TT (Palo Alto, CA), Larry (New York), SM
    • What Could It Be?  - Mad Scientist
    • Info Needed  - JN (New York)
    • Compliments  - Carl Flach (San Leandro, CA)
    • Mysteries  - Flaming Carrot, (none given, New Mexico)
    • Observations  - Danny (Harlem, NY)
    • General Complaints  - Predator
    • Payphone Question  - TG PA
    • Frustration  - TG (Mt. Vernon, NY)
    • AT&T Special Deal  - Noah Clayton
    • Telco Rip-Off  - RG (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Information  - Boxholder (Walnut Creek, CA), The Butler, Jeopardy Jim (Jim Vichench, Stroke Information)
    • Hacking 101  - S.C. (California)
    • A Technical Explanation  - Count Zero
    • COCOT Observations  - George W. (Camden, NJ)
    • A Disagreement  - Vernon J. Grant (Ely, NV)

  • UNIX Password Hacker  - Source code for a crypt() brute-forcer, by The Infidel
  • Looking Up IBM Passwords  - IBM CMS 3.0 password grabber for non-privileged users, by Kevin Mitnick (DOB: 08-06-1963)
  • Internet Outdials  - List of Internet modem out-dials and how to use them, by Kevin
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • The New LEC Order  - Excellent article on modern Bell Operating Company (BOC) recent change and service order systems, by New Hack City

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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 8, Number 2 (Summer 1991)

  • Where Have All the Hackers Gone  - Editorial
  • Magnetic Stripes  - Magnetic stripe card reader schematic from Hack-Tic Issues #8/#9/#10, by Dr. Abuse
  • Death of NYNEX Business Centers  - Info on NYNEX changes, by Anonymous
  • Hacker News  - Info on Len Rose's prison sentencing for sending AT&T source code over a telephone
  • Building a Tone Tracer  - Build a tone generator for inductive probe line tracers, by Mr. Upsetter  (Page 2)
  • Hacking MCIMAX  - Using a MCI product computer to access their MAX database, by MCI Mouse
  • Inspect Implementation  - Security problems in Digital's EASYnet and using INSPECT, by Condor Woodstein  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)
  • More on the CLASS Struggle  - BELLCORE internal document on CLASS telephone service features
  • Letters  - The Letters Section
    • UNIX Password Hacker  - rj, DP, NEXUS 6
    • Another 2600 Meeting  - (none given)
    • Access From Korea  - Marooned in the ROK
    • Red Box Notes  - Larry (New York, NY), TH (Ventura, CA)
    • UNIX BBSes  - LT
    • Interfacing With Mainframe  - MAG (Saudi Arabia)
    • Send A Message  - Dark Overlord
    • Caller ID Questions  - MB, BK (Bethesda, MD), KB (Austin, TX)
    • C&P Info Needed  - The Monk (Arlington, VA)
    • More Hackerphobia  - Peter The Great
    • Information Sources  - CH (Los Angeles, CA), H. Rochim, Flatline
    • On "Breaking In"  - Scott Alexander (San Francisco, CA)
    • Very Concerned  - Quantom (Austin, TX)
    • Interesting Numbers  - Number 204 (Las Vegas, NV)
    • COCOT Theories  - Antonin Qwerty (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Valuable Lessons  - T.15 (Quebec, Canada)
    • Hacking Water  - RF (Hiller, PA)
    • Numbers  - American Anarchy (Virginia)
    • Another MCI Rip-Off  - GR (Libertyville, IL)
    • The Value of 2600  - CH (New York)
    • Disturbing Observations  - DB (Flushing, NY)

  • Some New Frequencies  - Info on new analog cellular frequencies, by Bernie S.
  • 411  - News about phone companies
    • Regulating Scams
    • AT&T Wants The World
    • Advances in the U.K.
    • New Services
    • Corporate Litigation
    • COCOT and PBX Features
    • Story of the Year
    • Another Great 900 Number
    • Japanese Numbers
    • Customs of the U.S.A.
    • The Outages
    • Another Outage
    • Caller ID Pushers

  • 2600 Marketplace
  • When Hackers Ride Horses: A Review of Cyberpunk  - Book review of Katie Hafner and John Markoff's Cyberpunk, includes an interesting reply from Kevin Mitnick, by The Devil's Advocate
  • Outdials  - List of PC Pursuit and Datapac modem out-dials on Tymenet, by Net Runner
  • Prisoner Update  - Letter from The Leftist (Frank Darden, Email #2, Email #3, Ft. Lauderdale, FL / Norcross, GA)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 8, Number 3 (Autumn 1991)

  • Why Won't They Listen?  - Editorial
  • Simplex Locks: An Illusion of Security  - Infamous article on the poor security of Simplex locks - which everyone knew already, by Scott Skinner and Evil Corley
  • The Hacker Video  - Video of Dutch hackers entering a U.S. military computer system, by Evil Corley
  • Protecting Your SSN  - Protecting your Social Security number from con artists, by Chris Hibbert
  • COCOT Numbers  - List of COCOT phone numbers in New England and Washington D.C., by NB & The Dead Cow
  • Letters  - Pages of Letters
    • Where One Hacker Went  - (I used to be) Lex Luthor
    • Technical Questions  - MC (Austin, TX)
    • Raw Data  - The Militant Midget, Arkansas Coin Collector, GS (Seattle, Washington)
    • FAXers Beware  - SC (Hollywood, FL)
    • Prodigy Far From Gifted  - Big Al (Brooklyn, NY)
    • General Questions  - Wilson Longline (New York)
    • Red Box News  - Pete in Akron
    • Suggestions/Questions  - RN (Lake Forest, IL), Midnight Caller, KS (Saskatoon, Canada), GS (Ottawa, Canada), SS
    • Caller ID Decoders  - Bernie S.
    • Hacking UNIX Passwords  - SJ (New Haven, CT)
    • Voice Mail Fun  - Nick (Newcastle, England)

  • Tidbits  - Various news bits
  • USPS Hacking  - Postal bar code hacking, by The Devil's Advocate
  • Psychology in the Hacker World  - Inside the hacker mindset, by Condor Woodstein (Kevin Mitnick?)  (Page 2, Page 3)
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • More Conversion Tricks  - More tips for converting those Radio Shack dialers into Red Boxes, by DC  (Plagiarized from an article by Count Zero)
  • Useful UNIX Programs  - Simple hacker-related C source code, by Marshall Plann

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 8, Number 4 (Winter 1991-1992)

  • Computer Security at the Bureau of Prisons  - SENTRY computer system security statement before the Subcommittee on Government Information, by Richard J. Hankinson (Deputy Inspector General, Office of the Inspector General)
  • Stuff You Should be Interested In
    • Dutch Hacker Raids  - by Fellpe Rodriquez & Rop Gonggrijp
    • More AT&T Confusion
    • Progression
    • Regression

  • Crypt() Source  - C source code to the UNIX crypt() function, by Dust  (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Birth of a Low-Tech Hacker  - Story of an older hacker in India, by The Roving Eye
  • Mobile Frequencies  - List of VHF radiophone frequencies, by Esper
  • Simplex Update and Corrections/ USPS Hacking Corrections  - Error corrections in the last issue
  • POSTNET Programs  - Source code for generating POSTNET bar codes, by Marshall Plann
  • Letters  - The Letter Bag
    • Government Nonsense  - AB (Sacramento, CA)
    • Various Bits of Info  - The Crankster Gangster & Tweaky Bird, MG
    • Hacking School  - MOE
    • Modem Voyage  - CH
    • Questions  - LH (San Diego, CA), John, John, E, RA (Virginia)
    • Abuse of SSN's  - RH (Tacoma, Washington)
    • Private Eye View  - PW
    • Call For Info  - (none given)
    • On Virus Books  - Phat Phreddy Phreak (Dan DiCenso)
    • Long-Distance Trouble  - Danny (New York)
    • Dutch COCOTs  - Jack-o (Hengelo, Holland)
    • Cellular Eavesdropping  - Matt B. (Somerset, MA)
    • COCOT Experimentation  - Kingpin
    • Credit Wanted  - Count Zero
    • POSTNET Corrections  - Black Fox (New York, NY)
    • On Prodigy  - Lawrence (New York), Jon Radel (Reston, VA)
    • Reading ANI  - Pete at AU
    • Red Box Warning  - BillSF
    • Reading Stripes  - Trigger (Santa Ana, CA)
    • Lock Your Terminal  - Cray-Z Phreaker
    • Russian Technology  - KT (Moscow, Russia)

  • Class Features  - Overview of some custom calling features, by Colonel Walter E. Kurtz 75 Clicks from the bridge
  • COCOT Corner  - Examples from a COCOT database, various notes on payments and installation
  • An Appeal For Help  - Help pay Craig Neidorf legal defense fund, by Craig Neidorf  (Page 2)
  • Gulf War Printer Virus  - Info on that stupid "Gulf War Printer Virus" April Fool's hoax, by Anonymous
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • U.S. Phone Companies Face Built-In Privacy Hole  - Security hole in a switches Busy Line Verification (BLV) function
  • Monitoring Devices  - Simple FM wireless transmitter schematics, by BillSF  (Bill Squire, Amsterdam, Holland)
  • Human Database Centers  - Various credit bureaus and database agencies, by PW

Volume 9

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 9, Number 1 (Spring 1992)

  • An MS-DOS Virus  - MS-DOS .COM infecter virus x86 assembly code, by Paranoid Panda
  • A Batch Virus  - Virus using DEBUG and EDLIN from a BATCH file, by Frosty of the GCMS  (Robert E. Jones, Long Beach, MO)
  • Virus Scanners Exposed  - How virus scanners work and ways to bypass them, by Dr. Delam
  • Hacking WWIV  - Different techniques for hacking the WWIV BBS software package
  • Using a Silver Box  - Access ACD debug features using the extended DTMF tones, by Mad Scientist
  • Fun Frequencies  - Secret Service and Disney frequencies
  • UNIX Password Hacker  - An alternate approach to UNIX password cracking which hides your activity, by Keyboard Jockey
  • How to Take Apart a Payphone  - How to take apart a payphone, by The Monk
  • Letters  - The Letters
    • Caller ID Info  - Rich
    • POSTNET Questions  - BB (Woodbridge, VA), LM (Berkeley, CA), Anonymous
    • Info  - MT (Baton Rogue, LA), Taran King (Randy Tishler), Dr. Delam, SGC (New Jersey)
    • Searching for Answers  - The H. (Los Angeles, CA)
    • COCOT Updates  - NB, Juan Valdez (Washington D.C.), TELEgodzilla
    • A Mag Strip Future  - Mr. Upsetter
    • Technological Marvels  - Henry H. Lightcap (Seattle, Washington)
    • Transmitter Bits  - T^2 (Germany), BillSF (Amsterdam, Holland)
    • Clarifications  - Bill, Number 204 (Las Vegas, NV), DC (Loomis, CA)
    • Why They're Watching  - Dispater
    • Breaking Into The Scene  - The Information Junkie
    • Questions  - The Iron Warrior
    • Outraged  - P.O.

  • The Australian Phone System  - Overview of the phone system in Australia, by Midnight Caller
  • A Way to Catch Peepers  - C source code to log finger requests, by Alien X
  • Review: Steve Jackson's Hacker  - Game review of Steve Jackson Games' Hacker: The Computer Crime Card Game
  • Simplex Locations  - List of universities, colleges, schools, etc. which use Simplex locks
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • News Updates
    • Big Brother
    • International News
    • New Technology
    • Troublemakers
    • Opportunists
    • Observations
    • Regulations

  • Fascinating Fone Fun  - Interesting phone numbers, by Frosty of the GCMS

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 9, Number 2 (Summer 1992)

  • On the Road Again: Portable Hacking  - Guide to portable computers and mobile hacking, by The Masked Avocado
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Phone System: Phreaking in the Nineties  - Modern phone systems and phreaking, by BillSF
  • Demon Dialer Review  - Review of the Hack-Tic demon dialer, by The Devil's Advocate
  • Bellcore's Plans for Caller ID  - Caller ID info from Bellcore TA-NWT-000030
  • Fun Things to Know  - Various news bits
  • Here We Go Again  - More information about the Secret Service and "hacker" arrests, mostly the New York kiddies
  • Letters  - Here They Are
    • Trouble to Come  - Maelstrom 517
    • Enhanced Exaggerations  - Danny (New York)
    • Mag Strip Update  - SE (Minnesota)
    • Scanning Results  - FD (Atlanta, GA), Name Withheld, David
    • At Wit's End  - CB (Colorado)
    • crypt() Correction  - SJ (California)
    • Simplex Sightings  - Albatross
    • Wanted  - Birdman (Tennesse)
    • Monitoring Problems  - Vid Kid (Minnesota)
    • Cellular Frequencies  - 6025 (Scotland)
    • What the NSA Does  - Someone (Somewhere)
    • Prisoner News  - PW (Washington)
    • Mystery Calls  - Sitting Duck
    • The Prodigy Side  - Steve Heln (White Plains, NY)

  • Defeating *69  - Tips to defeat the *69 automatic callback feature, by Bernie S.
  • The View of a Fed  - Story from a government computer security man, by The Fed
  • Review: Devouring Fungus  - Book review of Karla Jenning's book The Devouring Fungus, by W. Ritchie Benedict
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Voice Mail Hacking  - Hacking voice mail boxes, by Night Ranger (G. Batson)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 9, Number 3 (Autumn 1992)

  • Hacking AmiExpress  - Security holes under this popular Amiga BBS software and a way to grab passwords and display them in ASCII borders, by Swinging Man
  • Defeating Callback Verification  - Neat trick to defeat BBS callback modem verification, by Dr. Delam
  • Shopper's Guide to COCOTs  - Guide to COCOT payphones, by Count Zero (John Lester)
  • Film Review: Sneakers  - Review of the movie Sneakers, by Evil Corley
  • A Simple Virus in C  - Sample source code for a DOS-based overwriting virus that attacks all EXE files in the directories off the main C: directory, by Infiltrator
  • Book Review: The Hacker Crackdown  - Book review of Bruce Sterling's The Hacker Crackdown, by The Devil's Advocate
  • Letters  - I/O
    • Blue Box Questions  - MD (Sheboygan, WI), Phrankenstein
    • Assorted Comments  - DC
    • Sheer Frustration  - T^2 (Germany)
    • Mild Encryption  - Danny (New York)
    • Cable Hacking  - Lawrence (New York, NY), Anonymous
    • A Phone Mystery  - The Psychedelic Sloth (Paul Bradley, Oregon)
    • Info  - Erreth Akbe/Energy!
    • Many Questions  - The Ronin (Pennsylvania), Clark Kent (Ames, IA)
    • An Opinion  - TC (Blauvelt, NY)
    • The Facts on ACD  - Kingpin (Brookline, MA)
    • Cellular Mystery  - MM (Nova Scotia, Canada)
    • Call For Data  - The Azure Mage
    • Call For Info  - JS (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Call For Help  - TB (New Jersey)
    • A Choke Tip  - The Prophet
    • Mail Problems  - RD (Austin, TX)
    • Comments From Abroad  - EL (Faulconbridge, Australia), DF (Milan, Italy)
    • BBS Update  - Guy Nohrenberg (Canoga Park, CA)
    • Voice Mail Question  - Puzzled

  • Hacking on the Front Line  - Good article on early 1990s computer hacking, by Al Capone
  • How to Use the Dial Telephone  - New York Telephone document on how to properly dial a phone
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Getting Started  - Getting started in hacking, by Phord Prefect
  • Toll Fraud: What the Big Boys Are Nervous About  - Overview of the Toll Fraud Prevention Committee (TFPC), by Count Zero
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 9, Number 4 (Winter 1992-1993)

  • Hackers in a World of Malls  - Info on the Pentagon City Mall 2600 meeting being busted up by the Secret Service
  • Cipher Fun  - Overview of simple encryption ciphers, by Peter Rabbit
  • Beginner's Guide to Minitel  - Some info on the French Minitel network, by NeurAlien
  • Vehicle Identification Numbers  - Guide to VINs
  • Secret Service Sites  - List of Secret Service field offices, by GCMS MechWariors
  • Letter From Prison  - Letter from a whiny hacker in prison and brute-forcing Spring card codes
  • Growth of a Low-Tech Hacker  - Hacking in a low-technology atmosphere, by The Roving Eye
  • High Tech Happenings
    • The Hacker "Threat"
    • Foulups and Blunders
    • Advances in Technology
    • Abuse of Power
    • Numbers

  • Letters  - feedback
    • Federal Issues  - Albatross
    • Credit Problems  - D (Nederland, TX), BR (Hamilton, Ontario), Pacoid
    • What a Surprise  - JL (Tampa, FL)
    • More Simplex Shenanigans  - Cray-Z Phreaker
    • In Defense of the Demon Dialer  - Hack-Tic
    • Slow Learners  - Dan
    • Data  - Sarlo (Chicago, IL), Tremoto, Happy Reader and Reporter, MA (Baton Rouge, LA), Digital Bear (Canada), Naddy (Germany), Sp00f
    • Scanner Observations  - Anon.
    • Where is TAP?  - IRC (Torrance, CA)
    • Book References  - WT (Santa Barbara, CA)
    • VMS Fun  - Alien Hacker
    • Answering Machine Hacking  - SPaDe (Montebello, CA)
    • A Request  - The Har (Denver, CO)
    • Bellcore Threats  - Valis (West Orange, NJ)
    • Caller ID Hoodwinking  - Gabriel
    • Hardware Lock Info Needed  - The Pizza Maker Hacker
    • Japanese Phone Tricks  - Japanese Subscriber
    • Assorted Info  - Scott (Buena Park, CA)
    • 2600 Meeting Adventures  - Techno Caster
    • Answers  - Scott R. (Huntsville, Alabama)

  • Toll Fraud of the Past  - An official Bell System document on "Blue Boxing" and toll fraud.  (Page 2, Page 3)
  • AT&T Office List  - List of AT&T offices and switching stations covering Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Hampshire
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • More Telco Leaks  - Southwestern Bell computers and dial-ups
  • Review: Speach Thing  - Review of a Convox add-on voice module, by Cray-Z Phreaker
  • 2600 Meetings

Volume 10

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 10, Number 1 (Spring 1993)

  • Cellular Magic  - Detailed cellular phone system overview, by Bootleg  (Mike Beketic)
  • Trouble in the White House  - Story of White House phone system trouble, by Charlie Zee
  • Beige Box Construction  - How to build a Beige Box which is a little more complex than others, by The Phoenix  (Page 2)
  • Descrambling Cable  - Cable scrambling and the infamous Radio Shack descrambler, by Dr. Clayton Phorester
  • Secret Service on Trial  - Court report from the Steve Jackson Games trial, by Paco Xander Nathan
  • One Angry Judge  - One man's Steve Jackson Games trial perspective and how the judge turned against the Secret Service, by Scott Skinner
  • Letters  - Letters of Merit
    • Cordless Questions  - Happy Reader (North Dakota)
    • Bypassing Restrictions  - Major Tom (Ari Braginsky, Champaign, IL)
    • More Simplex Stories  - A Fly on the Wall, Pez (Lafayette, LA)
    • Mysteries  - Annom, DG (U.K.), Maelstrom 517
    • Hacking Passwords  - MR
    • That Bell Computer  - layden02, The Road Warrior
    • Correction  - CA
    • Info  - CL (Holmdel, NJ), JR (Kingsburg, CA), The Tick (Arizona), Avalar, Ken, Misha, Mr. Upsetter
    • Red Box Questions  - Frustrated in Berkeley
    • Data in the Air  - The Winged Plecenta (Oregon)
    • Questions  - JG, TW (Binghamton), MJ (Massachusetts), SB (Massachusetts), Freaked-out Feyodor, AB (New York), JL (Shoreham, New York), Brendog
    • Fixing Your Credit  - DC Credit
    • Surprising Facts  - JM
    • Spanish Connection  - GMV (Motril-Granada, Spain)
    • BBS Info  - JCB (Concord, North Carolina)
    • Evil Payphones  - Inhuman (Arlington, VA)
    • Access to 2600  - The Apple II Evangelist (Jane Lee, Palos Verdes, CA)
    • Rolling Stone Corrections  - TELEgodzilla!
    • Special Phone  - TL (Tempe, AZ)
    • Seeking Virus BBSes  - YFNH (Your Friendly Neighborhood Hacker)

  • Acronyms  - Acronyms list a-g, by Echo
  • A Study of Hackers  - Article about hackers and setting up a honeypot, by Dr. Williams
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Getting Your File  - Getting your FBI or credit report files, by Bayonet
  • Lawsuit Filed Against Secret Service  - Legal action taken on behalf of the Washington D.C. $2600 meeting incident.
  • British News  - Various news information from Britain, by The Dark Knight (John Abercrombie)
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 10, Number 2 (Summer 1993)

  • A Guide to the 5ESS  - Very detailed guide to the Lucent #5 ESS, by Crisp G.R.A.S.P.
  • British Credit Holes  - Potential credit card security holes and ways to bypass the "Data Protection Act"
  • High School Hacking  - School PS/2 computer and Novell system security holes, by The 999
  • DTMF Decoder Review  - Review of the MoTron TDD-8 DTMF decoder, by Les Inconnu (Sydney, Australia)
  • Meeting Advice  - How to have a $2600 meeting and how to protect them from disruption, by Parity Check and Romula Velcro
  • More Acronyms  - Acronyms list h-r, by Echo
  • Letters  - Printable Letters
    • Mall Fallout  - The Knight of Ni (New Jersey), Knight Klone (Atlanta, GA)
    • Beginner Questions  - JC (Canada), Dial Tone (Nevada City, CA)
    • Defeating Hardware Locks  - The Public, Arclight (Fullerton, CA)
    • Telco Fascists  - NA (Sacramento, CA), M
    • Info  - John Wesley Harding (New Jersey), Frion Man (Los Angeles, CA), Static (Washington), Mouse Balls, MW (Ohio), Martian, Clovis
    • Freedom of the Press  - Mike
    • Equal Access?  - userid@temple
    • Help Needed  - Reuben (New York, NY)
    • Cable Potential  - Master Quickly
    • On Beige Boxing  - Andrew Sharaf (Brooklyn, NY)
    • Unlisted Directories  - SDW (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
    • Callback Defeat  - MJ (California)
    • Another Way to Fix Credit  - ES (Hollywood, CA)
    • Another Simplex Story  - The Flea (Lexington, KY)
    • Red Box Tones  - PB (Deerfield, MA)
    • Female Hackers  - A-Gal (Florida)
    • COCOT Question  - DW (Providence, RI)
    • New York's 890 Exchange  - The Sheperd (Brooklyn, NY)
    • The Best ANAC  - Non-Stop Phone Phreak
    • A Special Request  - Matthew (Los Angeles, CA)

  • AT&T's Pages  - Additional addresses to various AT&T offices and switching stations covering New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia
  • Assorted Videos from Commonwealth Films  - Software piracy video reviews, by Evil Corley
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Toll Fraud Device  - Red Box schematic using a Texas Instruments TCM5089 tone encoder IC.  (Page 2)
  • ANSI Bomb  - How to use and install a DOS ANSI bomb, by Mister Galaxy  (Patrick Harvey, Atlanta, GA, BBS Documentary)
  • News Update  - Steve Jackson declared innocent!
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 10, Number 3 (Autumn 1993)

  • Hacking at the End of the Universe  - Editorial
  • The Wheel Cipher  - How to use Jefferson's wheel cipher, by Peter Rabbit
  • True Colors  - Detailed technical overview of the various phone phreak "color" boxes, by BillSF
  • Caller ID Technicalities  - Technical information on Caller ID, by Hyperborean Menace
  • Congress Takes a Holiday  - Evil Corley testifies before Congress
  • UNIX Job Openings  - UNIX hacking/Trojan horse tips, by Orb  (Norman Richards)  (Page 2)
  • Meeting Mania  - More November 1992 Washington D.C. $2600 meeting info and Secret Service FOIA documents
  • Never Erase the Past  - Review of LoD's Hack/Phreak BBS Message Base Project, by Evil Corley
  • Hacking Honesty Tests  - How honest and integrity test work, by U.R. Source
  • Letters  - Never Before Printed Letters
    • Foreign Charge Phones  - Clovis
    • Hacker Info  - Crewcut
    • Reading List  - The Theoretician (Dana Beal)
    • Telco Ripoffs  - Sp00f!
    • Seen the Light  - A New Reader in Las Vegas
    • Hacking An Intercom  - The H. (Los Angeles, CA)
    • AT&T Irony  - PB at UT
    • Locked Out  - AH (Texas)
    • New Long-Distance Services  - Bill Bossiere, Telemanagement Systems of America (New Orleans, LA)
    • Evil Engineers  - Almost Anonymous
    • Los Angeles Numbers  - Red Wizard, (none given, Santa Ana, CA)
    • Governmental Mystery  - Baked Alaska
    • Numbers  - Boredom Prevails (Richmond)
    • Cellular Mystery  - ED (San Francisco, CA)
    • Disney Details  - IT (San Diego, CA)
    • Are We Neglecting IBM?  - KR (Little Rock, Arkansas)
    • Lack of Understanding  - Captain Poison (Puerto Rico), Tech
    • Review Update  - Les Inconnu (Sydney, Australia)
    • High School Hacking  - The Noid (Jason Chilton), Soylent Green, Haghard
    • Telco UNIX Trap  - A Maryland Hacker
    • Bookstore Trouble  - trader, J
    • Rumor Quelling  - Sue
    • Problem Solving  - LL, Saladin
    • Cellular Criticism  - Mark Uber

  • Password Cracking Software  - Review of Access Data Recovery NTPASS Password Cracking Software, by Hakim
  • Changing Your Grades on a High School Computer  - Hacking a school using Pupil Attendance and Records System (PARS), by Drewl/Salivate (A. Shafer)
  • Overview of DSS1  - Review of ISDN Digital Subscriber Signaling System 1, by Cruise-CTRL
  • Book Review: Approaching Zero: The Extraordinary Underworld of Hackers, Phreakers, Virus Writers, and Keyboard Criminals  - Book review of Paul Mungo's Approaching Zero, by Stephen J. Resz
  • Protecting Your Virus from Evil Detectors  - Short piece of assembly code to add to your viral code to "encrypt" the virus until run time, by Dr. Bloodmoney
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • More Cellular Fun  - Info on cell cloning, by Judas Gerard
  • The Last of the Acronym List  - Acronyms list s-x (no y or z), by Echo
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 10, Number 4 (Winter 1993-1994)

  • Hackers in Jail, Part Two  - Editorial
  • Cellular Phone Biopsy  - Detailed cellular phone memory operations, by Kingpin (Joe Grand)
  • Elementary Switching  - Basics of phone switching and signaling systems, by 910
  • Know Your Switch  - Tricks to listen for to determine the type of telco switch (ESS, DMS) you are on or calling, by Rebel
  • Hacking Smartphone  - Info on the RBOC's Smartphone, by Tech Rat
  • High School Mac Hack  - Hacking Appleshare and using ResEdit at schools, by The Bard
  • Hacking Computer Shows  - Get into computer shows for free, by Walter S. Jaffee  (Page 2)
  • NYNEX Voice Mail  - Voice mail phone numbers for various NYNEX central offices
  • The Magical Tone Box  - Overview of using an ISD1000A digital voice recorder IC to create a Red Box or Blue Box, by FyberLyte
  • Letters  - Letters to Remember
    • Fun Telco Numbers  - Beetle Bailey (Arcadia, CA), MacGyver (Clearwater, FL), Uncle Waldo
    • Hacking Traffic Lights  - Lone Wolf (Atlanta, GA)
    • Past Hacker Prime?  - Darkhold Page (Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Info and Questions  - Whistler, Will Chung (San Luis Obispo, CA), Pipo Communications (Pollack Pines, CA)
    • Potential Discovery  - Maldoror (Florida)
    • Security Concerns  - Radiation X (California), Bleed The Freak
    • Starting a Meeting  - Johnny "The Quarter" Burpo (New York)
    • Questions  - M (Great Neck, New York), DY (Weston Ontario), Owen (Halifax, U.K.)
    • Why Hack Cable?  - A-$tring (Lenexa, Kansas)
    • How to Learn About Your CO  - Hook (Belmont, MA)
    • Observations  - The Lung (California)
    • New Technology  - Julian (Cleveland, OH)
    • Modem Back Door  - Antoch
    • Foreign Payphone Flash  - LN
    • How to Really Abuse a Payphone  - Peter (Manchaca, TX)
    • Technology Moves Backwards  - Martin
    • Corrections  - Jeff, King of Birds (Chapel Hill, CA)
    • Red Box Concerns  - Anoon, Nexus, Concerned
    • How Easy It Is  - CopKiller (Bethesda, MD), Erreth Akbe
    • Bypassing Restrictions  - Lost and regulated in NB, Canada
    • A Way Around Caller ID?  - Levendis (Deron Staffen)
    • School Phone System  - lexis
    • 2600 Wins Over Class  - BG (Georgetown, TX)
    • The Honesty Test  - The Vampire Gabrielle

  • Passageways to the Internet  - College Internet dial-ups
  • More Meeting Advice  - $2600 meeting advice and how to fight back if the government tries to prevent you from attending one, by The Judicator of D.C.
  • Book Review: Virtual Reality  - Review of Howard Rheingold's Virtual Reality, by W. Ritchie Benedict
  • Digital Locks  - List of the 1287 possible combinations for Digital-brand locks
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • News Roundup
    • Foulups and Blunders
    • Touch-Tone Registration
    • Electronic Mayhem
    • The Latest From The U.K.
    • Collect Your Wits
    • Fantasy World
    • Start The Insanity!
    • Insuring Profits
    • New Numbers
    • Journalistic Integrity
    • The Joy of New Technology
    • Caller ID News
    • Corporate Ideas
    • Tidbits

  • 2600 Meetings

Volume 11

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 11, Number 1 (Spring 1994)

  • Price: $4.00
  • Distribution: 13,000
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Harassing old ladies is hacking, or it isn't... I can't figure it out.
  • Cover
  • Staff
  • Payphones  Argentina has two phone companies: Telefonica in the south and Telecom in the north.  Buenos Aires is divided between the two.  Both companies use the same tokens but their cards aren't compatible.  See if you can guess which phones belong to which companies.  See if you can guess which one we're not sure about.  Photos by Edward Stoever.
  • Payphones  Argentina - 2
  • Payphones  Argentina - 3
  • Payphones  Argentina - 4
  • Payphones  Argentina - 5
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 11, Number 2 (Summer 1994)

  • Hackers on Planet Earth  - Editorial about the first HOPE conference
  • Life Under GTD5  - Detailed info on a GTD5 under GTE, also has info on the Proctor Test Set, by Zaphraud (Jason Kennerly)  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6)
  • The Joys of Voice Mail  - Info on hacking voice mail systems and password guessing, by snes
  • Foiling the Finger Command / Playing With Your Fingers  - Overview of some of potentially sensitive information Finger can reveal and how to "back finger" a person, by Packet Rat (Tim Russo) and Shidoshi
  • Cordless Fun  - How to listen to 49 MHz analog cordless phones, by Noam Chomski (New York Metropolitan Phreak Hack Organization [NYMPHO])  (Similar Article)
  • Admins Without a Clue  - Collection of quotes from various system admins, by Kevin Crow
  • Hacking Prodigy  - How to change your Prodigy ID, by DeVillage Fool
  • Hacking the Small Stuff  - Info on hacking ATMs, calculators, vending machines, by Leonardo Branson
  • Letters  - Letters to Read By
    • A Busy Connection  - Reuben (New York, NY)
    • Touch-Tone Tall Tales  - Power Spike
    • Improving Grades  - Brian, Black Night (Ohio)
    • Regression  - Fred
    • Car Tracking  - Tommy B.
    • How to be Honest  - V.A. Szell (Seattle, Washington)
    • High School Notes  - VicProphit, Number 6 (Bellevue, Washington), Deus/The Black Night/Silver Dragon/Pixel Threat/Zippy the WaterGod/The Unnamed One
    • Fighting Traffic  - flip (Ohio)
    • Become Your Own Admin  - Toaster (Narragansett, Rhode Island), Primitive Morales (Processed World)
    • Passing Numbers  - Ethan (Stanford), DD (Somerset, MA), Diashi (New York)
    • Red Box Rumors  - The Borg (Cleveland, OH)
    • Those Three Tones  - Empress
    • Cellular Mystery  - JV (Reston, VA)
    • Thoughts On Congress  - Gregg Giles (Oregon), John
    • Defending the 64  - Commodore Hacker
    • Tyranny in Church  - The Roadkill
    • Availability  - Hermit the Herman (David Johnson), sciri
    • Secrecy  - Somewhere in Kansas
    • Seen the Light  - An isolated feeling guy in Portland, Oregon
    • IBM Hacking  - Powercell (Hartford, CT)
    • Long Arm of the Secret Service  - Juan Valdez (Cambridge, MA)
    • Call Forwarding Tricks  - CM (Attlehoro, MA), LN (Minneapolis, MN)
    • Prodigy Savings  - George
    • Hungry For Knowledge  - Emory T. Suchau
    • Fighting the Slime  - RG (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Secrets of a Super Hacker  - JB (Habay-La-Nevue, Belgium)
    • Thoughts  - PB (Wayland, MA)

  • DTMF Decoder  - DTMF decoder hardware/software for a Commie 64 or Vic 20, by Paul Bergsman  (Merion Station, PA, N3PSO)
  • Monitoring Keystrokes  - Story of recording keystrokes using DEPL under DOS, by Dr. Delam
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Facts  - News bits
  • Detecting Corporate Leaks  - How businesses detect leaks and restrict data, by Parity Check
  • 2600 Meetings
  • Price: $4.00
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  HOPE
  • Cover
  • Staff
  • Payphones  A set of German phone booths.  Note the incredible size of the handicapped booth.  Photo by Frion Man.
  • Payphones  Aruba.  Another card-only payphone.  Photo by YETI.
  • Payphones  Ecuador.  This phone on the Galapagos Islands is the reddest we've ever seen.  A true red box.  Photo by BLUBXR.
  • Payphones  Mexico.  Public card reader payphone in Tijuana.  Photo by Daniel Hank.
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  • Download The Hacker Digest - Volume 11!

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 11, Number 3 (Autumn 1994)

  • Opening Doors  - Editorial
  • Monitoring U.S. Mail  - USPS barcode information, by Paranoia
  • Irish Telephones  - The Irish telephone system Telecom Eireann, by Wonko the Inane
  • The Ghost Board  - Hidden bulletin board systems, by Autolycus
  • Hacking Netcash  - Hacking online money, by Palindrome
  • Welcome to MEL  - Southwestern Bell Mechanized Employee Locator (MEL), by EighT BaLL
  • Generating an ESN  - How ESNs are generated, by Maldoror
  • The Ten Dollar Red Box  - Instructions for turning a "talking" Hallmark card into a working Red Box, by Toxic Avenger  (Jeff Burchell)
  • How to Listen In  - Very detailed overview of common audio surveillance hardware and techniques, by Q (Alan Hoffman)
  • Letters  - Vocals
    • Worrisome Questions  - Susan
    • Defeating Call Return  - Emperor (San Francisco, CA)
    • Info  - Quinton McHale (Seneca, IL), WW (Austin, TX), Norm D'Plume
    • More Questions  - (none given)
    • Privacy Violation  - Anonymous
    • Meetings  - Frank (Kansas City, MO)
    • Reader Reunion  - Mike (Chicago, IL)
    • A Strange Number  - John Q Public, Zappy (Atlanta, GA), Mr. Asshole (San Francisco, CA)
    • Inside Info  - King of Spam
    • Strange Situation  - Marcus
    • Replies to Readers  - Da Phigzter (PHiGAN/6o2), .gKo. (DTMF: AB67)
    • Cordless Clarification  - Gladshiem
    • Mac Hacks  - Xausii, Space Rogue (617) (Christopher Thompson, Lowell, MA)
    • Sick ATMs  - (none given, London)
    • Lowdown on Lojack  - CARTWHEEL
    • Still More Questions  - Clear Plastic Raincoat from Seattle
    • On Piracy  - SM (Morgan Hills, CA)
    • On Honesty  - A.R. Weeks (New York, NY)
    • Northern Hacking  - DrP (Medicine Hat, Alberta)
    • Satellite Mystery  - Alcatraz (Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ)
    • Red Light Cameras  - An Unprintable Symbol (California)
    • Security Concerns  - lexis
    • Security Lapses  - Colostomy Bagboy (Paskell "Geno" Paris, Washington)
    • Contradictions  - Problem Child (Las Vegas, NV)
    • Hacker Sites?  - Roger Harrison (Long Island, NY)
    • Help Needed  - Lady Penelope (London, England)

  • Living on the Front Line  - Compromised Internet hosts  (Page 2)
  • News Items
  • Breaking Windows  - Bypass Windows screen savers, by The Camelback Juggler
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Internet World Guide  - List of the 2-letter Internet domains into countries
  • Software Review  - The Supervisor Series for VMS, by Floyd Lloyd
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 11, Number 4 (Winter 1994-1995)

  • Inspiration  - Editorial
  • Bypassing Protec  - How to defeat the Protec hard drive protection program, includes a Turbo Pascal boot sector copying program, by Michael Wilson
  • More Key Capturing  - Tips on capturing keystrokes and passwords for various operating systems, by Code-Cafe
  • Digital Telephony Passes  - Info and sensationalism on the Digital Telephony Bill
  • The Risks of War Dialing  - Legal problems you might run into war dialing, by Dr. Delam  (Page 2)
  • Cellular Hardware & Electronics  - Detailed information on cellular phone PROMs/EPROMs and the data they hold, by Kingpin
  • Australian Update  - Info on Australia's phone and cellular system, by Les Inconnu
  • Letters  - Right Letters
    • Missing The Point  - Deeply Shrouded & Quiet
    • Handy Tip  - DMG (Cherry Hill, NJ)
    • Problem  - Harlequin
    • HOPE Memories  - Dave (Hofstra)
    • Scantron Tricks  - Jonathan
    • Schematic Problems  - The Camelback Juggler
    • Fun With Sound  - AK47/[GZ] (Arkansas)
    • A Little History  - Fart Wino
    • Ottawa Fun Phone Facts  - The Bishop (Ottawa, Canada)
    • Wanted  - Geert (Rochester, New York), Spartacus
    • Info  - FP (Long Island, New York), Atticus, BW, Paul (New Jersey), Morning Wood
    • Mystery Number  - Bruce
    • Questions  - Anonymous
    • MetroCard Update  - Red Balaclava (Jeopardy Jim)
    • Highway Strangeness  - Son of Holocaust Survivor Redhead
    • More Hacker Persecution  - Mr. Hallmark (Rochester, New York), Majic (Maryland)
    • 800-433-3210 Update  - Presto
    • Payphone Tribulation  - Weasel
    • More Window Tricks  - Brother Orbis
    • More Mac Tricks  - Mr. Blackhood
    • Followup  - John Q Public
    • True Hacker Spirit  - JL (Highland, CA)
    • More On Honesty  - U.R. Source
    • Help Needed  - Dr. X
    • Hacker Graffiti  - JV (New York)
    • Take Responsibility  - Brad Peebles (North Palm Beach, FL)
    • Phone Boxes  - Cat in the Hat (Warner Robins, GA)
    • Inexcusable  - Particle Man (Arlington, VA)
    • International Tale of Woe  - Fabian (Long Island, NY)
    • Cable Affirmation  - James S. Allen (Office of Cable Theft)

  • VT Hacking  - DEC VT100/200/220-series computer (dumb) terminal information and login spoofer/password grabber, by Mr. Bungle
  • Janitor Privileges  - Security problems hiring outside janitors, by Voyager (Will Spencer)
  • Net Surfing Techniques  - Internet surfing tools and tricks, by Sonic Life
  • News Update
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Reviews: Network Security, Information Warfare, and Unauthorized Access  - Review of Steven Shaffer's book Network Security, and Winn Schwartau's book Information Warfare, and the video Unauthorized Access by Annaliza Savage
  • 2600 Meetings

Volume 12

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 12, Number 1 (Spring 1995)

  • The World vs. Kevin Mitnick  - Editorial
  • The Gold Card  - Holland PTT-Telecom prepaid phone cards and how to make your own reader/writer, by Hack-Tic
  • Facts on ATM Camera Security  - Overview of ATM surveillance cameras and debunking some of the myths, by Kitsune
  • Cellular Interception Techniques  - Different methods for the interception of analog cellular phones, by Thomas Icom
  • Letters  - The Better Letters
    • More Bookstore Fun  - Seventh Son
    • Piracy Proposal  - Daveed Shachar (Israel)
    • Eastern Europe Scene  - The MacMan (Carl B. Constantine, Budapest)
    • Locked Up  - ATM Bandit, Phafnir, The Cryptic Prognosticator
    • Bits of Info  - Zeek (Major) (Colorado), Skimmer (Cambridge, MA)
    • Digital Correction  - Spook
    • Intercept Tones  - Scott (Buena Park, CA)
    • Monitoring Mail  - Drew
    • Red Box Problem  - Pestilence
    • ATM Fun  - Kilobyter (Flushing, New York)
    • True Hackers  - Edison Carter (M.D. Spangler)
    • Mystery Computer  - William Tell
    • Source of Income  - CMS (Santa Rosa, CA)
    • Strange Numbers  - Jason (Boise, ID)
    • New Technology  - Bitslicer
    • Conscientious Trashers  - "Hackers for a Cleaner Planet"
    • Satellite Theory  - Daughter of a Satellite Engineer
    • A Fun Project  - Quasinym (Peter Garver?)
    • Mystery Number  - Tony Sharp
    • TV Garbage  - Puppet Master
    • Hacking Airphones  - Empress (Georgia) (Similar Info)
    • Mac Attack  - Rev. Mr. DNA
    • Computer Numbers  - The Phantasm (Jim Brinkerhoff)
    • Fun With Cordless Phones  - Radio Man, Tom

  • Hacking in Brazil  - State of computer hacking in Brazil and notes about the local BBS scene, by Derneval (Ribeiro Rodrigues)
  • Hacking Tandy/Casio Pocket Computer  - Using the Tandy PC-6, by Sam Nitzberg  (Eatontown, NJ)
  • Hacking the Tandy Zoomer/Casio Z-7000 ZPDA  - Using the Tandy ZPDA, by Enigma
  • 500 Exchange Guide  - List of NXXs in 1-500 land
  • Pager Major  - Shoulder-surfing a pager terminal password, by Danny Burstein
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • West Side Hacker: Masters of Deception  - Book review of Joshua Quittner & Michelle Slatalla's Masters of Deception, by Scott Skinner
  • Assorted News
  • Leaking Cables  - British cable company problems and leaks
  • 2600 Meetings
  • Price: $4.00
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Kevin Mitnick
  • Cover
  • Staff
  • Payphones  Hong Kong.  A Cardphone and a Creditphone.  The Creditphone takes credit cards, the Cardphone takes phone cards.  They both take coins as well.  Photos by Michael Pusateri.
  • Payphones  Hong Kong Creditphone.
  • Payphones  Costa Rica.  In the frontier town of Puerto Jimenez, Peninsula de Osa.  Photo by Martin Raminer.
  • Payphones  Finland.  Reminiscent of coin phones throughout Scandinavia.  Card phones in Scandinavia are usually orange, coin phones are blue/silver.  Photo by Flippy the Squid.
  • Download!
  • Download The Hacker Digest - Volume 12!

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 12, Number 2 (Summer 1995)

  • The Bernie S. Saga  - Editorial
  • New Anti-Viral Technologies  - How to protect your virus from anti-virus software, by Adam Young
  • The Gender Snooper  - Cool little project involving a wireless serial port data transmitter to intercept low-speed RS-232 data going to things like modems, by Commander Crash
  • ATM Tricks  - Diebold ATM tricks, by Helen Gone
  • Citibank ATM Fun  - Playing with the ATMs at Citibank, by Ice of Spides
  • Day of the Hacker  - How a Wildcat BBS was hacked with a trick PKUNZIP.BAT and infected COMMAND.COM, by Mr. Galaxy
  • Diverters  - How call diverters (forwarding) work, by Ray Nonte
  • Hacking the AS/400  - How the AS/400 works, by Mantis King
  • Letters  - "Letters are the cornerstone of any civilized society."
    • Privacy Concern  - Anonymous in MD
    • Hacker Techniques  - Pumpkin Smasher (Natchitoches, LA), Mickey and Mallory, Wicker Man (DeKalb, IL), Streaker
    • War Dialing  - Clint Sare (Texas), Lineman
    • Numbers  - TAG (Sheridan, Oregon), Mike, Major Zeek
    • Data  - Airwolf (Twin Cities, Minnesota)
    • Questions  - GF
    • Pirate Alert  - Red 5! and Hellbender
    • Answers  - Name and Address withheld, Gump (Sacramento, CA)
    • Bookstore Stories  - The Black Carpet (Bay Area, CA), Pestilence/517
    • Caller ID Question  - Chester-Buzz
    • Lack of Security  - Another Thought Criminal
    • NYNEX Outrage  - Scammed in NY
    • Advice  - Fortunate Sun, Lincoln
    • On ATM's  - Kamakize (Virginia)
    • Spin Control  - The Black Panther
    • Handy Tip  - BillSF

  • Radio Reviews  - Review of some frequency counter and scanner gear, including the Optoelectronics' Scout, R10A, APS104, Universal M-400 decoder, and AOR AR8000 receiver, by Blue Whale
  • War Dialing  - Interesting wardialing stories from a small town in Canada and an autodialer script for Qmodem, by VOM  (Canada)
  • Coping with Cable Denial 2  - Jerrold 450 cable converter hack, by Prowler
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • News Items  - Mitnick trial starts
  • NPA List  - List of area codes (1995), including all the weird ones
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 12, Number 3 (Autumn 1995)

  • No More Secrets  - Editorial
  • Stealth Trojans  - Source code for a stealth DOS Trojan horse and "stealth" disk I/O access, by Commander Crash
  • Military Madness  - The true story of my experiences as a paid hacker for the military
  • T-Shirt Follies  - Washington D.C. $2600 meeting problems and harassment wearing a $2600 T-shirts, by The Roach
  • Macintosh Key Capturing  - Source code for a Mac keystroke recorder, by Swarthy
  • Just Say No  - Build a "NO-Box" which is like an improved "gold box" (switchable second line), by Hudson
  • COCOT Experimenter's Resource Guide  - Very detailed guide to various technical details about COCOT phones, by Dastar Corn
  • Letters  - Language is a Virus From Outer Space
    • Harassment  - African Herbsman (Lexington, Kentucky), Roger Blake, Little Alex (Michigan), sam (Berkeley), Fast Lover (Houston, TX)
    • Information  - Ether, Dali Lamer, Curious and Anonymous (Los Angeles, CA), pbixby, Matthew Kassin, FkPigMan (Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Telco Brains  - Neo Zeed of 201, TTJ
    • Article Feedback  - (none given), Rokket Man, LACR01X, Bloodshot (Mt. Vernon, NY)
    • Numbers and Addresses  - McPhrie, Veg
    • Censorship  - Disgusted
    • Discovery  - Katfish
    • Wanted  - Nameless
    • Mac Infiltration  - Maud'Dib (Silicon Pirates)
    • On Diverters  - MASTER JSW, Anakin
    • ATM Fun  - The Final Chasm, ATM Dude
    • Advice  - Law Hack (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Causing Confusion  - tfg
    • Fear of Subscribing  - John Doe
    • Yet More Bookstore Fun  - John Lowe (Memphis, TN), Ford
    • German Payphones  - THX-1138 (Raleigh, NC)
    • HOPE Repercussions  - Mr. Pink (San Marcus, CA)

  • Mutation Engine Demystified  - Understanding virus mutation code, by Tio Mate Jones
  • ISDN Overview  - Technical overview of ISDN services, by Roger Harrison
  • DTMF Decoder Review  - Review of a MoTron TM-16A+ DTMF decoder, by Blue Whale
  • Hacking a Police Interrogation  - Tips on surviving a police interrogation, by Darlo Okasi  (Page 2)
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Breaking Windows 2  - Defeating Windows screen saver passwords, by Bisect Skull Gas
  • Movie Reviews: The Net and Hackers  - Movie reviews of The Net and Hackers, by Evil Corley and Thee Joker (Jason)  (Hackers Transcript)
  • 2600 Meetings
  • Price: $4.00
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Bernie S.
  • Cover
  • Staff
  • Payphones  Japan.  This phone resides in Yokohama and is referred to as a "green phone".  They use phone cards in 1000, 5000, or 10,000 yen denominations.  Photo by Bill Bond.
  • Payphones  A typical French cardphone, found in Paris.  Photo by Anonymous.
  • Payphones  This payphone was found in northern Norway (64.5 degrees north) and takes only coins.  Photo by John Lewandowski
  • Payphones  An Israeli cardphone that is a big improvement over the old token system.  Photo by Unka Nisi.
  • Download!
  • Download The Hacker Digest - Volume 12!

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 12, Number 4 (Winter 1995-1996)

  • Speech Control  - Editorial
  • What Happens on the AT&T Side  - AT&T long-distance operator info, by Crash 24601
  • AOL Censored Wordlist  - AOL internal memo for rules on the use of certain words.
  • News Updates
  • A Spoofing Odyssey  - How jsz, Shade, Len Rose?, and others on #hack used Robert T. Morris' IP spoofing vulnerability to attack Shimomura's system for Kevin Mitnick, by Gregory Gilliss
  • Infiltrating Disney  - Very inaccurate Disney World secrets, by Dr. Delam
  • Sniffing Ethernet  - Overview of DOS utilities for monitoring Ethernet traffic, by Veg
  • Bypassing DOS/Windows Security  - How to bypass the security on DOS/Windows machines, by Case
  • Understanding VeriFone Machines  - VeriFone machine info, by Dr. No
  • Pakistani Phones  - Info on the Pakistani phone system, by The Shepherd
  • Letters  - Thoughts of the Reader
    • Fraid Not  - madh, Avi Drissman (Farmington Hills, MI)
    • Questions  - Psycho, Proteus (Babylon, NY)
    • Clarification  - Lucas, Fastchrlie
    • The Master Plan  - The Silicon Phoenix/810
    • Words of Thanks  - Lady Penelope (London, England), Checkerboard Phox (Kevin Phillips, Memphis, TN), SLUMBRBAK of the forest, Joel (Orange County, CA)
    • Mac Trix  - The Invincible in MD, Equant (Tucson, AZ)
    • Privacy Regained  - DayEight, Jerry
    • Of ANACs and ANIs  - Kevin (Memphis, TN), Percival
    • Viral Stuff  - Problematic 29
    • Brazilian Hackers  - kazi (Brazil)
    • The Truth About Mitnick  - Daniel
    • On Bernie S.  - King B, Data Recall
    • Possible Warning  - J.R.
    • AOL Hell  - Mark
    • Destruction and Theft  - TD, LIG (Life is Good)
    • Hacker Perceptions  - se7en (Christian Valor, San Francisco, CA)
    • Answers  - Bell Buddah
    • Speech Confinement  - angchay twenty-fidy
    • Bookstore Stories  - Harmony, MRB (Boca Raton, FL)
    • Standing Up  - Feyd, Tunnel Vision
    • Pet Peeves  - Stickman, Hacked, Cracked, and Phracked
    • Shocking News  - GoatBoy
    • Back Pack Hack  - The Cat's Meow
    • Problem Stealing Money  - Riddler
    • Contacts Wanted  - Joey Jay Weinman (Texarkana, TX)
    • Info  - David Smith (Las Vegas, NV), CMS (Santa Rosa, CA)
    • Opening Doors  - The Laughing Cow

  • .COM File Infecter  - Source code to a .COM file infecter, by Impending Dhoom
  • Understanding the Hacker  - Editorial, by Bootleg
  • Scanning Space  - Military satellite, NASA, and Air Force radio frequencies, by The Majik Man
  • AOL Syndrome  - Using AOL's FTP space to host files via HTTP, by Kris
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Hacking NetWare  - Hacking Novell NetWare, by Trap
  • Cashing in on Mitnick: The Fugitive Game  - Oh, the irony!!!  Book reviews of Jonathan Littman's The Fugitive Game and Tsutomu Shimomura's Takedown, by Scott Skinner
  • 2600 Meetings

Volume 13

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 13, Number 1 (Spring 1996)

  • Caught in the Web  - Editorial
  • Tap Alert  - Simple phone tap detector, by No Comment and Crash Test Idiot  (Text)
  • A Page of Revenge  - Pager demon dialer ideas for Quick Basic, by Big Lou
  • Unshredding the Evidence  - How to unshred paper evidence, by Datum Fluvius
  • Confessions of a Beige Boxer  - Funny story, by RedBoxChiliPepper (Brad Carter, MySpace)
  • Macs at Ease  - Bypassing AtEase on school Macintosh computers, by Loogie
  • Sharp Cash Trix  - Sharp ER-3100 cash register information and how to open the cash drawer, by Dennis Fiery (Knightmare)
  • Hacking Doors  - Apartment telephone security system holes and intercepting their DTMF codes, by Clark W. Griswald
  • Hacking Caller ID Boxes  - Extend the memory on caller ID boxes, by Dave Mathews (Dallas, TX)
  • The Alaskan Phone System  - Info on the phone system in Alaska with a hacker point-of-view, by Ice
  • Avoiding Suspicion  - How to avoid looking and acting suspicious, by -Me
  • Letters  - Where the Letters Are
    • Opening More Doors  - RB (San Francisco, CA)
    • Eastern Europeans  - Hrvoje Vukovic (Croatia)
    • ANAC Change  - woodrat
    • Points on Interrogation  - The Prophet, System Default, Robin Scurr (White Lake, MI)
    • Bernie S. Fallout  - Name Withheld, Mike W., TcP (Denver, CO), Mario (Canada), Adam Schoenfeld
    • Military Miscellany  - Cockroach, Disappointed in our Government
    • Spanish ANI  - The Mad Tapper (Ringwood, IL)
    • Cellular Prisoner  - Jeremy G. Cushing (Alphabits, Arrest Info)
    • Highway Weirdness  - Jus Jizzen (Phoenix, AZ), King Otar
    • Meeting Questions  - Joshua, Skywarp (London, U.K.), Frank M.
    • Info  - anonymous, PhreakHolio (Colorado Springs, CO), The Mighty Pantharen (N. Vancouver, Canada)
    • Corrections  - b00da (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Reality?  - Meth
    • Radio Shack Fun  - Biohazard
    • Unfriendly Payphones  - Michael H.
    • Questions  - NeVeR \FluX/, M
    • The Winter Cover  - Christian (Germany), Dereks, fuLcrum (Miami, FL)
    • Fun On Planes  - Particle Man (203)
    • Repression and Hackers  - Brian Martin (Australia)
    • AOL Hell  - YUKYUK
    • Credentials on Credentials  - Gebby
    • Crippled 911  - Ben Stock
    • Disney Critique  - Michele Warner, The Imagineer
    • An Edward A. Smith Theory  - some guy
    • Cincinnati Bell Nightmare  - Mr iNSaNiTY
    • Understanding the Hacker  - Sevangels
    • 56K ISDN Link  - ThePawn (New Jersey)
    • Netware Nonsense  - Gandolf
    • Words of Praise  - The Cyber Hitchhiker
    • Words of Shame  - E.W.L., Dr. No

  • Motorola Cellular Guide  - Motorola cellular phone information, by Mike Larsen
  • 2600 Marketplace  - CAP'N CRUNCH WHISTLES. Brand new, only a few left
  • Hackers '95 Review  - Review of Phon-E and R.F. Burns' film Hackers '95, by Blue Whale
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 13, Number 2 (Summer 1996)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 13, Number 3 (Autumn 1996)

  • Fallout  - Editorial
  • Searches and Arrests  - Your rights during a search or arrest, by Keyser Soze  (Page 2)
  • Hacking the SCC OS  - Hacking tips for the SCC business management software (not the telco system), by D-Day
  • Security Through the Mouse  - Bypass keystoke recording with this clever program which allows mouse clicks in your password, by Steve Rives  (Email)
  • Brazilian Phone System  - Overview of the landline and cellular phone systems in Brazil, by Derneval
  • The Dial Pulser  - Turbo BASIC code for a 2600 Hz single-frequency pulser (a.k.a. Captain Crunch whistle), by Golem of Sprague
  • GI CFT2200 Power Box  - Overview of the General Instrument CFT2200 cable box, by Active Matrix
  • GTE Voice Prompts  - Codes to generate each of the voice recordings, by Chillin' Bit Boy
  • HP LX200  - Hacking with the HP LX200 portable computer, by PsychoWeasel
  • Maximum WOW!  - Compuserve nation-wide PPP Internet service information, by Kris
  • Hack Your High School  - Tips for hacking your school's computer, by DayEight  (Ryan Stevens)
  • Federal BBSes  - Government BBSes, by Anonymous
  • Hacking the SR1000 PBX  - Hacking the Cortelco SR1000 PBX system, by maldoror
  • Building the Cheese Box  - Build a phone line diverter box using a Parallax BASIC Stamp, by Thomas Icom
  • Letters  - Going Totally Postal
    • The Cincinnati Nightmare  - Craig A. Finseth, Judicator of DC, Mickle, Feanor (Fargo), Benjamin (New Jersey)
    • 2600 Groups  - Michael J. C. G., The Rippa
    • Airplanes  - Bishop (Maple Ridge, British Columbia))
    • That Question Again  - Jimp
    • Phone Shutdown  - PyroLite (Barry Bowling)
    • Corrections  - Cannibal
    • Boat News  - Phillip Phlop
    • Mac Hiding  - Josh M. McKee (Corvallis, Oregon)
    • Submission  - SN0WBLiND
    • Numbers  - foX mulder, Shadowdancer, cybersurfer, Ruthless Dictator, rolando rojas
    • Mystery Computer  - cookiesnatcher
    • Novell Hacking  - Dusty
    • Security Concern  - Ginchy
    • Canceling AOL  - Eribake
    • NSA Tracking  - Montauk
    • The Red Box Issue  - Cesar, Rev. Doktor S-bo (Steve Johnston), mthed
    • Malfunction  - Vader187
    • Off The Hook  - Mr. B.
    • Free Communication  - MA
    • Words of Thanks  - C.S Spankford (Seattle, Washington), DFW
    • Applying Knowledge  - Dr. Bob (Dr. Bob Testen, Germantown, MD)
    • Coin Collection  - Anonymous
    • Trouble  - alien13
    • On The Inside  - Cpt. Kirk
    • Retail Madness  - Jamez Bond
    • Update  - MRGALAXY
    • Suspicion  - Redial
    • Videotext  - MLiq
    • Chip Implants  - OddBall
    • Hacker Defense  - Charr
    • Battling *69  - Ty Osborn
    • Cash Registers  - Spydir Man (Phoenix, AZ)
    • Disney Facts  - Line Noise (Orlando, FL)
    • Crazy Phone  - PoT-UsA
    • Paranoia  - Ben (Wichita, KS)

  • Spoofing Cellular Service  - Overview of cellular ESN cloning, by Baxlyder
  • Reprogramming Data  - NAM programming info for various Autovox cellular phones, by JS
  • The Weird World of AOL  - Various AOL Terms of Service violations
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • PHF Exploit  - Using the infamous Apache PHF web server exploit, by fencer
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 13, Number 4 (Winter 1996-1997)

  • Knowledge is Strength  - Editorial
  • Toward More Secrets  - Info on today's cryptography, by Seraf  (Dominick LaTrappe)
  • Backcountry Phones  - Info on rural phone systems, Optaphones, by Equant  (Nathan Hendler, Tucson, AZ)
  • Chipcards Explained  - Detailed information on chipcards, by BillSF  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6)
  • Biggest Mac Mistakes  - Securing Mac computer networks, by The Guy Who Was In Craig Neidorf's Spanish Class And Had No Idea
  • Craft Access Terminal  - Info on outside plant Craft Access Terminals and the Craft Access System, by Local Loop
  • Cracking askSam  - How to bypass askSam database password protection, by Datum Fluvius  (Missing Table)
  • Snooping via MS-Mail  - Snoop on email using MS-Mail, by Schlork
  • Letters  - Your Letter Could Be Here
    • The Ruling Class  - Socrates, Josh (Abilene, TX), Hype (Mississippi)
    • Folklore  - Wussfish
    • Finding People  - Asmodeus (McKinney, TX)
    • Info Needed  - Jorge (Uruguay), Geert (Holland), DoubleZeroOne (Texas), Yosemite Sam
    • Encryption  - Data Stream, Azazel, Anonymous, WinSocker
    • Questions  - thedespised, Merlin (Anchorage, AK)
    • Holes  - charr (Atlanta, GA)
    • On Cluelessness  - Zyklon B
    • Observations  - Dr. Delam, xphreak, Desaparecido (San Francisco, CA), NG (New Jersey), Ammon, Rosey (Canada), president@whorehouse.gov, CF (Alameda, CA)
    • New Stuff  - xorsystm (Eric), TheFetish To Heresy
    • Numbers  - sisifis (Illinois), Captain Video, Michael (Germany)
    • Corporate Hacking  - Jack Stuart
    • A Word of SYN  - meem, George
    • Oops  - Gordon
    • More FlightLink Facts  - +universal cytixn+
    • Bernie S. Thoughts  - Kevin
    • Our Hypocrisy  - Sean Emerson (Goleta, CA)
    • Upgrade  - MRGALAXY
    • A Freer Juno  - phunhertz
    • Cable Notes  - Platypus Man
    • Gambling Hack  - Guz
    • PHF Exploit  - Astraea
    • Monopolistic Motion  - (orbital) (Nashville, TN)
    • A Fun Federal Story  - love 357
    • Disturbing News  - Rich D.
    • Porn Sting Update  - BD (Denver, CO)
    • NYNEX Neighbor Problems  - Guard of the Gate (Massachusetts)

  • Subscriber Network Interfaces  - Info on telephone network interfaces, by Frequency Man (FreqMan)
  • Unfriendly Numbers  - List of 800-numbers that charge, by Secret Squirrel (Michael Jacobus)
  • How to Steal Things  - How to steal stuff, by Ted Perver  (J.J. Styles [a.k.a. 0ptiKal ilusioN, a.k.a. Zot the Avenger])
  • Social Engineering via Video  - Use video tools and techniques to social engineer information, by Bernz  (David Noah Bernick, Email #2)
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • Defeating the W95 Screen Saver  - How to extract a Windows 95 screen saver password, by rdpzza
  • Book Review: Anarchy Online  - Review of Charles Platt's book Anarchy Online, by Scott Skinner
  • 2600 Meetings

Volume 14

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 1997)

  • Enough is Enough  - Editorial
  • Hacking LED Signs  - How to hack those scrolling LED signs, by Bernie S.
  • Use Your Skills to Escape Boot Camp  - How to get out of boot camp, by InVerse
  • Poor Man's Access  - Provides remote shell access on UNIX servers, by GT
  • Consequences of .GOV/.MIL Hacking  - What happens when you hack .gov/.mil sites, by Chocolate Phoetus
  • More PHF Fun  - Script to search for the Apache PHF exploit, by ChezeHead
  • Credit Card Numbers via Calculators  - How to generate credit card numbers on a TI-82 calculator, by DETHMaster (Jesse Curry)
  • Paper Evidence  - How to properly destroy paper evidence, by F. Leader
  • Cellular Programming Data  - More CT-352/3, CP-170, Technophone 901, CT-100/101/200/201, EZ400 NAM programming notes, by Threc (Dustin Darcy)
  • Downsizing Insurance  - How to avoid being fired and collecting "payback" data, by Hans Gegen
  • Letters  - Letters That Don't Suck
    • Dealing With Parents  - edoban, FEENIX aka The Ebola Virus, fordyman, Ace Lightning
    • Subscribing vs. Newsstands  - jetman
    • A Real Clever Trick  - ameba
    • Tale of Woe  - Jeff
    • Number Fun  - CIA, Darkman, Saiine, CrACKeD (Tucson, AZ), BStone, JN, Rokket Man
    • Technological Marvels  - Phreakner
    • Big Brother  - Wes "Holodoc" Mills
    • Frequencies  - Desaparecido (Bryan Robert Cowan, Sacramento, CA, DOB: 11-27-1974)
    • School Terror  - Socrates
    • Exciting Updates  - sw, Josh M. McKee
    • Bernie S. Feedback  - CYBERJE, POEE Chaplin (J. Weiss), Armitage Shanks, MBG
    • Video Boxing  - =NSNiPER=, NeoCzar, Pyrojax (ShwaG)
    • Exorcising AOL  - Sevangels
    • Newbies  - ZeBoK, OpieX
    • PHF Findings  - Zeed
    • Web Reaction  - KH, Anonymous
    • Submitting Stuff  - (i), Jack T. Dragon
    • 2600 Name Dispute  - Mr. Kiddie Pr0n
    • 2600 Sells Out  - Brain Child
    • Cable/Web Thoughts  - Eli the Bearded
    • Praise  - sgtpepper
    • More on Disney  - Moonpanther, GB (Georgia)
    • Cellular Spoofing  - WinterMute
    • Implants  - /dev/null
    • More on the Mystery Computer  - Viral Messiah (Mike, Jamestown, KY)
    • Credit Fraud  - scrap
    • Bookstore News  - Phun and Gamez (Emporia, KS), /dev/thug
    • On Stealing Things  - Artifice, charr (Atlanta, GA), Dorsey Morrow, Jr.
    • Mischief in the Subway  - Madeagle
    • Psychic Rip-Off  - DT
    • Radio Show Online  - Zaph32 (Dallas, TX)
    • One For Kevin  - Venshea, MD
    • Inspiration  - SodaPhish (Corey J. Steele)
    • Phone Weirdness  - grim, Procell
    • 2600 Meeting Mishaps  - Cesaro (Toronto, Canada), Crumb (Buffalo, NY)
    • Military Hacker  - Mainframe
    • Punctuation Problems  - Niel Ians
    • Mac Hiding  - Total Idiot
    • The Other Side  - (unreadable signature on a fax)
    • Evil Ex Strikes Hacker  - MANOWAR (Orangeville, Ontario, Canada)
    • Serious Concerns  - Shadodin

  • How to Hack Tech Support  - How to talk on the phone, by Dennis Fiery (Knightmare)
  • Letter from Prison  - Letter from Agent Steal
  • The Other Kevin Book  - Book review of Jonathan Littman's The Watchman, by Noam Chomski
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • How to Legally Use a Red Box  - Use the audio tone output of a Red Box to control things, by Kingpin
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 14, Number 2 (Summer 1997)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 14, Number 3 (Autumn 1997)

  • Sobering Facts  - Editorial
  • Busted! A Complete Guide to Getting Caught  - What to do if you are busted by the feds, by Agent Steal with contributions and editing by Minor Threat (Chris Lamprecht)
  • Hacking FedEx  - Overview of FedEx computer systems and security (The Beast = SecurID), by PhranSyS Drak3 (Brian Taylor)
  • Defeating *67 With Omnipoint  - Defeat caller ID blocking using the Omnipoint GSM network, by TtJ
  • How to be a Real Dick on IRC  - Hacking and taking over IRC channels, by semiobeing
  • Brute Forcing the World  - Ideas for brute-force password hacking, by ChezeHead
  • Hacking the Vote  - Potential voting holes and loopholes, by A-Napa Candidate
  • The E-ZPass System  - Overview of the E-ZPass toll pass system, by Big Brother
  • Letters  - We Printed Your Letter!
    • True Hacking  - banaker
    • Fun At Barnes & Noble  - Black Jaguar, anonymous, Barnes & Noble Financial Center (Westbury, New York)
    • Righteous Hacking  - Bomber Chick, Katfish
    • Replies  - Imran Ahmed a.k.a. Eric Blair, kingpin, Deranged
    • A Challenge  - Clive
    • Questions  - StLSD2000, Phracture, scott, CP
    • The End?  - Ripped Off by NYNEX
    • Critic's Corner  - sTs, Orion, TC (Fort Leavenworth, KS)
    • Mitnick Fallout  - Phip-C, DM & NightShadow, fiNrod (Montgomery, AL)
    • Circuitry  - Crampet
    • Suggestions  - Steven, sb
    • Problems  - [Name Obliterated], MaRTiAs, sryob
    • Improvements  - Mutter
    • Numbers  - Ydeologi (Marshall Votta), DJinOK, A., Spillage (Orange, CT), Mwaaah, Jonny Deth
    • Uh Oh  - josmo
    • Fixing Juno  - BuPhoo, cap.n_crack
    • Offended  - Absinthia Vibrato
    • Notes From The Military  - Jungle Bob
    • For The Record  - The *REAL* NeoCzar
    • Meeting Problems  - CW Extreme, Flipliquid, Checkmate
    • Beyond Hope Aftermath  - mattj, D.
    • IRC Woe  - havok
    • USA Still #1  - elw00d
    • Gee Whiz  - Adam768L and Da Violator
    • Singapore Connection  - Joe a.k.a. DaemonX
    • Free Video Games  - PaulT
    • Clarification  - Ether Bunny, TheEtch
    • PCS Mystery  - Matt D.

  • 2600 Marketplace
  • News Summary
  • Secrets of Walmart  - Overview of a Walmart phone systems and the different extensions, by Pirho  (Gregory Jones, New York, New York, MySpace)
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 14, Number 4 (Winter 1997-1998)

Volume 15

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 15, Number 1 (Spring 1998)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 15, Number 2 (Summer 1998)

  • Lies  - Editorial
  • Where Long-Distance Charges Come From  - Detailed tabulation of where long-distance phone charges come from, by The Prophet (Babu Mengelepouti)
  • Facts About Cable Modems  - Technical info on cable ISPs and modems, by jeremy
  • What is ICA?  - Overview of the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture thin-client protocol, by Democritus "Father of Materialism"
  • A Newbie Guide to NT4.0  - Beginner guide to Windows NT 4.0, by Konceptor
  • Build a Modem Diverter  - Divert an incoming modem line to another line, by digital/Digital
  • The Tyranny of Project LUCID  - Info on Advanced Technologies' LUCID "international justice" computer system, by Tom Modern
  • Hacking Lasertag  - Hacking the LaserStorm games, by johnk
  • Fun With Java  - Playing around with JavaScript, by Ray Dios Haque
  • Millennium Payphones  - Overview of Nortel Millennium payphones, by Phluck
  • How to Hack Your ISP  - Overview of some basic UNIX security and exploits, by Krellis
  • Gameguru Hacking  - How to hack the demo copy of Game Guru, by Axon
  • Letters
    • Questions  - Payphone, reid, Anonymous in Minnesota, Callme Ishmael, kris, Bendzick, PbH, Asher
    • Newsstand Update  - Javelin, John Doe
    • Meetings  - twisted circuits, Flash, Dr. Doolittle
    • Disturbing News  - Ruiner (New Times BBS), M Davis a.k.a. SemiSpy
    • Online Idiots  - Dave, The Informant
    • Software Concerns  - Schrooner, Greyhare
    • Random Info  - Luke, Allin, SilverStream, FIXatioN, Mark Iannucci, Soul Implosion, phiberphit, Desaparecido, Flinx, skwp, Citrus, Mastery
    • More Fun In Stores  - Corvi42 (Trisan Nixon, Toronto, Ontario), Carole
    • 2600 Problems  - Kevin Brown, Eric B. AKA Flyable George, SYCO, Dave Kiddell, Catt, Disappointed
    • Comments  - Dr. Psycho, JJ
    • Pleasantries?  - DramaDame, Briareos
    • Mitnick  - klineline, *69, ed
    • Head Hacking Advice  - Malico, kevin g
    • Clarification  - Atrifix (Matt Atrifix), K. Ruff
    • Bookstore Monopolies  - R.J. Eleven
    • Credit Due  - Nothingg
    • Phone Exchange History  - Stealth Ricochete
    • A Suggestion  - F.E.D.-D.E.F.
    • The Generation Gap  - curtis in cali
    • More on FYROM  - MJ Mastermind (Athens, Greece)
    • A Nagging Question  - Trend_Killa

  • Fingerprinting at the Precinct  - Story of being fingerprinted at the NYPD 44th Precinct and the computer system they used, by The IMC
  • Inter-Tel Phone Systems  - Hacking Inter-Tel phone systems, by Sundance Bean
  • Security Through "Secure"  - Program to watch process IDs vi ps aux to determine if they exceeding a set limit, by kasper
  • Tips on Generating Fake ID  - Info on getting or making fake IDs, by DrNick (Ben Polen)
  • More on DSN  - Overview of the Defense Switched Network, by Dr. Seuss of the OCPP
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 15, Number 3 (Autumn 1998)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 15, Number 4 (Winter 1998-1999)

  • The Victor Spoiled  - Editorial, plus Mitnick case update
  • A Touch Memory Primer  - Detailed overview of Dallas iButton Touch Memory devices, by Kingpin
  • The Facts of SSN  - Social Security number info and prefix guide, by Kermit the Hog
  • A Guide to VMS'pionage  - Hacking OpenVMS, by EZ Freeze
  • Samba: Lion King or Software Suite?  - Overview and security of Samba shares and the SMB protocol, by VmasterX (Ron Belcher)
  • Copper Pair Color Coding  - 25-pair color code, by Catatonic Dismay
  • A Security Hole at S-CWIS  - Computer security holes in Student Campus Wide Information Service, by Phineas Phreak  (Bryan Finger)
  • Pocket Connectivity for Frugal Hackers  - Hacking with the Sharp Zaurus 3500X, by Mr. Curious
  • Fun With NetWare 5  - Hacking Novell NetWare 5, by Khyron (Claude Johnson)
  • Become a Radio Ninja  - Radio hacking and how to get your ham license, by Javaman  (Adam J. O'Donnell, PhD Dissertation)
  • Cable Modem Security  - MAC address security with cable modems , by Fencer (Dr. Faubert)
  • How to Handle the Media  - How to properly deal with talking to the media about hacking subjects, by nex
  • 800-555 Carriers  - 1-800-555-XXXX modem carrier scan, by MSD
  • Letters  - NON SPAM
    • More on "Free" Software  - (none given)
    • Data  - Pigano, nobody, Mark Milgrom, Nighthawk, KC, Shahn
    • Questions  - Rav0n, analyzer, smokescreen, Matt, Keebler, the medik, NAME, KLoWN, RANT-o-MATIC, RANT-o-MATIC, vsr600, Envision (Anaheim, CA), TydiLFuX (Wisconsin)
    • Radio Shack Antics  - Jestah (Orlando, FL)
    • Fun on the Phone  - NERO, Knotfil, Innominate (Buffalo, NY)
    • Religious Advice  - Patrick, Deryc, Riddler
    • Scary Stuff  - jagxr
    • Injustices  - wrath, Toxygenn, hex
    • Olympic Fun  - Informagnet
    • Miscellaneous Mitnick  - denileofservice, Anthony T. aka SYCO, TetterkeT (Jonathan M. Wilcox), exhalibut, Shawn Morris, Timba Wulf, Eppie, snachbot, Little Bobby, Telephreak, Pago, Jade, DaRkSiDe (Richmond, Indiana), Desaparecido, Baaaa (Waltham, MA)
    • Fingerprinting  - The Fryar
    • Barnes & Noble Feedback  - J.A. Hasse, Bendar the Barbarian, cloak, Rachael (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
    • Between The Lines  - Pete
    • Help Needed  - morbus, Col Pete
    • Hotmail Fun  - Feng Laser
    • Non-Subscriber  - Sandy
    • 2600 To The Rescue  - jeff
    • In Defense of Microsoft  - Count Zero Int
    • Clarifications  - Spoon, StuntPope, Dustin Decker, Rave669, Archive, D-Recz, Cslide, Frank (Seattle, Washington), Shaggy Dan, Frogman
    • An Offer  - st
    • Military Madness  - Dippy (Virginia), Virtual Vandal (Detroit, MI)
    • Thoughts and Reflections  - BurningWorld (New York), fl00dland, WG (Friday Harbor, Washington)

  • Why Anonymous Phone Cards Aren't  - Laws that can reveal phone card info and FBI testimony
  • The Cryptography of Today  - Modern computer encryption, by kriminal 3nigma
  • Hacking the Atcom Cyberbooth  - Hacking airport kiosks, by Fever
  • Le Firewall  - How firewalls work and Checkpoint Firewall-1 3.0b information, by Black Ice
  • Phreaking in the Midwest  - Phreaking story and information for Midwest states, specifically Illinois, by deth6 of the Bullz On Parade
  • How to Hide From Netscape  - Clearing your Netscape web browser cache and history, by J.P. (John Pierce "J.P." Cummins)
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

Volume 16

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 16, Number 1 (Spring 1999)



                       Number of crimes documented : 2
                        Number of meals documented : 42


                          Number of good articles : 2
                           Number of TinyPedoAds® : 42

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 16, Number 2 (Summer 1999)

  • A Culmination of Efforts  - Editorial
  • Securing Your Linux Box  - Steps to help secure your new Linux installation, by miff
  • More on SIPRNet  - Overview of the Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) used by the U.S. military, by Happy Harry
  • Hacking AS/400  - Discusses the IBM AS/400 mainframe including pre-set user IDs, default password policy and some useful commands, by radiat
  • Fun at Costco  - Hacking Costco's AS/400, by nux
  • Brute-Forcer for Tracer  - Brute-forcer for Tracer unit control hardware found at most big stores, by J-lite
  • Broad Band via the Earth  - Broadband radio/data transmissions using the Earth as a conductor, by saint (David)
  • Secrets of Copy Protection  - How various hardware and software copy protection schemes work, by root access (Data War)
  • How Parents Spy on Their Children  - Computer usage spy programs and One Tough Computer Cop software, by Demonologist
  • The Future of IPV6  - How IPv6 works in comparison to IPv4, by rift
  • Letters  - Chatter
    • Offerings  - flatline, Douglas
    • Revelations  - ZeROLogiKz (Michigan), ronwarren, Justin, Rufus T. Firefly, charr (Atlanta, GA)
    • Responses  - Ethan LaPan, Fencer
    • Fun Numbers  - maxm0use (Owosso, MI), Remy, PhuzzBoi, Mike
    • Secrets  - ethan (army.mil)
    • Gripes  - ICE breaker, RGBKnight, K2, shinobi, Matt Lesko
    • Tales of Injustice  - marbike, Outbreak
    • Retail Tips  - Fredrick 860, Sylex
    • Cries for Help  - TOPACE12
    • Flush Out Religion  - Joe Sixpack
    • Mischief  - Anonymous, the ninth name is NOD
    • Clarification  - baalse, Lucky225, NoDiCe, Elite
    • Supplemental Info  - Corey, ts, Corban, Scoop, rain.forest.puppy, MMX, Justin (Memphis, TN), Anonymous, Charon, F00bar98, matt, techs, The WildCard & |SC|
    • Military Mentality  - aeglemann, USN Sailor & ModG, Surreal
    • Education  - Made in DNA
    • Miscellaneous Mitnick  - RomeoW, Static-Pulse, Payphone, Chris, David, Ed in CT, toneboy1700, EchoMirage
    • Mysteries  - shine, niceroova)
    • Foreboding  - SLATAN, Mars
    • Feedback  - pArtYaNimaL, olsonjv, tk, brm, Grey Ghost, oolong, First_Incision, mgs21, Phred, xdissent, r0uter
    • Advice  - LeeTKuRp of HoC, Karen, CorLan
    • Pure Stupidity  - pretzelboy
    • Reassurance  - (none given)
    • General Weirdness  - ICON
    • Chutzpah  - Robin S (White Lake, MI)

  • How to Keep Parents From Spying  - Tips minors can use to prevent parents from monitoring their activities, by JediMaster666 (Phillip Benoit)
  • Food for Your Brain  - Finding personal info about people using info available from things like IRC, by DJ Tazz
  • Adventures With Neighborhood Gates  - How security gates in gated communities work, by jaundice
  • Internal Hacking  - Story of a person hacking an internal computer system to try and get a raise, by Zenstick
  • Batch vs. Interactive  - Overview of the different types of computer processing systems, by StankDawg  (David Blake)
  • Manipulating the Aspect  - Hacking the Aspect ACD call center system, by HyTeK
  • Pushbutton Lock Hacking  - Info on Benton T2 model DL2700 and DL2750 push-button locks, by Clawz
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 16, Number 3 (Autumn 1999)

  • Slow Motion  - Editorial
  • Upload Bombing  - Web server attack exploiting CGI holes by pretending to be a web browser uploading a file, by Ulf of VSU
  • Killing a File  - How to thoroughly remove a file from a computer, by THX1138
  • The Terrorist of Orange, Texas  - Story from Texas about a high school student labeled a potential "terrorist," by The Abstruse One (Jason Byrons)
  • ITS Prison Phones  - Info about the Inmate Telephone System, by ElecRage (John Schang)
  • Infiltrating MediaOne  - Cracking MediaOne Express - the password is "password," by Lobo The Duck
  • PalmPilot's Canadian Red Box  - PalmPilot program for generating Red Box tones used in Canadian payphones, by CYB0RG/ASM
  • Forging Ping Packets  - C source code to forge ICMP echo requests under *BSD, by /bin/laden
  • Trunking Communications Monitoring: Part 2  - More info on monitoring trunked radio systems, by TELEgodzilla
  • Internet Radio Stations  - Running a Internet "radio" station, by -theJestre- (Chris Marland)
  • Quantum Hacking  - Info on quantum computer hacking and the OpenQubit project, by skwp  (Yan Pritzker)
  • Protel COCOTs  - Info on hacking Protel COCOT payphones with the dial-up feature, by HeadTrip
  • Assorted Disney Fun / More Disney Fun  - Disney crap, by Hacks and Madjestr
  • Letters  - Enunciations
    • Clarifications  - Barcode, RS, still nobody, Falcon, twiztid, joe cool, John Belushi, rj, Meth_od, Sunshine
    • Venom  - None of your Damn Business., alex
    • Guilt By Association  - icon, napalm, artiedeco
    • Retail Hacking  - KeMo BoY, caesar gaius caligula, Drifter, Yerba AKA Willy L., xprotocol
    • Phone Trickery  - payphone, Jonathan Fredericksen, Iineside, SSTcobra (Atlanta, GA), Loggia, Rolan
    • Dissatisfaction  - Dementia, Entropic (Dallas, TX), M0leBrain, cookiesnatcher
    • Free Kevin  - crypto, Lord Maestro, Brother Inferior, Fire Drake, Skyppey the Hyppey (Canada), Joe Blow
    • Foreign Phones  - Psychedelia, MD_Yugo_NSM
    • Conspiracies  - name withheld because I can't think of a good one, FeuErWanD, namib1234, ghostriter, john doe
    • Discoveries  - Weber, EKo, admintemplate_, finn, Calis, BBrain (Boston, MA), timm
    • Hunting For 2600  - Phreakilation, SAR, GB
    • Y2K  - RB, R.B.
    • Game Playing  - Mike (Seattle, Washington), AllOut99, mad cow disease
    • Corporate Expansion  - james hall
    • Hiding Things  - SCUDS
    • Info Wanted  - caffeine, tnsecure, Bazz
    • Stealing  - SpeedDRaven (Carl J. "Byron" Speed)
    • Ad Policy  - Eric W.
    • Secrets  - Seraf

  • An Overview of Cellemetry  - Wireless telemetry technology designed to monitor, control, and track anything that is worth being monitored, controlled, and tracked, by Jinx (Johnny)
  • Solaris x86 for Plants  - Overview of installing Solaris 7 on an Intel x86-base system, by Javaman  (Adam J. O'Donnell)
  • Eleetisms  - How to talk like an idiot, by Hex (Jarrod Eyamie)
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 16, Number 4 (Winter 1999-2000)

Volume 17

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 17, Number 1 (Spring 2000)

  • The Next Chapter  - Editorial  (css-auth.tar.gz)
  • A Taste of Freedom  - Post-prison letter from Kevin Mitnick, by Kevin Mitnick  (Picture 1, Picture 2)
  • How to Stay a Sysadmin  - Tips for computer system admins to prevent burnout, by Shade (Paul A. Watson, Resume)
  • Military Computer Secrets  - Military computer (Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information Systems [NALCOMIS]) tidbits, by Suicidal
  • Securing Web Sites With ASP  - ASP code to secure a web page, by guinsu
  • Still More on SIPRNet  - More info on SIPRNet and some of the hardware used, by Phrostbyte  (Kevin Wahl)
  • Finding and Exploiting Bugs  - Searching software and code for potential bugs and security holes, by Astroman66 (Andrew Lance)
  • All About SecurID  - Overview of RSA's SecurID, by magus  (Steven Beverly)
  • SecurID  - Info on the SecurID protocol and real-world usage, by xenox
  • Your Internet Birthday  - Privacy reasons for giving out a "fake" birthday when filling out forms on the Internet, by The Cheshire Catalyst
  • Make Spammers Work For You  - Spamming spammers - "human ping of death," by Chatreaux
  • Taking Advantage of All Advantage  - Exploiting the All Advantage system which pays you to surf the Internet, by silicon kill
  • AT&T's Gaping Hole  - Free phone service with AT&T wireless service, by Jinx
  • Cellular Networks Detailed  - Detailed info on various cellular protocols, by EchoMirage
  • Letters  - We're Listening
    • Alien Intelligence  - CgK
    • Bookstores  - Downsouth, Anonymous Barnes and Noble Music Seller, quash
    • Adventures in School  - Xkaliber, P2129 - the student formerly known as Kevin, phil, gopher the contradictory, Microkiller
    • Discoveries  - darky0da, casey, Handle6015, Mongo, brain, robert, Dr. K, carls_pub
    • Kevin Free  - Koishii, KuNg, Chris from Chrisconsin, ASZ, Rave669, VinceC, r00t_Canal
    • More on SecurID  - Kingpin
    • More Fun in Retail  - Anguirus, The Wedge, cashmolia, MustardMan, Phelix, cashmolia, Jack A. VanWoerkom, squatex
    • Anti-Venom  - The Devil
    • Additional Details  - netsplit, Cilo, Platinum Dragon
    • Defeating Corporate Advertising  - orn, Alpha
    • Help Needed  - xequalsl, Dan Wheeler, Lubdub
    • State of the Hacker World  - Pestilent, Mind Plague of The Committee, JL, phiber_life, Quantum Knight
    • Positive Developments  - ph0x
    • Idiocy  - wNdozCRASH, tacit
    • Humor  - Rick
    • Forbidden Exchanges  - .244
    • The MPAA Lawsuit  - Michael F. Nudell, Punker04, Anonymous (London), Apocalyse, Wayne, Pay_No_Attention_To_That_Man_Behind_The_Curtain!
    • Y2K Issues  - Desaparecido, AssMonkey, Gustaf, CubanPete
    • Facts on NT  - RickDogg
    • Irony  - Knightsabre
    • Free Stuff  - Twist
    • Question  - scorchmonkE
    • 2/6/00  - MeSSerSchMiTT (David or The "RUSSIAN" as I get called in USA school), Rhymezor
    • DoS Cluebags  - Keith Gardner, Andrew, Cooter, Jason (Louisiana)

  • How PSX Copy Protection Works  - How PlayStation copy protection works, by Lord Xarph  (Tod Weitzel, San Jose, California)
  • Fun at Circuit City  - Harass old ladies at Circuit City, by ccsucks
  • How to Build a Coffee Box  - Combine a Beige Box and Brown Box, by skrooyoo
  • The Sprint PCS Network  - Tech info on the Sprint PCS cellular network, by ~sn0crash
  • How to Get Banned From Your ISP  - How to be stupid, by Mandark
  • Build, Don't Buy, Your Next Computer  - How to build a computer a quality computer system, by bober
  • How Does That DSS Card Really Work?  - Brief overview and technical details of the operation of DirecTV DSS cards, by Phredog
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 17, Number 2 (Summer 2000)

  • Madness  - Editorial
  • The Art of System Profiling  - Identifying operating systems and networks on the Internet, by Thuull  (Page 2)
  • A Brief Intro to Biometrics  - Overview of on biometric-based physical security systems, by Cxi~
  • Fun With TDOC  - Information on the Tennessee Department of Corrections computer network and the Tennessee Offender Management Information System (TOMIS) system, by Anonymous
  • Strange Abuses For Your Home Phone  - Info on a Conair HAC SW8260 phone, by Static (Brandon Malzahn)
  • More Advantages of All Advantage  - More info on All Advantage and how to disable ads, by KireC
  • Over the Verizon?  - List of Internet domains registered by Verizon
  • Securing ASP: A Deeper Cut  - How to secure ASP-based websites, by AgentK (Kent Tegels)
  • Jello Biafra: Hacker Ambassador  - Clueless, rich, hypocritical, media whore - sounds just like Evil Corley, by princessopensource  (Shana Skaletsky)
  • Hacking the Three Holed Payphone  - Old payphone hacks and information, by Munzenfernsprechermann
  • Packet Analysis and Header Sniffers  - General overview of packet sniffing for header identification and a low-level Internet protocol overview, by Javaman  (Adam J. O'Donnell)
  • Letters  - Dangerous Thought Section
    • Clarification  - Kevin V (Trenton, OH), Treker, Einstein, Mark, Transmissions from the South
    • Getting Around Stupidity  - Dr Jest, Karr0t T0p (Kristoffer William Marshall, DOB: 05-13-1984), phil, sonnik, GhettoBlaster (Jason Louisiana)
    • Discoveries  - Squee, Allin, Elektr0chr0nik, bill
    • Car Talk  - Devil Moon, The Artful Dodger
    • Annoyances  - thegeek (Glasgow, Scotland), Funk Strings, 2MnYiDiZ, ryan
    • Retail Tips  - SnoFlak, gasfumes, Cybah
    • Additional Info  - Immolation, mbve, Qwertydvorak, DAR
    • Dealing With The MPAA  - Scott, Sys Edit, mr. blonde, Mr. Roboto, Jedi's Chaos, Daewoo, g00fy, steven az (heretidpogo)
    • The Mitnick Case  - Sienne (805), Technomatrix, Speedk0re (Gary Kuhlman, Irvine, CA)
    • Fun With Cable Companies  - RootX11, jjjack, Rizzn Do'Urden (Mark Hopkins)
    • Info Needed  - Popeye
    • School Update  - Izubachi, Eric S., Code_WarriorX, cs0074life, Blooder, ICMP
    • Criticisms  - Patrick, cryptofreq, The_36th_Chamber, dustbert
    • Helping New People  - Notmyrealhandle
    • Ideas  - MrBid
    • Injustices  - Anthrax, SHemp5150 (Shaun Kemp), KoDo, diss0nance
    • Starting a New Meeting  - NuLL vaLue, neurophilter
    • Praise  - Dave (New York, New York), Da Clyde, 3_trinity_3 (Shawn McCullough, San Antonio, TX)
    • ANAC Number  - Goop, PaleronD
    • Media Misrepresentation  - phil
    • The Staples Threat  - Cielo, Maverick212
    • Y2K  - Mojo
    • True Security  - pulse (Tony Brown)
    • Listening In  - zzflop
    • Female Hackers  - MiStReSS DiVA (aka-Beui)
    • Desperate  - From a Wanna be Hacker
    • The Verizon Threat  - majickmutex

  • A Simple Hex Hack  - Registry hex editing (date editing) and the tools to use, by Zarathustra
  • Secrets of Dell  - Secrets of Dell tech support, by Deamtime
  • How Domains Are Stolen  - The potential for domain name hijacking, by Crim, Redomega
  • Playing With Dominos  - Explaining some of the more confusing points about Lotus Notes, by Dr. Clue
  • Java Applet Hacking  - Exploit password protected web pages via information revealed inside a Java archive, by Xprotocol
  • The Privacy Box  - Prevent phone extension pick up, by obitus
  • A Student's Privacy Security Survey  - Survey of private student information at various colleges and how it is protected, by Pip Macki (Mike S.)
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 17, Number 3 (Autumn 2000)

  • A Summer of Trials  - Editorial
  • Kernel Modification Using LKMs  - Detailed article on creating hidden loadable modules to alter a running Linux kernel, by dalai  (Josh D.)
  • How to Hack CyberTime Software   - Admin password hack for CyberTime - a Internet usage time management system, by Waphle
  • Target Advertising  - Advertising notes and how advertising can be seen as propaganda, by Hieimlich VonScootertraus the 53rd
  • An Introduction to Sprint ION  - Overview of Sprint's Integrated On Demand (ION) Network voice and data system, by The Prophet  (Similar Article)
  • The GeoSpatial Revolution  - Using Geographical Information Systems and the data they provide, by Silvio Manuel
  • Anomaly Detection Systems  - Using active intrusion detection systems, by Thuull
  • Hunting the Paper Carnivore  - A look at the FBI's Carnivore email scanning system and how it infringes on our rights, by BrotherBen
  • The Making of a Pseudo Felon  - Hacking story of a person caught scanning for "codes," by Brent Ranney
  • Flaws in Outsourced ECommerce Systems  - Potential security problems with E-commerce sites, by Dean Swift
  • Letters  - Reader Droppings
    • How Verizon Sucks  - Jeff, Kendall, Filthytot, Alterego, AM, Trouble Maker from WayBack
    • More Corporate Intimidation  - 7h3 31337 pHr34k4r0id, LoC, dot, robin, J-Fast, Secret Squirrel
    • Answers  - drakiel
    • IRC Bitching  - Muckraker, FLAMEcow
    • H2K Videos  - Hedgecore
    • Questions  - Phuct, kamal abbas, Theseus, Wolf
    • DeCSS/MPAA/DMCA  - Matt, Anonymous in Ireland, William, beezle, Brad Brown, phil, Decius 6i5 (Tom Cross), Scott, William Ryan, happitree, oddyOphile (Portland, Oregon, DOB: 05-10-1974), Quikfuze, Blanked Out, Woody
    • Misconceptions  - phx
    • More Info  - SLATAN, Will, Dave (Adelaide, Australia), jeremy, Cafeeen Boy, Mr. Roboto, Bowman, Court Jester, WStend, Immolation, kram12085, guinsu
    • Bypassing Napster  - Hedgecore
    • Mitnick  - illii, ReNt12596, Bill Dahab
    • Reprinting Stuff  - Jason Benton
    • The Old Days  - Akolade
    • More Government Stupidity  - Chad Ziccardi
    • Bookstores  - vesparado
    • Observations  - SuperHacker@aoI.com, COMTek, watice, Aulophobe (Phoenix, AZ), Kevin V. (Trenton, OH), Luminol, Stealth Ricochet, Queen Ann
    • Lotto Fever  - b0b126, DigitalZero
    • The Dangers of Info  - rootx11
    • Phone Problems  - Maria, Roark, Silverspartan
    • Schools  - Anonymous Hacker in England, SwordMage, YorNamHere, Herbert, SSGohan, Tweeter
    • Fast Food Facts  - Big Mac
    • Credit Files  - LoAN RAnGER (Colorado)

  • Finding a Target Using DNS Lookups  - man nslookup, by fU9A5i
  • Another Way to Defeat URL Filters  - Use a host's IP decimal equivalent to bypass web filters, by ASM_dood
  • Accessing Federal Court Records  - Getting access to various court records and the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) systems, by Iconoclast
  • Zone Scanning  - Tips for scanning an entire network by only choosing the "important" machines, by DEFT
  • DeCSS in Words  - DeCSS is protected speech but the Pledge of Allegiance is not - figure that one out!  (Gallery of CSS Descramblers)
  • Build a Car Computer   - Build a computer/MP3 system for your car, by Megatron
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 17, Number 4 (Winter 2000-2001)

  • Direction  - Editorial
  • Introduction to Snooping Around  - Overview of basic Internet host snooping and network probing, by copycat
  • BellSouth's Mobitex Network  - Technical information and general overview of BellSouth's Mobitex wireless data networks, by Dspanky  (Dave)
  • An Introduction to Radio Scanning  - Detailed guide to the basics of radio scanners, searching for new frequencies, and signal analysis, by Sam Morse
  • More Java Fun  - Ideas for decompiling Java applets and trying to obtain passwords via <PARAM>, by FaultySignal9
  • Sub7 - Usage, Prevention, Removal  - Info on the Sub7 script kiddie remote administration Trojan program, by CaS
  • Get Anyone's Credit Report For Free  - Getting (other people's) credit card reports, by Ranaldo
  • Microsoft's Hook and Sinker  - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) info and questions, by LeXeR
  • Hacking an NT Domain from the Desktop  - Messing with Windows NT via the command line and adding yourself tot he local admin group, by Hi_RISC
  • The DVD Paper Chain  - DVD manufacturing info, by Common Knowledge
  • Polymorphism Script  - Demonstration of polymorphism in a Perl script, by xdroop  (David Mackintosh, Ottawa, Canada Twitter)
  • Letters  - Postal Prose
    • Clarifications  - D. Lopez, p4
    • Exciting News  - Katia S. McKeever (Foster City, CA)
    • The DeCSS Case  - MaD-HaTTeR, Dan, Reverend Lust, Ned Flanders, aUd10phY|, eggo, Pete Davis, carpman, DG, Tony, rootx11 (Farhan Khan), Michael, Weez, jys_f, Harry, Nitehawk, KisP, n3xu56 (Sam K.), Mistral, Jakob (Denmark), hiredgun
    • Hacker Ethics  - Lizard, Mannequin, joshstout
    • Newbies  - DreyDay_33 (New York, New York)
    • Hacker Fashion  - Downsouth
    • Scary News  - Katia S. McKeever
    • New Projects  - s0ny, CaseTheWig
    • Discoveries  - buster, Colin, Kyoya san, matt (anonymous), Mr. DNA, JEM, zzflop, Dan, Big Shooter, NaterZ, Bob
    • Questions  - mpower, mheyes, catfood, S0J073RO, Paper
    • Parallels of Oppression  - Cambalache20
    • Takedown Spotting  - Camandrett (Argentina)
    • More Corporate Evil  - B.R., Byran, Rebilacx (Matt, DOB: 03-08-1980), The Dude (iamnotahacker), BizarreOne
    • Annoying News  - Brigit Blomme (Foster City, CA)
    • Further Info  - Daewoo, narce
    • Suggestions  - arc, Pestaline, RevZer0
    • General Feedback  - Manic Velocity (Salt Lake City, UT), Viaticus, KoDo, HamAZ, Enzo, TBOTe, maldoror, Stark, Phil
    • The Politics of Change  - BATTERY, phillippe, chrisbid, Prehistoric Net-Guy
    • Schools  - Aragoren, Sekicho-sensei, data refill, student #3594, JoePunk102
    • Microsoftheadedness  - Hermit, CB, Agentskye101, jesus X
    • Spreading the Word  - Kent
    • Not News At All  - Katia S. McKeever

  • Confusing ANI and Other Phone Tricks  - Explains how to bypass CLASS services, spoof ANI to AT&T 800 numbers, and make free untraceable calls, by Lucky225
  • Jury Nullification and The Hacker  - Jury tricks and why hackers can make good jurists and to just say "not guilty" to bullsh!t charges, by Also Sprach Zarathustra
  • Cop Proof Laptops  - Police car laptop computers like the PCMobile by CYCOMM, by Common Knowledge
  • RadioShack's Newest Giveaway  - :CueCat info and usage tips, by canyoumatrix
  • Dissecting Shaw's Systems  - Cash register info for Shaw's supermarkets and manager login information, by Sect0r F4ilure
  • Hacking Free ISPs Using WinDump  - Hacking free dial-up ISPs and viewing the login information with WinDump, by rya
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

Volume 18

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 18, Number 1 (Spring 2001)

  • Signs of Hope  - Editorial
  • Police Searches of Computers  - Procedure for police searches and warrants, by Todd Garrison  (Denver, COo, MySpace, Band Info)
  • The Future of PKI  - Overview of the Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) for credit and smart cards, by Elite158
  • PHP/CGI Vulnerabilities and Abuses  - Common security holes with PHP and Perl scripts, by L14
  • Breaking the Windows Script Encoder  - How to defeat and decode the infamous Windows Script Encoder, by Mr. Brownstone
  • Liberating Advants Terminals  - Bugs in Advants Internet kiosks, by Loki
  • A Romp Through System Security  - Overview of locally and remotely securing your Linux system, by Lumikant with help from Zarium
  • Hacking QuickAid Internet Stations  - Bugs in QuickAid Internet kiosks, by Durkeim the Withered God
  • The Billboard Liberation Front  - People with too much time on their hands
  • Computing with the Fabric of Reality  - Overview of quantum-based computers and their applications for defeating public-key crypto, by Chris Silva  (a.k.a. Sarah Jane Smith)
  • Letters  - SMS
    • Politics  - Lisa J., Ben Stragnell, Chris S.
    • Random Questions  - MiStReSS DiVA, Frank R. (San Antonio, TX), Equinox, Keyser Soze (Chris V.), Wax, muthu, EmptySet, Boneman, D'artagnon, haux, Philter (Chicago, IL), CyberInferno
    • Ideas  - Phredog@Work, Reverand_Daddy, DragonByte
    • Info Hungry  - Screeching Weasel
    • Random Fear  - Brad
    • Harassment  - Nate, Sam 'E', RagnSep, MajickMutex (Jenn), KNP, Corv
    • Cluelessness  - Parin, Randy Ford, Screamer Chaotix (Connecticut), SellOut
    • Observations  - C...., *31337*, Kyle, ~otacon~, RevZer0, Three, Mad Pyrotechnologist (Eric Schmiedl), Trigga Bistro, Your Mom, tnt419 (Tom M. Brady, MySpace, Toledo, OH), zerolemons, noire (Colorado), Eric, kju, almightycoop, Biohazard51 (DOB: 05-28-1988), Xian, zeitgeist (Germany), hemlock, Weez, patrick, rootx11, Sir_Poet, shader, gan0n
    • Discoveries  - Kal, Robb (Ireland), Splices
    • Memories  - Stevie B a.k.a. Blue Lightning
    • Fighting Back  - Scott, rene gonzalez, Marina Brown (MGN)
    • Voting Ideas  - SiON42, cstoll, Michael, anon
    • Article Feedback  - reuven, Tim, v-dick
    • Fun in the Stores  - xcham, AquaGlow
    • Legal Questions  - Joseph, Hy Stress
    • Advice  - noname
    • Technological Nightmares  - Xerxes2695, Jeffery, ^CircuiT^, Dalai, The_Chaotic_1 (Joseph, Email, DOB: 03-14-1985)
    • Offerings  - Simon Jester
    • From The Inside  - James, Eric Burns

  • Secrets of Electronic Shelf Labels  - Overview of supermarket LCD price labels, by Trailblazer  (Paul)
  • Anomaly Detection Systems, Part II  - Intrusion detection under Linux, by Thuull
  • The Anna Kournikova Virus  - Overview of the Anna Kournikova Virus, by 6M AL
  • Declawing Your :CueCat  - Removing the serial number from your :CueCat, by Lunius
  • Scum  - Realistic-looking "fake" bill
  • Takedown Taken Down  - Only $2600 Magazine can distort the truth about Kevin Mitnick and profit from him, by Evil Corley  (Scan: Page 1, Page 2)
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

"Psst...  Hey Kevin!  Listen to me and we can both pull in six-figures a year by scaring teenage boys."

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 18, Number 2 (Summer 2001)

  • The Broken Wheels of Justice  - Editorial
  • What is Carnivore, Really?  - Overview of the FBI's Carnivore electronic interception program, by Achilles Outlaw, Ph.D.
  • Extra Polymorphic Worms  - Update to xdroop's polymorphism script article and ideas to bypass detecting systems, includes example Java code, by Dr. Leovinus
  • Everything Your Parents Told You About ESS Was a Lie  - Wow!  A good phone article!, by dalai
  • Michigan Memos  - Internal memos from Ameritech and Ford
  • How to Become a Hacker Saint  - Wow!  A stupid article!, by J-Fast
  • Misconceptions About TCP Wrappers  - Overview of using and securing TCP Wrappers rules and what to watch out for, by Golden_Eternity  (Blake R. Swopes, Ventura County, California, GitHub)
  • Hacking an NT 4 Domain from the Desktop - Revisited  - Scripts to gain administrative rights on Windows NT a email or crack the passwords, by Hi_Risc (a.k.a. ASB)
  • Popular Myths on Password Authentication  - How to chose secure passwords, by Stephen Thomas
  • Exploring HPUX Password Schemes  - Overview of the "Trusted Systems" protected password database scheme under HPUX 10.x, by Alex
  • Letters  - The Inbox
    • DeCSS Fallout  - gc, Anonymous Reader, Clown Father, Xerock, Avon, yonder, jeff weems, djeaux, Brian
    • Bypassing Restrictions  - mkr08, HacKz_jEEveZ, F.H., Av1d
    • Spying  - R Otterbine, The_Chaotic_1
    • School Stupidity  - Wetwarez, Newzweak, Phredog, Sam S., mr self destruct
    • Real World Stupidity  - dc66, Tizal, The Colonel, zeigeist, phobik, Chewie, Joe, Ray
    • Appreciation  - TwistedGreen (Donna Murawski, Windsor, Ontario), civilsurveydraft, nomad, Danny, Waldo, Cunning Linguist (Jeff Strauss), Ford Prefect, Sate, Thomas
    • Individual Perspectives  - KHD, Gil Young, kate, kaH220
    • Clarification  - kaige, Shadow Freq, Mike Walton, Qblade, Anonymous, Jeff, Dan, Scabby, Mike
    • Questions  - Neo, IM_Ruse, Mike G., SPAMLord, BillyNo, IceBlast, Double Helix, grant welch, Mikko, Peter, Kn0w, quatre
    • Corporate Stupidity  - 7h3 31337 pHr34k4z0id, Tony, Newspimp, niihon, litze, Thomas
    • Discoveries  - LazerBeamX, ryanx7, Cyrus, Morn_Star, SkorpiosDeath, toast666
    • Issue Problems  - doug, I1269U, Jizzbug
    • Napster Alternatives  - Shawn
    • Counterpoint  - Bob, Steve
    • An Idea  - My Name is Joe!
    • Voter Education  - Poll Watcher
    • A Call To Arms  - ICFN PMP

  • AOL At School  - Overview of the AOL at School program, by The Datapharmer
  • Fun With Fortres  - Messing with Fortres 101 Windows security program, by Amatus  (David Barksdale, Email #2)
  • AT&T At Home  - Info on AT&T @Home Internet services, by m0rtis (Daniel R. Wright)
  • The New AT&T Network  - Overview of AT&T's long-distance network updates after the article "ANI Spoofing" appeared, by Lucky225
  • Tell Me: Uses and Abuses  - Using and abusing the Tell Me wake up call services, by Screamer Chaotix  (Bridgeport, CT, Email #1, Email #2, Frequency Archive, YouTube Channel)
  • Snooping the Stack  - Snooping around the Internet, by ThinkT4nk  (Ryan McGowan, St. Louis, Missouri, Email #2)
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 18, Number 3 (Autumn 2001)

  • Price: $5.00
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Blame everyone but the terrorists, typical.
  • Cover  The old New York Telephone (now Verizon) building in Manhattan was given a black color and blown up in size, giving it the appearance of a huge monolith.  The writing down the side of the building was a very loose Japanese translation of a famous phrase making the rounds: "All Your Base Are Belong To Us," which itself came from a bad translation of the Zero Wing video game.
  • Staff
  • Download Official Digital Edition PDF!
  • Download The Hacker Digest - Volume 18!

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 18, Number 4 (Winter 2001-2002)

Volume 19

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 19, Number 1 (Spring 2002)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 19, Number 2 (Summer 2002)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 19, Number 3 (Autumn 2002)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 19, Number 4 (Winter 2002-2003)

  • Positively  - Editorial
  • Passport Hacking Revisited  - Vulnerability in Microsoft Passport, by Chris Shiflett (Brooklyn, New York, Twitter)
  • Lazy Exchange Admins  - Security holes in Microsoft Exchange servers, by ddShelby (George M., Savannah, GA)
  • Warspying  - Portable receiver for wireless X10 cameras, by Particle Bored  (Additional Info)
  • CD Media Data Destruction  - How to destroy CDs, by Gr3y t0qu3
  • How to Make a DVD Backup  - How to rip, copy, and encode DVDs, by Maniac_Dan  (PDF)
  • Honeypots: Building the Better Hacker  - Overview of using computer honeypots and how they may not always be practical in stopping (or exposing) a really dedicated attacker, by Bland Inquisitor
  • DNS Redirection Stopped  - VB script to check IP-to-DNS mappings, by c0ld_b00t
  • More on Telemarketing  - More tricks for defeating telemarketers, by D. Foetus  (D.L. Jones)
  • Cracking Voter Fraud  - How to prevent fake voter registrations, by Kr@kH3d  (DFxC, Dominick)
  • Linux on the Xbox  - How to install Linux on an Xbox, by Live_wire
  • Removing Spyware and Adware  - man rm, by 0/\/3_3y3d_/\/\0/\/st3r
  • Exposing the Coinstar Network  - Overview of the Coinstar change machine network, by area_51
  • A Dumpster Diving Treasure  - Neat finds (Alteon iSD-100) in the garbage, by phantasm  (Robert Davies)
  • DMCA vs. DMCRA  - Ramblings, by Alex Daniel
  • Letters  - Blather
    • Spreading News  - NoSpahm, Keith, scott, Sardonicus, cybernard
    • Terrorism Related Issues  - Tresser, jmu, Herman, PLMN, Lectoid, Surfgods, LordKhamul, Hells-own, Kr00lee-O
    • Dumpster Diving  - Paddy, Nomad, Stinky
    • Feedback  - Traveler, XiChimos, joe, Bob M., Eil, Charles, Shadowfax0 (Kingston, Ontario), hawk2000, Poetics, Nietzsche, JaMm3r, Rob T. Firefly, Jason Argonaut, Resurrection20
    • Injustice Department  - deejayred2001 (Templeton, CA), Matt, Evnglion, im_source, Dune Tanaka, Todd
    • Thoughts On Piracy  - I1269U (Leilan, Harrisburg, PA)
    • Questions  - Super-Fly, In a TrAnCe, QuietShadow (Liz), Phate_2k2, Quiet Riot, ddShelby, Ganja51 (Kris Blommel, Rosemount, Minnesota), Tony
    • Observations  - Freddy, Quebec, Mark, The Nibbler, Spooky Chris, jesse, christopher, jasonburb, jmk, Radarjam, sunzi, Cambalache20, k1d0n, derrick
    • Tale From The Past  - John K.
    • Retail World  - Zac T., XiChimos, acj626 (Arleigh, Austell, GA), pinchepunk (J.M, Chicago, IL)
    • Parallels  - Sparkster
    • A New Project  - Poetics, Elf Qrin
    • Critique  - AGE_18, Dave D.
    • Significant Developments  - RusH, fstratto (Frank Stratton, Urbana, IL)
    • Defining Hackers  - f0x deacon
    • Reaching Out  - Nyght

  • .ncsc.mil (144.51.x.x)  - man dig
  • A Brief Introduction to DeepFreeze  - How the DeepFreeze blocking software works, by The Flatline
  • Beating Download Manager Protection  - Defeating file blocking on the web, by Straightface
  • DHCP is Your Friend!  - How to configure DHCP, by di0nysus
  • 2600 Marketplace
  • 2600 Meetings

Volume 20

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 20, Number 1 (Spring 2003)

New $2600 Magazine T-Shirt Ideas

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 20, Number 2 (Summer 2003)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 20, Number 3 (Autumn 2003)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 20, Number 4 (Winter 2003-2004)

Volume 21

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 21, Number 1 (Spring 2004)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Celebrating 20 years of selling other people's BBS files, free information, and spreading Marxist-Leninists/Communist "useful idiot" propaganda.
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Back Inside  Payphones From Brazil
    • Brazil #1  If phones like this started to sprout in American streets, there would be massive panic.  They look like some kind of alien.  Photo by Anonymous
    • Brazil #2  And yet, people in São Paulo don't seem to be in the least bit concerned with this new life form.  Photo by Anonymous
    • Brazil #3  If you're really daring, this is what one of these monsters looks like as you approach.  This one was seen in Campinas.  Photo by Anonymous
    • Brazil #4  And yes, the phone itself, which doesn't seem to really match its spacy surroundings.  Photo by Anonymous
  • Back Cover  Chinese Payphones
    • China #1  From the Northwest corner of Tiananmen Square in Beijing (People's Republic).  Photo by Tim Fraser
    • China #2  And here we have the Southwest corner.  Photo by Tim Fraser
    • China #3  From Taiwan.  This is a standard card reader phone.  Photo by Tim Fraser
    • China #4  Also in Taiwan, this is an older phone with a coin slot and lots of extra space.  Photo by Tim Fraser
  • Staff
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 21, Number 2 (Summer 2004)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  The Fifth HOPE
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Back Inside  Payphones From All Around
    • Ethiopia  Not very many payphones to be found in this country, but here's one of them in Addis Ababa.  Photo by Tom Mele
    • Sri Lanka #1  Found in Sigiriya, this booth holds the mounting from a previous tenant.  Photo by Tom Mele
    • India  On Elephanta Island in Mumbai, some careless painters splotched this phone but not enough to dampen its brilliant yellow spirit.  Photo by Tom Mele
    • Sri Lanka #2  The shape of this phone in the city of Kandy is rather weird to say the least.  Photo by Tom Mele
  • Back Cover  Bulgarian Payphones
    • Bulgaria #1  All of these photos were taken in Sofia.  Here we see a modern orange coin and card phone.  Photo to by karniv0re
    • Bulgaria #2  And when a phone only takes cards, they appear to simply cut the bottom half off.  Photo to by karniv0re
    • Bulgaria #3  Here's a blue card phone which was rigt next to the orange phone above.  Such spectacular displays of color are virtually unheard of here in the States.  Photo to by karniv0re
    • Bulgaria #4  The old style payphone with funky surrounding.  Drab, yet intriguing.  Photo to by karniv0re
  • Staff
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 21, Number 3 (Autumn 2004)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 21, Number 4 (Winter 2004-2005)

Volume 22

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 22, Number 1 (Spring 2005)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  You just paid $5.50 for a crossword puzzle
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Foreign Payphones
    • Alicante, Spain  - A standard phone throughout the country.  It takes credit cards and coins.  In addition this phone has SMS and fax capabilities.  Photo by Gabriel Scott Dean
    • Alicante, Spain  - An older version of the Telefónica phone which has the same features but isn't nearly as pretty.  Photo by Gabriel Scott Dean
    • Seoul, South Korea  - One of many phones operated by KT.  This one has a very dominant coin slot as well as the ability to take cards.  Photos by Goran Topalovic
    • Seoul, South Korea  - Another KT phone.  The amount of space saved by not taking coins is striking.  Photos by Goran Topalovic
  • Back Inside  Payphones of the World
    • Samarkand, Uzbekistan  - Coins only but what a magnificent handset.  And just look how they've reconfigured the Tone-Tone pad!  Photo by Tom Mele
    • Mumbai, India  - A coin-operated phone at the Taj Mahal Hotel.  Photo by Tom Mele
    • Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka  - We've seen the actual phone in a previous issue but this rural phone booth is a striking sight.  Photo by Tom Mele
    • Firenze, Italy  - A space-age phone that looks as if it's about to burst with enthusiasm.  Photo by Lorette Masa
  • Back Cover Photo  This has to be about the worst idea ever concocted  We've heard of driverless light rail systems in the confines of an airport but huge steel freight train locomotives on an easily accessible track?  Technology marches on.  Found in Roseville, California.  Photo by Adrian Lamo
  • Staff
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[Gimme $2]
"Where's my nine dollars?  I want my nine dollars!"

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 22, Number 2 (Summer 2005)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  The people who try and censor you for having the wrong opinions, and vote for the most corrupt politicians in the world, now apparently care about your freedom.
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Israeli Payphones
    • Downtown Jerusalem  Someone had to make the decision to put "FIRE" ahead of "AMBULANCE" even though it's out of numerical order.  Photo by Shibuya
    • Jerusalem's "Old City"  Not far from the Western Wall.  Seems like all of that yellow space is just begging for some graffiti.  Photo by Shibuya
    • Jerusalem  Near downtown.  An orange card-only phone with what appears to be the phone number above.  Photo by Shibuya
    • Jerusalem  In the shopping market district.  A gray version with complimentary beverages.  Photo by Shibuya
  • Back Inside  Payphones of the World
    • Tunisia  This payphone is located at the end of the Tunis Grand Metro in La Marsa.  It seems that payphones in Tunis only accept coins.  Photo by Richard Springs
    • Tunisia  This curvy payphone is located in a plaza in La Marsa.  This seems to be the newest model of payphones in Tunis.  Photo by Richard Springs
    • Tunisia  The payphone is located in the Tunis Airport.  This style seems to be the oldest model still in use.  Probably the most blue as well.  Photo by Richard Springs
    • Syria  A payphone from the Axis of Evil!  This phone is located next to a tea and shisha shop in Al-Hamidiyeh Souq.  It accepts both coins and prepaid cards, although coins are most commonly used.  Photo by Richard Springs
  • Back Cover Photo  We're pleased that Underwriter's Laboratories Inc. recognizes the value of our magazine and that they're willing to tell the world in such a bold an defiant manner.  Let's hope it catches on.  Found in Camas, Washington.  Photo by tOnedeph
  • Staff
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 22, Number 3 (Autumn 2005)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  You just paid $5.50 for a crossword puzzle
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Mongolian Payphones
    • Phone #1  Yes, this is a payphone.  In the streets of Ulaanbaatar, it's the human holding the phone who is referred to as the payphone.  Photo by Sasja Barentsen
    • Phone #2  The phone itself is a wireless CDMA phone.  You give the "payphone" money and you make a call.  And yes, most of them wear masks.  Photo by Hanneke Vermeulen
    • Phone #3  A more normal looking payphone but one that isn't seen in very many places.  This one was found in the post office.  Photo by Sasja Barentsen
    • Phone #4  Here's a variation, designed to appeal to travelers and others who may have second thoughts about walking up to a masked person.  Photo by Sasja Barentsen
  • Back Inside  Payphones of the World
    • Belarus #1  A pack of payphones hangs out in the streets of Minsk.  Photo by Emmanuel Goldstein
    • Belarus #2  A closer look at two of them with subtle differences.  Photo by Emmanuel Goldstein
    • Russia #1  These were found in the city of Yekaterinburg.  Photo by Emmanuel Goldstein
    • Russia #2  Very clean and rarely used due to the prevalence of mobile phones.  Photo by Emmanuel Goldstein
  • Back Cover Photo  From the Some People Have Entirely Too Much Time On Their Hands Dept., here is a true "minivan" recreation of our own 2600 van, made from a Tonka toy phone van picked up at an antique shop in Austin, Texas.  The tires are a little weird and our rear end looks a lot better, but it's a valiant effort.  Photos by Golden Helix
  • Staff
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 22, Number 4 (Winter 2005-2006)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  You just paid $5.50 for a crossword puzzle
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  North Korean Payphones!
    • North Korea Phone #1  In the lobby of the Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang.  This one only takes IC cards and makes local calls on the phone system that isn't connected to the outside world.  (North Korea has two phone systems - one is international-capable and the other can only place and receive domestic calls.)  Photo by TProphet
    • North Korea Phone #2  On the third floor of the Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang.  This one has international capability.  To use it, you make an appointment for an international phone call (there are only three international circuits so all usage must be scheduled) and place your call then.  You pay when you're finished.  Photo by TProphet
    • Jordan  This phone doesn't take coins or cards and can only call toll-free numbers.  Photo by Eric
    • Katrina  It's true that Katrina isn't a country and that this phone isn't foreign.  But it's definitely a payphone in a strange environment and a pretty sturdy one at that.  We assume the receiver is around somewhere.  Photo by Cameron Bunce
  • Back Inside  Iranian Payphones
    • Esfehan  Makes you realize just how insignificant the Touch-Tone pad is in the bigger scheme of things.  Photo by Qumars Bolourchian
    • Shiraz  A little worse for wear.  But what a unique cord.  Photo by Qumars Bolourchian
    • Tehran  A more modern model that only takes cards.  Photo by Qumars Bolourchian
    • Tehran  This is a true work of art.  At first glance it might seem as if someone just shoved a deskphone into a payphone kiosk.  But a coinslot has been added into this structure making it a true payphone.  It's unclear what that little padlock is protecting.  Photo by Qumars Bolourchian
  • Back Cover Photo  Here's living proof that reading 2600 will lead to trouble.  This little cluster of buildings in San Jose very subtly makes the connection.  People driving by see the huge 2600 on the building and rush on over thinking that this is our legendary west coast distribution center.  But when they arrive they get the message that becoming involved in 2600 will only wind up getting them sentenced as an adult.  Photos by Amorel
  • Staff
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Volume 23

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 23, Number 1 (Spring 2006)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  HOPE Number 6
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  More Katrina Phones
    • Phone #1  A New Orleans payphone in the Lakeview area that has seen things no payphone should ever have to see.  Photo by Chris Chambers
    • Phone #2  This area was only a few blocks from where the 17th Street Canal broke.  The phone had been submerged and the storage building next to it was overturned.  Photo by Chris Chambers
    • Phone #3  And this is what it looks like when a cable snaps.  Photo by Chris Chambers
    • Phone #4  This row of phones is located in St. Bernard Parish in New Orleans and was set up by BellSouth so residents could make calls (supposedly anywhere) for free.  Photo by Chris Chambers
  • Back Inside  Payphones of the World
    • India  Found in Mumbai Airport.  The phone on the left is a typical STD.ISD.PCO payphone with a coin slot.  The phone on the right is a credit card payphone.  Photo by William Garrison
    • Tunisia  Another look at the massive blue phones as seen in the arrivals lounge at Tunis Airport.  Photo by Joe Deuter
    • Austria  A few feet of snow has no effect whatsoever here.  Photo by slowburn
    • Malaysia  Found in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.  Photo by Gurt
  • Back Cover Photo #1  We've been looking for this police car for YEARS!  Congratulations to C6S6R8 for finding it somewhere in the streets of New York and for resisting the temptation to steal the license plate and mail it to us.  We appreciate that.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  Where else but in Ohio could such a sight be seen?  Well, probably in quite a few places but this one's a first for us.  Spotted by cojak in Columbus.
  • Staff
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 23, Number 2 (Summer 2006)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Bush listening to some terrorist raghead's telephone call is bad, Clinton killing innocent White people at Waco & Ruby Ridge, and Obama/Biden weaponizing the (((DOJ))) to attack their political opponents is good.  Who's to blame?  Evil Corley.
  • Cover    (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  European Payphones
    • France  A stereotypically French payphone booth on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.  Photo by 303909
    • Ireland  This phone was seen in Dublin and is operated by Ireland's second largest telecom company, Smart Telecom, second to the former state-owned Eircom.  Photo by Tom Mele
    • Romania #1  Found in Sibiu, Transylvania.  Until quite recently, Romtelecom had the monopoly in Romania.  Photo by Michael Francois
    • Romania #2  Also found in Sibiu, Transylvania.  A couple of standard (and large) Romanian telephone booths.  Photo by Michael Francois
  • Back Inside  South American Payphones
    • Chile #1  In the tiny town of Cucao on Chiloé Island, this picturesque phone booth was found.  Photo by Pelayo Besa Vial
    • Chile #2  Apart from clashing with its surroundings, this blue phone resembles the old credit card phones that used to be all over the place in the States.  Photo by Pelayo Besa Vial
    • Brazil #1  Seen in Salvador, a city in the northeast of the country, where people often look as if they're being devoured by payphones.  Photos by Marta Strambi
    • Brazil #2  These phones are meant to resemble a folk instrument known as a berimbau, which looks remarkably similar - just not as scary.  Photos by Marta Strambi
  • Back Cover Photo #1  This is an interesting little nail care shop located in a strip mall on the corner of Rt. 59 and New York Ave., Naperville, Illinois.  Their explanation of the name is that it's either supposed to mean "unisex" or "uniques."  They apparently also run Windows.  Spotted by Wordsmith.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  Some of you may have heard of the recent Phoenix hostage standoff at the 2600 Building.  Our public relations department will stop at nothing to get our name out there.  Several of you sent us screen captures from your local TV news.  This one was sent by Phnx_fiend.  (And everyone got out safely.)
  • Staff
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 23, Number 3 (Autumn 2006)

  • Price: $5.50
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  HOPE Number 6
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  More Iranian Payphones
    • Iran #1  One of the more modern public phones operated by the Iranian PTT in the northern part of Tehran.  Photo by op amp
    • Iran #2  An older public phone but easily one of the coolest designs we've ever seen on any phone old or new.  Found in Shiraz.  Photo by op amp
    • Iran #3  This is what a privately-operated payphone in Tehran looks like up close.  For those keeping track, the fee is 250 rials in coins.  Photo by op amp
    • Iran #4  Also in Tehran, this demonstrates how privately-operated payphones can literally be put anywhere that happens to be convenient.  Photo by op amp
  • Back Inside  Foreign Payphones
    • India  Yes, this is actually a payphone in Mumbai.  You pay the friendly guy at the counter and make a call.  This is very low tech but it provides service to the masses.  Photo by Michael Kane
    • Norway  This is a phone booth seen in the old section of Fredrikstad.  These are becoming very rare in the country.  Photo by A. Harjurju
    • Ghana  This is a phone from Cape Coast in the southern part of Ghana.  It looks like cards are the only way to pay in order to use the phone but it's not so easy to figure out what kind of card to use.  Photo by Patrice Beaulieu
    • Philippines  Found in General Santos.  PLDT, incidentally, stands for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.  Photo by Chris Crowley
  • Back Cover Photo #1  This is part of the secret 2600 compound in Lombard, Illinois where our readers gather for indoctrination sessions and to have their minds purified of anti-hacker rhetoric.  Uncovered by Stephen who will now have to be purged.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  An important part of any indoctrination is to get to the new crop of minds while they are still young.  Here we see this evidenced in the form of one of our elementary schools designed with a hacker curriculum in mind in Manchester, Georgia.  Taken without our consent by a free-spirited Mouser_inc who will be sent to the bigger building down the road for reeducation.
  • Staff
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 23, Number 4 (Winter 2006-2007)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Stop stealing our magazine or we will increase the price again!
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Payphones of the World
    • Albania  A friendly looking orange phone which only takes cards.  Found in Tirana.  Photo by Christian Smith
    • Turkey  This is a payphone booth in a small town by the Aegean Sea near Assos.  It takes credit cards and phone cards while a light switch conveniently hangs from the ceiling.  Photo by John Shramko
    • Denmark  An old coin model.  Taken outside one of the main train stations in Copenhagen.  Photo by rinjava
    • Japan  Old and big, yet it does it all.  Seen in the city of Kin on the island of Okinawa.  Photo by Brian McIntosh
  • Back Inside  More Western Hemisphere Phones
    • Dominican Republic #1  Found outside of Dajabón.  It's debatable whether that dish and its solar panel, not to mention the huge conduit, are all there for this one little payphone, which seems to have had all its coin mechanisms removed.  Photos by Alex
    • Dominican Republic #2    "
    • Cuba #1  Two very different ETECSA models.  This is part of the government owned communications service.  The drab phone on the left takes coins, the bright and cheerful looking one on the right takes cards.  Found in Varadero.  Photos by Alan Prusila
    • Cuba #2    "
  • Back Cover Photo #1  Here's a "glitch" that happened at the Barnes & Noble in Easton, Pennsylvania and captured by l33tphreak and smoke.  Further proof that their scanning system doesn't always work.  The cashier was overheard saying to all of the other clerks gathered round, "And it's a hacker magazine too."
  • Back Cover Photo #2  Let's hope the cars don't also run on Windows.  This little crash was caught by Brandon Freeman on his way to work in Atlanta.
  • Staff
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Volume 24

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 24, Number 1 (Spring 2007)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 24, Number 2 (Summer 2007)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  We are all too stupid to write good articles.  Send us more crap!
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  North Korean Payphones
    • North Korea #1  At long last, we have pictures of actual payphones in the streets of Pyongyang.  These are the kind that real North Koreans use, not the ones found in tourist hotels.  All of these pictures are of the same payphone bank, which is possibly the only one of its kind in the country.  Here we see kids crowding excitedly around the phones, just as they do at payphones all over the world.  The allure of communications seems to be universal.  Photos by Emmanuel Goldstein
    • North Korea #2    "
    • North Korea #3  This is the same bank of phones as seen from the opposite end, taken while passing in a bus.  There never seems to be a time when these payphones aren't extraordinarily busy.  They're located right outside Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 and adjacent to a metro station.  Photos by Emmanuel Goldstein
    • North Korea #4    "
  • Back Inside  More Foreign Payphones
    • Australia  We don't even want to know.  Seen in Castle Hill, New South Wales.  Photo by P C
    • New Zealand  This manages to top the Australian entry in the silliness category.  This thing actually exists on Stewart Island where the population is 300.  We have no idea how payment is arranged but the canopy and phone book certainly add to the experience.  Photo by Ben Auchter
    • Russia  Found in Magadan on the Staritsky Peninsula in Siberia.  Payment is through tokens purchased from the local Post, Telephone, and Telegraph (PTT) office.  Photo by Intellstat
    • Azerbaijan  Seen in Baku on Neftilar Prospekti which we're told translates to "Oil Boulevard."  On the other side of this phone is a totally different looking payphone that we can't print because we're out of space.  Photo by Dominique
  • Back Cover Photo #1  Now this looks like it just has to be one of the coolest places in the world to hang out.  That is, assuming they have issues of 2600 to peruse.  Thanks to Bernie C. for alerting us to the existence of this cafe, located in Honolulu, Hawai'i, right down the road from the main campus of the University of Hawai'i, Mānoa.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  "You should never deny your kids education" is how contributor Ethem sums this one up.  This 12-month-old kid, incidentally, picked up a copy of 2600 on his own.  Toddlers and hacker 'zines both spend a lot of time in bathrooms, after all.
  • Staff
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 24, Number 3 (Autumn 2007)

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 24, Number 4 (Winter 2007-2008)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  More sensationalism to help increase their net profits.
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Payphones of the America
    • United States  One of the more creative payphones of the States, found (where else?) at the entrance to the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island in Florida.  Photo by icurnet
    • Costa Rica  Seen at a local shopping mall.  Note how large the phone number is on this particular model.  It's almost as if they want people to call payphones, unlike in the States where incoming service is often turned off.  Photo by RadioRover
    • Belize  Found in a restaurant/bar in San Ignacio.  What it lacks in size it makes up for in overall design.  Photo by Phred
    • Colombia  Seen in Chia, this bank of phones has what has to be the most dramatic awning ever made for payphones.  Photo by Random
  • Back Inside  Overseas Payphones
    • Iraq #1  Seen in a bombed out Iraqi hospital east of Baghdad.  Note the "Call Me" request on the chassis.  Photo by William Johnson
    • Iraq #2  Seen outside a hospital in Sulaimanyah.  The white piece of paper gives advice on preventive measures to take so as not to contract cholera.  Photo by Conan
    • Morocco  Found in Marrakesh, this is what we imagine payphones must look like on other planets.  Photo by birdy
    • Cayman Islands  This is about as many payphones as you'll ever see in one place.  These were found at the port of call for cruise ships in George Town, no doubt placed there before the advent of cell phones.  Photo by StankDawg
  • Back Cover Photo #1  This photo of 2600 Barracks Road in Charlottesville, Virginia comes to us from Beth Skrobanski.  It's home to The Colonnades, a retirement community that we're currently negotiating with to get discounted rates for members of the hacker community when the time comes.  Even the font looks familiar.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  In answer to the question we get asked more than any other as to just where Walmart Store #2600 is, the answer is of course Chesterfield, Missouri.  In fact, it's on the wall of this very store, discovered by Doyle Glaze, that the Children's Miracle Network donated a whole bunch of balloons to commemorate this historic fact.
  • Staff
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Volume 25

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 25, Number 1 (Spring 2008)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Confusing FISA, a foreign intelligence act, with the (technically) legal monitoring U.S. citizens.
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Foreign Payphones
    • Argentina  It's hard to believe such old payphones are still in use but this one was indeed found in the Palermo Viejo district of Buenos Aires.  Photo by Kingpin
    • Barbados  Seen in Bridgetown, this has got to be one of the flashiest, most commercial telephones ever created.  Photo by Keith Hopkin
    • China  Seen in Songpan and conveniently next to a fire hydrant.  Photo by Ben Tanner
    • Ethiopia  Seen in Jimma and conveniently next to a trash can.  Photo by Ben Tanner
  • Back Inside  Weird Payphones Moments
    • Morocco  Found in Agadir, this is probably the most secure phone in the world.  At least in outward appearance.  Photo by Shareef Zawideh
    • England  No, it's not a hacker space.  It's actually a British Telecom facility in Leeds where payphones are tested.  Each payphone runs a TCP/IP stack over PPP.  Photo by Kokor Hekus
    • United States #1  We had heard that AT&T was dropping all payphone service.  Here's the proof.  This was spotted outside their Gardena, California office.  Photo by Jerry Dixon
    • United States #2    "
  • Back  The Back Cover Photos
    • Back Cover Photo #1  Mungopw discovered this 60 foot sign right outside the Muckleshoot Indian Casino in Auburn, Washington.  We see the existence of "2600 machines" as an open invitation to hackers to come and try their luck.
    • Back Cover Photo #2  Here's one of those tenant directory phones that you find at the entrances to apartment buildings.  You scan for the person's name and it dials them, often Touch-Toning their unlisted phone number for you to hear.  As you can see, this tenant has a rather interesting name.  Spotted (and hacked) by drlecter.
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 25, Number 2 (Summer 2008)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  The Best of $2600: A Hacker Odyssey
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Weird Ass Foreign Payphones
    • Tunisia  Found in Chebika, near the Algerian border.  This is the first payphone we've ever seen that specifically expresses hostility to cell phones.  Photo by Lawrence Stoskopf
    • Panama  Now here's something you don't see every day.  Unless you're in Boquete, a city in Chiriquí province, in which case you'd be used to this trailer of phones that was just dropped on an available dirt patch.  Note the phone cables running from the hitch on the left.  Photo by Xiguy
    • Fiji  Seen in Suva.  We can't really say for sure just what's going on here with the pincher-looking things.  Perhaps it's for those people with cell phones?  It could also conceivably be some sort of tribal pole.  Photo by Peter Vibert
    • Argentina  We'd love to know the story behind this one.  This payphone was found in the middle of the jungle at Iguazú National Park.  The sign translates to "Please do not put water on the telephone."  Too bad, it was exactly what we wanted to do when we saw it.  Photo by Martin
  • Back Inside  More Strange Foreign Payphones
    • Mali  At last we can say we have a payphone photo from Timbuktu.  And here you can relax outside the phone booth as well as inside.  Photo by Stephen Rice
    • Thailand  Found in Chiang Mai in the north.  This thing looks like a creature from The Terminator.  Let's hope it's on our side.  Photo by swan
    • Peru  Apparently you can save a lot of time and expense by simply drilling phones into stone walls around here.  These ones were found in a mountainous region.  Photo by Mark Jensen
    • India  This phone was seen in Bangalore.  It's about as retro a look as we could ever hope for.  Photo by Larry Cashdollar
  • Back  The Back Cover Photos
    • Back Cover Photo #1  Tom discovered our secret Walmart trailer parked in a loading zone in an undisclosed part of the country where there were signs all over proclaiming "Camera Use Prohibited."  They really should know better, shouldn't they?
    • Back Cover Photo #2  Found in Phoenix, Arizona by David Jacobson, who believes this institution's motto should read: "Be debt free and never have to pay for the credit charges that you make in the future.  Hacker Financial can make it happen."
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 25, Number 3 (Autumn 2008)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  The Last HOPE
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Really Strang Payphones
    • India #1  Another example of adaptation by the people of Bangalore.  These phones are pretty much just nailed to the tree.  Nothing unusual here.  Photo by infowallah
    • India #2    "
    • Puerto Rico  Seen in the El Condado area.  Try to spot what is unusual about this phone.  Hint: Something is missing.  Photo by Alex Llama
    • Dominican Republic  We know this is not a payphone.  But undoubtedly there are payphone lines hidden in this mess of wires somewhere.  Along with a million other things.  We pity the repairman who's called upon to find the source of a broken connection here.  Photo by TicoPhreak
  • Back Inside  More Funny Looking Payphones
    • United States  From a place that's actually called Big Arm in Montana comes this picturesque view of a simple payphone by the side of the road.  Photo by Thomas Fleming
    • Guinea  This phone was found in the capital city of Conakry.  It uses national carrier SOTELGUI's network.  The country also has at least three cellular networks.  Photo by alphabot
    • Ecuador  Seen at the equator at a tourist stop.  Porta also operates the largest GSM network in the country.  Photo by pelik
    • Canada  This is just your basic Canadian payphone manufactured ages ago by Northern Telecom.  But this scene from a highway in Alberta looks like some sort of classic painting.  This lonely phone is 39 miles from the U.S. border and 65 miles from any town.  Photo by Paul Rainey
  • Back Cover Photo #1  Motzie found this sign outside her local community college in Edison, New Jersey.  If ever there was a good place to have 2600 meetings, right underneath that sign would be it.  They even use the same font!
  • Back Cover Photo #2  The most elite train in Sweden as seen by Robert Luciani who rode it to Stockholm.  If we ever get around to chartering a train, this one is first on the list.
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 25, Number 4 (Winter 2008-2009)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Satan's little helper (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama) was "elected."  And Evil Corley voted for him...
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Foreign Payphones
    • Azerbaijan #1  These distinctly different types of phones were both found in Baku, the capital city.  Photo by David Scott
    • Azerbaijan #2    "
    • Cyprus  This is a card-only phone found in the Greek half of capital city Nicosia.  Photo by Daniel Olewine
    • Malaysia  A neat little row of colorful phones found in Kuala Lumpur.  Photo by Matthew W.
  • Back Inside  Unusual Payphones
    • Antarctica  Yes, there are indeed payphones on the seventh continent.  This one can be found at New Zealand's Scott Base.  It only takes cards.  Photo by rooperator
    • Bahamas  Found on a cruise ship pier in Nassau, we are told there is indeed a payphone hidden somewhere within all those advertisements.  Photo by Scott
    • Australia  This is actually a radio payphone found on a Sydney to Canberra country train.  It uses satellite and mobile phone networks, and only accepts credit vouchers or credit cards.  Photo by Rowan Wilding
    • Morocco  Found somewhere in the middle of nowhere near Errachidia, this is one impressive phone booth (note writing that says "Telephone Public").  Unfortunately it was locked so the actual payphone remains a mystery.  Photo by Paul Rainey
  • Back Cover Photo #1  This is NOT the 2600 van but merely one of many cheap imitations.  Thanks to Vyrix who spotted this off US 290 in Houston, Texas.  Our lawyers will be following up with a copyright infringement suit.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  Now THIS is a van we'd be proud to own.  Actually this vehicle, spotted by asd dasdsa in Uijeongbu, South Korea, is a whole lot more than a mere van.  We really don't know what they're up to with this thing, but we want in.  (Their website, incidentally, could be used as a pictorial definition of the word "busy.")
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Volume 26

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 26, Number 1 (Spring 2009)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Celebrating 26 years of this crap!
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Eastern European Payphones
    • Serbia #1  Found in Belgrade, these phones seem to be the prevailing model throughout the city and possibly the entire country.  Photos by Stevan Radanovic
    • Serbia #2      ""
    • Ukraine #1   Both of these phones were seen in the city of Cherkasy.  One is a newer model while the other is a slight bit older.  See if you can figure out which is which.  The older one was actually attached to the former KGB building.  Both are operated by Ukrtelecom.  Photos by Alex Kudelin
    • Ukraine #2      ""
  • Back Inside  Foreign Payphones
    • Hungary #1  Seen in Szolnok in a quaint but graffiti ridden booth, this phone is operated by T-Com, a fully consolidated subsidiary of German phone giant Deutsche Telekom, the company best known for inventing the pink handset.  Photos by Rob Craig
    • Hungary #2      ""
    • Malaysia #1  Seen in the state of Johor in West Malaysia, these are two distinct types of payphones that have each been around for a while.  The first can be found in restaurants and other establishments while the second is more likely to be seen outdoors or in an unsecured environment.  Photos by Jayakanthan Lachmanan
    • Malaysia #2      ""
  • Back Cover Photo #1  This may indeed be the most "leet" highway in America, discovered by Rob Dolst somewhere on the tenuous border of Prince George County and Hopewell, Virginia.  The name "Crossing Boulevard," however, has to be among the lamest of the lame.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  This happens far more often than you might think.  It would be wise to warn parents everywhere that our magazine, although high in fiber and good for the brain, is not a substitute for the more traditional sustenance.  Thanks to Nick and his son Bruce for helping us get this message out.
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 26, Number 2 (Summer 2009)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Obama/Biden are gonna basically kill free speech on the Internet, but Evil Corley and the One Percent don't care because Obama is a negro jew-tools and Democrat.
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Payphones of the Old World
    • Egypt  This phone box was located on the bank of the River Nile, just outside the Temple of Kom Ombo.  Photo by Ben Sampson
    • Egypt  Another common type of phone that can be seen throughout the country.  This one was found in Luxor.  Photo by troglow
    • Ukraine  This phone has obviously seen it all and still has managed to retain a sense of fashion.  Seen in Lviv.  Photo by c. sherman
    • Vatican City  Technically a country right in the middle of Rome, this may very well be the only payphone in existence there.  It can be found at St. Peter's Basilica on the "roof" overlooking Piazza San Pietro.  From this phone you are eye level with the 140 statues of saints.  Photo by Da Beave
  • Back Inside  More Foreign Payphones
    • Suriname  Found at the Torarica Hotel in Paramaribo, this payphone lacks an enclosure but has a sticker with the website for Telesur, the national telecommunications operator.  Photo by TProphet
    • Japan  A stylish and very busy phone, which was seen near the grounds of Kumamoto Castle on the island of Kyushu.  Photo by LART
    • Canada  It's amazing what you can do to an ordinary payphone with a little imagination and rustic charm.  Found in Fort Edmonton Park, a historical park in Alberta.  Photo by Carsen Q.
    • South Africa  Found at the waterfront in Cape Town, this Telkom payphone takes both coins and cards.  Photo by TProphet
  • Back Cover Photo #1  Perhaps you've heard of Hackers on a Plane?  Well, here we have Hackers on a Bus, discovered by Rolla J. in Budapest, Hungary.  Now if only this company would branch into air travel, we could really have some fun.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  O.K., let this be notice to all of you who call us in a panic every time someone on Jeopardy! has $2,600 on their display: it happens all the time and it's not a big deal anymore!  But when all three contestants have it, that's pretty damn cool.  This alignment was spotted and captured by Mike Troutman on April 4th, 2009.
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"Answer: Gets teenaged boys drunk at HOPE and sells other people's old BBS files."

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 26, Number 3 (Autumn 2009)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Hacking at Random 2009
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Payphones in Exotic Places
    • Guatemala  One of the typical phones found throughout the country.  Photo by Gary Davenport
    • Burkina Faso  This rather dusty phone was found in the city of Ouagadougou.  Note the symbol for international calling: one flag connecting to another.  Photo by M J
    • Rwanda  Seen in the departures area of the Kigali Airport.  (It didn't work, incidentally.)  Photo by Jeffrey Mann
    • Mauritius  This brightly colored model that takes both coins and cards was discovered beside the Pereybère Beach in Pereybère.  Photo by Scott Brown
  • Back Inside  Unusual Looking Payphones
    • France  The unusual thing about this phone found in the countryside is the fact that it takes neither coins nor cards.  In fact, this phone can only make emergency calls or calls using credit or calling cards.  In France, the law states that every city, town, or village must have at least one payphone.  Photo by Mike Miller
    • Japan  They don't really get much pinker than this model, found in a park in Ueno, Tokyo.  Photo by Jim E. Etheredge II
    • Thailand  Seen in a place called Chiang Mai, or perhaps it was just a hallucination.  Photo by professor ned
    • Russia  This was actually the grand opening of a payphone in Kamchatka Oblast.  We can't even imagine one of our phones being celebrated so festively.  These people must really appreciate telephony.  Photo by Curtis Vaughan
  • Back Cover Photo #1  Now here's a campaign we can all get behind.  This race took place in Illinois and we don't really know how it turned out.  But that's not the point, is it?  Thanks to Rich Tordia for letting us know about our increasing political presence.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  Perhaps this is the true predecessor to 2600 meetings held on the third Tuesday after Easter.  Thanks to Mr. Skillz for letting us know how elite things once were back in the medieval days.
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 26, Number 4 (Winter 2009-2010)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Human devolution with technology
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Unusual Payphones
    • United States  In the U.S., you might say payphones are a dying breed.  Found in Franklin, North Carolina outside a gas station on the highway 23/74 bypass.  Photo by Sam T. Hoover
    • Kyrgyzstan  Quite the opposite holds true in Kyrgyzstan, found in Bishkek.  These models have existed for ages in the old Soviet Union.  This one has been converted to Touch-Tone from rotary dial and it's also been freshly painted.  It's not going anywhere.  Photo by romano.tamo
    • Japan  We never tire of these weird little payphones found all over Japan.  One has to wonder what's really going on in all that space under the hood.  It being pink and rotary is just an added bonus.  Found in the lobby of a hotel in rural Suzuka.  Photo by Darren Stone
    • United States  And we're back in the United States again where (did we mention?) payphones are a dying breed.  And in a variety of styles.  Found in Newport Beach, California.  Photo by Matt Figroid
  • Back Inside  Unusual Phone Booths
    • Turks and Caicos Islands  One of these phones is not like the other.  These booths were found outside the phone company building in Grand Turk  The phone company, incidentally, is known as Landline, Internet, Mobile, Entertainment (LIME).  Photo by Dieselpwner
    • New Zealand  This is about as grandiose as it gets.  This booth, found in Arrowtown, is closer to the size of an apartment than a phone booth.  Photo by Michael Hall
    • Lithuania  This one is just unusual on a variety of levels.  The colorful booth, the bright blue phone, the old street scene, even that strange word that means telephone.  This is, of course, in Lithuania, in the old town district of Vilnius.  Photo by Elvis
    • United States  In the U.S., payphones are going through a confusing period, as is evidenced by these ones found in West Caldwell, New Jersey.  Why they are Chinese-themed is anyone's guess.  They were seen outside a ShopRite in a neighborhood with no obvious Asian connection.  Photo by Conor Laverty
  • Back Cover Photo #1  Let's make this crystal clear.  We don't condone mindless graffiti that makes the world less attractive.  However, this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful applications of guerilla art that we've come across.  We're not sure what makes it so amazing but something in it speaks to us.  Thanks go to Nokier in Melbourne, Australia for spotting this (but not for creating it we presume).
  • Back Cover Photo #2  We can only imagine the possibilities of having German hackers design and build your kitchen.  Until that day comes, we'll be happy just to see this 18-wheeler go speeding past us on the Autobahn someday.  Discovered by Hollowpoint in Hemel Hempstead in England.
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Volume 27

  $2600 Magazine - Volume 27, Number 1 (Spring 2010)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Security and privacy issues with large companies handling your email and other personal data.
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Foreign Payphones
    • Italy  This neat little row of phones was seen in Venice and is a callback to the times when cell phones didn't even exist.  We suspect the voice quality on these models is also much better than today's norm.  Photo by Sean K.
    • Costa Rica  Seen at Manuel Antonio National Park just south of Quepos on the Pacific coast, this rugged little phone looks like it's been through a lot.  We're told the number is 2777-5188.  Photo by EJD
    • Russia #1  These were both found in the city of Tiksi, where you need special clearance to visit.  The rotary phone on the left was seen at their airport and has likely been there forever.  The more modern red phone was in a hotel lobby.  You might think this is the most northerly payphone photo we have.  You would be wrong.  We top this in just a few more photos.  Photo by Robert X
    • Russia #2    "
  • Back Inside  Unusual Payphones
    • Canada  This was seen in Ottawa in a place where people apparently come to let out all of their frustrations.  And we wouldn't be at all surprised if the phone still worked.  Photo by Etienne T
    • Norway  We believe this to be the most northerly payphone photo we have, found in Ny-Ålesund, one of the settlements on the island of Spitsbergen.  Only 750 miles from the North Pole, this phone connects to the world via satellite.  Photo by adder1972
    • Chile  It may take you a moment or two to even find the payphone here.  Seen in Valparaíso, this is an example of how a little bit of decorating can quickly spiral out of control.  Those prices, incidentally, are in Chilean pesos and are nothing to panic over.  Photo by Celeste Robert
    • United States  This is a great example of what can happen when people stop using payphones.  Telebeam operates (somewhere) in the streets of New York.  Perhaps this is the first truly green phone company.  Photo by Brooke
  • Back Cover Photo #1  This is one of those ironies where one could say we've "hacked" the photo to make it say "foto hacker" but in reality this is exactly how it appeared in Neckarsulm, Germany (home of Audi) as discovered by Teddy Du Champ.  There's really no limit to what you can find in a country where "hacker" is a fairly common name.
  • Back Cover Photo #2  There's no question that children like 2600.  Exhaustive market tests have consistently proven this.  But we never expected them to erect a shrine to us in a playground.  That is something we could definitely get used to.  Thanks to Damien for tracking this one down in Charleston, South Carolina.
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  $2600 Magazine - Volume 27, Number 2 (Summer 2010)

  • Price: $6.25
  • Issue's Cash Cow:  Dear Hacker - an entire book printed in italics!
  • Cover  (Cover Info)
  • Cover Inside  Asian Payphones
    • Malaysia  Seen in downtown Kuala Lumpur, this polka dotted phone booth is a rather common sight for this particular brand of phone.  We have no info on its square neighbor.  Photo by Nathan Linley
    • Malaysia  Found at the commuter train station in Kajang, here is a phone that has clearly seen far too much sun and advertising.  Photo by Nathan Linley
    • Singapore  This phone was discovered at one of those open air food centers known as "hawker centres."  Multicoin and multilingual, there doesn't seem to be much this phone can't do, except take cards.  Photo by Stylie
    • Brunei  Spotted in the Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park in the Tutong district.  Not really what we'd call "pay" phones but these days you can apparently just stick a desk phone in a payphone kiosk and get away with it.  Photo by Steve McCain
  • Back Inside  Mostly Asian Payphones
    • Thailand #1  Definitely one of the more alien-looking setups we've seen and the Thai alphabet on the booth only adds to that feel.  Found in Chiang Mai near a Buddhist temple, we're not entirely sure if the color scheme on the phone is just a really neat design or the remnants of something truly disgusting that got all over it.  Photo by Martin
    • Thailand #2    "
    • South Korea  It's hard to disagree with the sentiment expressed above this model when you realize that this phone is prepared to cheerily take on any task under the sun.  Discovered at the Seoul airport, it's ready to surf the net for either coins or cards.  Photo by John Hilger
    • United States  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  In this section's only non-Asian contribution, we see the continued disrespect that payphones and former payphone kiosks are treated with.  Spotted at the Tri-Cities Regional Airport in Blountville, Tennessee, it's apparently become necessary to remind people not to throw their trash into the space where the phone once was.  Photo by Peter Knauer
  • Back Cover Photo #1  This actually is far from the first speedometer picture we've gotten, but it's one of the coolest looking ones.  It comes from a 2010 Ford Fusion belonging to timi2shoes who set an alarm on his phone to keep from missing the magical event.  He had to pull off of a busy street and drive into an alleyway for a while in order to capture the 2600 moment.  Now that's dedication.